The enhanced version of the popular "Pay to Download XT" (P2D) extension is now available. P2D allows you to easily integrate PayPal into your Joomla!-based Homepage, to offer your users paid downloads, e.g. you can get money for eBooks using P2D.

"Pay to Download XTpro" (P2Dpro) is based on P2D, however in addition to the functions and features available in the free version, P2Dpro adds (among others ) the following main features:

  • Sending of Emails after purchase is completed. Emails may contain a download link and/or can have the purchased file attached.
  • Product Registration & Download again: To improve customer service you can offer a product registration and the possibility to download the purchased files again to your customers
  • Upgrades: Provide special offers to your customers who already purchased a product.
  • Paid Content: Allow access to certain articles (Joomla content) only if the customer paid for it
  • Dashboard: A quick overview of todays, last weeks, last months, ... sales
  • Security: The pro Version allows to configure a file storage path that could be outside of your public html folder for increased security.
  • Terms & Conditions: Define per product if the purchaser has to agree to terms & conditions.

Please see the full feature comparison for details.

 Additional benefits of the commercial version include:

  • early availability of new functions & features
  • support priority
  • free manual

If you're already using P2D you can directly upgrade to the pro version without loosing any data.

Make payments with payPal - it's fast, free and secure!

For users of the free version, who already purchased the manual we're offering now the pro version for a limited time for only € 19,99 (instead of € 24,99).

Users who are eligible for the discounted version should continue reading  "How to get the P2Dpro promotion offering"

All users who are already using the free P2D version should have a look at  "How to upgrade from  the free version to the pro version"


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