May 1, 2012

Introducing Some Talented Stitchers!

I will make myself an enabler today!  Not that you do not already have enough blogs to visit to wile away the day. :)

These ladies do some wonderful stitching and I thought you might like to visit them.

April 26, 2012

What's Up Today??

Me - guest blogging - Madame Samm's and SewWeQuilt - today!

Better gettogettin' so you can see what I have in store for you!! :)

p.s. The post is fixed!!


April 25, 2012

Table Topper Blog Hop! and for me... It Is All In The Kiss!

I want to thank Madame Samm for allowing me to participate, even with my inability to remember things this past couple of months!  I almost let this slip by but Samm threw me a life jacket! I truly appreciated the reminder email because I so enjoy participating in all of the things she dreams up for all of us bloggers!

You can go HERE to view all of the table toppers that have already been posted but I highly recommend using the list of links as well and go visit all of these quilters on their blogs!  You never know what you will find... might even find a new friend! :)

Would you like to see what I have made for the  

Yes???  Well, ok.. if you insist!

I have been in the notion of making this mini quilt for my hubby for a long while and when Madame Samm posted this blog hop I knew it would be the time to get this in a finished state! Our bedroom is decorated in a romantic theme and this fits in perfectly!  I put it on the Ackfeldwire Quilt Stand and placed it on the corner of our dresser.  Then I called my hubby in to see what I made.  Of course, he had to give me a kiss or two or three right then! ha!

 I had purchased some fusible batting a while back just to try so I got it out when it came time to put the backing on the quilt. A lot of quilters have raved about fusible batting but I am not sold.  I think I prefer regular batting to this.  In all honesty I will give it 5 stars on one point.. My mini quilt is really straight and does not do the dog ears dance on the corners.  I do like that about it.  I might keep some around just for mini quilts.  We shall see.

I also found a super use for double edge finished 1/2" wide silk ribbon!  It makes for an awesome sleeve for small projects such as this!

This is the batting I used.

As I studied over the finished mini quilt, I see some things I would do differently if I remade another one.  The stem on the rose is a little fat and my embroidery needs some fine tuning.  I really need some embroidery lessons from a pro!  And I might just use regular batting if I were to remake it.. We shall see...

I wanted to show you something that was posted on my blog about 2 years ago.  My friend Martha does my cross stitching for me since my eyes will no longer allow me to.  This piece was entitled "The Kiss" and it hangs over our bed!  Martha does impeccable work!

 I am not the only blogger on today's road show for the table topper hop!  Please make sure to go and visit these other quilters to see what they have created for today!

And if you did not see my other post listing the quilters who were on the hop since April 16th then here it is again so you can go and visit all of them!
Monday April 16th

Tuesday April 17th

Wednesday April 18th

Thursday April 19th

Friday April 20th 

Monday April 23rd

Patty D

Tuesday  April 24th

Some, but not all,  of these bloggers have giveaways tied to their post and there may be a few who have not chosen a winner yet so get to hopping and go see what is up for grabs!

For me... I think I am going to give away this mini quilt so that it will spur me to remake it all over again!  And I won't let it take me so long to do another one this time around!

Sorry, the stand is not part of the giveaway.

If you would like a chance to own the mini I have shown above, please leave me a comment! 
 If your email is not in your profile, your entry will be voided if you do not leave it in your comment! 

Thanks for joining me and the other quilters on this awesome blog hop!

And thank you, Madame Samm, for another fun and fabulous bloggers extravaganza!!

April 20, 2012

We Have Winners!!

I want to thank each and every one of you who came out during the celebratory giveaway and commented to let me know how you like the look of my new and updated website, and left a comment to be entered to win one of the boxes of laces and other goodies!

I had friends come from far and near and I really enjoyed seeing where you all are from! 

USA Friends!
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi,  Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania,  South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

International Friends!
Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Malaysia, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil

And there were several who didn't say where they were from and their location wasn't in their profiles but know where-ever you are from, I count you my friend!!

And that brings me to one more tid-bit of information for this giveaway!

Not only will there be 2 boxes given away ... but I have now added a 3rd box for those people who I do not know where you are from! I did not make entering your location a requirement of the giveaway so I feel like I should have a 3rd category so you all have a fair chance of winning!  If I put one of you in the International list and you wound up being from the USA and your number was chosen to win, it would knock an International friend out of her winnings and vice versa.. So, since I don't know where to put you.. there is a 3rd category!

Does that make you smile?? :)

It should!!

SO!! On with the winners!!

USA Winner!! (Claimed!)
From Ohio!

