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Who is still with us?

Dear members, after promising many Messblack updates i'm now thinking about a major update with changing the whole website and content. Our memberbase still has big intrests for hacks and tweaks all over the internet and on all devices. After releasing Messblack back in 2006 MSN was the biggest social app out there. Now in 2012 (six years?!) the internet and social media has changed in a good way. Messblack didn't follow all the hypes and lost its touch with the members and visitors.

Messblack is about to change. We're still gonna focus our website on hacking and tweaking but this time we're gonna expand the website. The focus won't be only on MSN (Windows Live Messenger) anymore. The new social media and devices should be hacked and tweaked to!

So whats the plan?!

- Add three new sections besides MSN. The sections that should be added: twitter, facebook and phone.
- Add content to the new sections
- Update the forum and design the skin.
- Update forum topics with twitter, facebook and phone section
- Get more likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter.
- Posting website news on Facebook and Twitter
- Checking availability Messblack content
- Delete Dutch section on the website
- Delete Login option at the website and replace it with twitter (@messblack)
- Add twitter section with #messblack tweets
- Update Youtube FAQ's.

What do I need?!

- I need volunteers who will add content to the sections msn, twitter, facebook and phones
- Forum moderators for the new sections

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