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Mounting the Motherboard

First open the case by removing the screws that hold the case cover on.

To mount the motherboard, first determine which holes in the motherboard line up with which holes in the case. Then mount the standoffs. There are two types. The first is the brass type. It has threads on one end that allow you to screw it into the case. It has a hole on the other end, that also has threads, so that you can put a screw into it.

The other is the plastic type.

Standoffs are important to ground the motherboard to the case, and also to prevent unintended electrical shorts. It also prevents the motherboard from moving around, which can cause damage to the components. Finally, the standoffs give the motherboard support when you are installing other components. For instance, installing an AGP video card takes a significant amount of force. So, it is important that the motherboard has lots of support.

The brass type should be used along the left side of the motherboard (yellow circles indicate where I put brass standoffs). The plastic type should be used along the right side (white circles), as viewed like in the below picture. There is another plastic standoff on the far side of the SDRAM banks that you cannot see in this picture (top right corner of the motherboard).

In general, ATX cases will line up with the holes in the case that are labelled with an A.

The ports of the IO panel have to match up with the holes on the back of the case. The below picture shows a motherboard IO panel before it is mounted in a case. The picture below that one has a motherboard that is already mounted.

Line up the left side of the motherboard with the case first, making sure that these things line up. Remember to ground yourself when you are working with the motherboard.

Then drop the right side into the case, making sure that the plastic standoffs line up with the holes on the motherboard.

You may have to push down to make the plastic standoffs fully engage.

Finally, locate the holes in the motherboard that line up with the brass standoffs that you installed into the case earlier.

Properly secure the motherboard by putting screws into these holes. Note that there are different types of screws that come with computer cases. Use the ones that fit properly.

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