International Winner!! (Claimed!)
From Ireland!

3rd Winner!! (Claimed!)
From California!
 Jennifer Cheek-Payan !!

I will send each of these winners an email as soon as I post this! If either of them fail to reply to the email within 5 days, I will draw another winner!

I hope that you all will periodically browse my website to see what has been added new since your last visit!  I am in hopes of stocking many more different items to keep the site full of interesting finds to keep you coming back, time and time again!  If you are ever in search of something that you simply are having a terrible time finding, shoot me an email and I will see if I can locate it for you!

Now, get those needles humming!

Happy Stitching!

Thearica Burroughs

I Am LATE For A Very Important Date!! - Table Topper Blog Hop!

Do you know how you feel like you are supposed to be somewhere but you cannot for the life of yourself remember where it is you are supposed to be!! Well, that is me this week!!  I signed on to participate with our wonderful Madame Samm and her Table Topper Blog Hop and I absolutely let it slip my feeble mind!!

                    Here is the line up for the blog hop!
(Please forgive me for getting you all off to a late start but I hope you all will take this weekend and visit all of the wonderful blogs that have already participated!)

My day is April 25th!

Monday April 16th

Tuesday April 17th

Wednesday April 18th

Thursday April 19th

Friday April 20th 

Monday April 23rd

Tuesday  April 24th

Wednesday April 25th 

Have fun!!

I Am Back and With A Fabulous Giveaway!

The giveaway is closed as of 9:05 am!
I will be announcing the winner this afternoon after I take my mother-in-law and her 2 sisters into town for a fun girls day out!

YEP! It has been a month since I have posted!! But I have a good excuse! I have been VERY busy with a few things and one most important thing was revamping my website!!  
I wanted to have this posted earlier today but my internet carrier decided otherwise! grrr

I have had a website for a few years that was dedicated to my longarm quilting studio.  With a few health problems (nothing serious), I have been unable to quilt like I would like to. So I have been pondering over moving in a new direction.  I made the decision to invest in crazy quilting supplies to offer on my website and I have been busy over the last month putting a brand new face to the site and stocking the shelves!!

And a  face lift warrants a brand new name!!

This blog post and giveaway is in celebration of a Re-Grand Opening of my website...

Crazy Quilting is a full service crazy quilting supply shop bringing you various supplies such as venise lace, venise lace motifs, silk ribbon, vintage buttons, charms, fancy fabrics, threads, reclaimed jewelry bits, brooches, costume jewelry,  button storage for all of those beautiful vintage buttons, Czech glass buttons, Beaded Cabachons, trims and so much more! 

You will just have to come over to the shop to see all of the goodies available! And over the next month, I will be uploading even more goodies so keep checking back because you never know what you might find!!

And just so you know... There is free shipping for all orders over 100.00 for my USA friends and 1/2 price shipping for orders over 100.00 for my International friends!

To celebrate I am giving away 2 beautiful boxes FULL of laces, charms, buttons, embellishments and thread!

1 box for a USA friend!
1 box for an International friend! 

Both boxes are identical!! They are full to the rim with goodies that will make any crazy quilter squeal with delight!!!
Please grab the code off of my right sidebar and place my button on your websites and/or blogs to help me spread the word about my new site! I would truly appreciate it!

Please leave a comment here on the blog in order to sign up for the giveaway telling me what you think about my website... what you like about it, what you don't like about it, what you would like to see available in the future...! 

You MUST leave your email in the comment if you do not have it in your google profile. If I do not have an email to contact you with, your entry will have to be voided. I need a way of contacting the winners.

Good luck everyone!!

Giveaway ends when I get up on Friday morning - 4/20/12 - after I have my oatmeal!

Just so you know.. 
I will still be quilting but not on a full time basis.  
I will be quilting for a small number of clientele who make show quilts because as most of you know quilting for show makes me the happiest!
There is a link to the quilting studio at the bottom of the home page of the website.

April 15, 2012

All Set And Ready To Go!

I have been sneaking a half hour here and a half hour there to crazy quilt but I am SO ready to dive back in and stitch for as long as I want whenever I want! I have been so busy getting my website stocked for the re-grand opening that it has consumed almost all of my time! I am also working on some longarm quilting for clients and one important show quilt for a friend so the crazy quilting has gone wanting..

Today I took the time to reorganize my crazy quilting closet! It had become a wreck but there was no time to devote to getting back in shape! Today I just had this overwhelming urge to get in there and get er' done and that is exactly what I did!  Well it is now ready to go full speed ahead once and again and so am I!!  

