The Modern Way to Work Together

Less “work about work”

Forget the weekly status emails and meetings. Do more of what's important.

Clarity on the mission

Get your whole team on the same page about what matters.

Updated in real-time

Keep everyone up to speed on what's going on, as it happens.

Get out of the inbox

Email tells you what’s newest, not what’s important. Asana keeps you focused.

Priority and Ownership

Align everyone's energies towards the same shared goals.

Set your intention

Asana reminds you and others what’s on top of your list.

One source of truth

Because it's fast and easy to use, Asana becomes the trusted source of status for your efforts.

Get the right information the right time. It’s effortless to stay on top of the details with Asana, no matter where you are.

Always in sync

Communication and coordination become automatic side-effects of getting your work done.

Multiple workspaces

Workspaces give you a place to organize all the teams in your life. Collaborate with your friends, your clubs, and your work team while keeping everything separate.

People views

Find the tasks and priorities for anyone on your team with one click. You can see what's been marked for Today, and what's waiting in the wings.

Follow tasks or projects

Get notified of changes to the tasks and projects that matter to you. Add a coworker to a task and they'll get all the background.

Real-time: see changes immediately

See your teams' changes in Asana in real time — keystroke for keystroke.

Activity feed for every task

All the history and discussions for each task are kept together, so you can see exactly where things are & what's happened.

Pricing Plans

Asana is FREE for teams up to 30 members. If you don't already have an Asana account -

Upgrade to a Premium Workspace

You get more workspace members, project-level permissions, and priority support.