I need a serious CQ fix!! Not just a half hour or so!

I wanted to share my crazy quilting space with all of you and hope to inspire some of you to get your spaces organized, if they aren't.  You can work so much better when you can find what you are hunting... 
Just ask me how I know. :)

I am in a couple of block swaps with other ladies and will be hopefully finishing blocks for 3 ladies this week if I can squeeze all 3 in with the longarm quilting I am doing. Maureen, Cathy and Connie have sent blocks my way and I will be returning them a block from me.  Once they receive their blocks, I will show photos of what I received and what I sent out.... so stay tuned..

For now enjoy the eye candy of my crazy quilting closet! I can't wait to drag out my table and sit down right in front of that closet and stitch!

My flowers, butterflies, Czech buttons and other goodies!

Tons of beads!!

Books and buttons and more embellishments!

Lace and lace motifs!

 Finished pieces and unfinished pieces! Oh yeah, more beads!

Floss and threads!

Linens, rickrack and ribbon!

Riversilks and Thread Art ribbon! and lotsa buttons and charms!

Some of my quilts!

By the way...

Have you seen the post for the giveaway I am hosting??


Well then.. Go HERE and check it out! :)

March 13, 2012

I LOVE A Good Swap Party! - March Linky Party 2012!

Thank you all for being patient through February as we let the Crazy Quilters have center stage!

It is now March 1st and time to start a new I Love A Good Swap party linky party!!

***For those without blogs.....If you don't have a blog, send me your story with photos and you can still play too! Use the Contact Me button on the right sidebar of my blog. ***
Don't want to leave anyone out!

Remember... Your UFO that you work on has to be SWAP related.  That is the main objective behind these challenges are for us to get in our drawers and pull out those items we have swapped via online forums or within quilting circles around our hometown.  These blocks or items have stories to tell and we want to know the story behind the swap when you show your finished piece.

Let's refresh ourselves to the rules:

Are you all ready to start digging out those blocks that you have stored away from swaps that you have participated in over the years and get them finished into usable items like quilts, pillows, tablerunners... etc...

If you answered YES!, then this linky party is for YOU!



I will host this linky party on the 1st day of each month for 2012 and it will run for the ENTIRE month each time!

How many of us have several stacks of blocks in a drawer that are the result of some fabulous block swaps that we have participated in over the past few years?? I know my hand is WAY up high in the air! I may have close to a dozen or so quilts waiting to be made from blocks I received from swaps that I was in. I am a swapaholic and I hostess quiet a few swaps myself! I am addicted!!

So I got to thinking how cool it would be to have a linky party so we all could show off those blocks as we finish them up in to quilts or other items such as table runners, pillows, journal covers, wall art, etccc....!

It doesn't matter what size the quilt is. And those blocks do not have to go in to a quilt...... any finished object with your UFO blocks will be awesome.. Pillows, framed blocks to hang on the wall, journal covers, stuffed animals, ornaments, tablerunners... Anything you want to use your UFO blocks for. .. The sky is the limit....The main thing here is getting those blocks out of those drawers and do something with them!

Your quilt {or other creation} does not have to be completely finished in order to link up ... BUT... there will be prizes.... and your quilt {or other creation} WILL need to be completely finished to be eligible for the prizes!!
Remember, it has to be a finished item if you want to be eligible for prizes. The photos you submit would need to cover the item fully to show it is completely finished.

Anytime during the month of March, and before 11:59 pm {Pacific time} on March 31 , you will need to create a post on your blog telling the storyline of that particular swap and how your quilt {or other creation} came to be. Insert a clickable link to the quilting site, forum, group, or blog where you participated in the swap if it was online. If not tell a little bit about the group you participated with in the making of the blocks. One of the things to put in your story would be how many states are represented in your quilt {or other creation} ... Isn't it fabulous the stories our swap quilts {and creations} tell???

You do not have to wait until you finish your UFO to create a blog post and link up here.  Go ahead and create your post as soon as you know what swap item you are going to work with.  Upload photos of the swap item and then once you are finished, you can go in and update your blog post to show the finished photos.  that way all readers can come and visit you all month!

AND... please be kind and leave a clickable link in your post back here to my blog. That way your friends can come and play too! Thanks so much!

Again.... Your quilt {or other creation} does not have to be completely finished in order to link up ... BUT... there will be prizes.... and your quilt {or other creation} WILL need to be completely finished to be eligible for the prizes!! I am working on the prizes now but you can be assured, they will be really cool!

In order for me to be able to tell who finished their quilts {or other creation} to ascertain who is eligible for the prize, each month your blog post should include at least 3 photos of that particular swap quilt {or other creation}. One full photo of the quilt {or other creation} , a close up of the quilting and binding of quilts and close ups of your other creations showing finished details. Before any prizes are awarded, I will visit every blog who has linked up to see who is eligible to be put in the drawing for the prizes for each given month.

And as I said... You do not have to finish your quilt {or other creation} in order to link up... only if you want to be eligible for the prizes! So do not stress where stress is unnecessary! One month you may link up with an unfinished quilt {or other creation} and the next you may have found time to finish one!

Just have fun!! That is what quilting and crafting should be! FUN!!

I will host this linky party on the 1st day of each month and it will run for the ENTIRE month! This will give everyone a chance to play if they don't find the linky party right away! A prize for that month will be awarded on the 3rd day of the following month to one lucky person from all eligible entries!

I have a button on the sidebar of my blog so please feel free to grab it and put it on your sidebars to get the word out! Who knows, there might just be a special prize each month to someone who has helped me advertise the linky party. Post on your blog about it, tell your friends, tell your guild... tell everyone!
 GRAB that button! I would really appreciate it!

NOW - If you have your own blog post ready, go click on the title, grab the URL link in your browser, and come and link up and join the fun!

Quilts For A VERY Worthy Cause!!

Have you read the post about the 
Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser??

NO?? -- hmmm -- Well hop on over HERE and read about this awesome fundraiser!

These are 22 of the 29 quilts that are up for grabs if you help with the fundraiser by sending Lindsay an email to for tickets!!  They are 2.00 each or 3 for 5.00!

I will update the photos when the other quilts come in!

These quilts were made by members of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and bloggers.  You will see nicknames on the bottom of the photos... that is the quilt makers forum user name.


And don't forget about the 3 baskets FULL of quilting goodies!!!  Actually 2 of the baskets are machine totes!!!

SEW!! What are you waiting for! Email Lindsay and help her reach her goal of 5,000.00!!

All proceeds go to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks in Springfield, MO!!

2012 Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser!

I wanted to update everyone on the progress of the Ronald McDonald House fundraiser!  This year we are working with the Springfield House, Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks!

 The 2012 fundraiser will begin on February 1, 2012 so if you are making a quilt, please try and have it to me as soon as possible so I can make a photo of it and get it uploaded and in the album with the other quilts. Thanks so much!  Use the CONTACT ME button on the right sidebar for my address if you need it for sending in your quilt!

If you signed up please do your best to keeping your commitment.  Thank you!

The sale of tickets will continue up and through the evening of September 22, 2012!

Tickets will be 2.00 each or 3 for 5.00!

For the past 3 years a group of quilters from the HGTV Forum have been presenting  the Ronald McDonald House Charities with the proceeds from a quilting related fundraiser!  We have helped Houses in North Carolina, Texas and California to date!  This current fundraiser will be tied to the House in Springfield, Missouri, The Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks!

For the 2012 fundraiser, we have also welcomed some of our blogging friends in to help us too! :)

We need everyone's help to make the fundraiser a success!!! So look for the start of the fundraiser, February 1, 2012,  and help by helping our tally rise as high as it can! We are shooting for 5,000.00!!

Lindsay Mattison will be our host for the ticket sales.  She has made all necessary contacts with the Springfield House and has complied with all of their requirements and is ready to get this show on the road!  

Lindsay is hosting the 6th annual Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat in Branson, MO the weekend of September 22nd for the quilters of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and will have the ticket drawing on the last day of the retreat, Sept 23, with 60 of the HGTV Quilters present!!

A representative from the Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks, (Springfield House) will be on hand the morning of Sunday, September 23 to draw the winning tickets for the baskets and the quilts!  Lindsay will present the funds from the sale of tickets to the House at the end of the drawing!

Beginning February 1, 2012 you can send Lindsay an email at:

to purchase your tickets for a chance to win one or more of these beautiful quilts or one of the 3 baskets! 

 Tickets will be 2.00 each or 3 for 5.00!

You may make your check out to the Ronald McDonald House Charities if you wish but please post date your check as the funds will not be presented until September 23, 2012. Please post date your check to reflect this date.

The fundraiser will run in 2 categories!

 ** The Quilts** and **The Baskets**

To date: 1/12/2012... We have 29 quilts promised for the fundraiser with 22 of that 29 already IN the house!

We also have had an outpouring of participation for the baskets and currently have THREE baskets for the fundraiser FULL of awesome goodies!!!


When tickets are drawn, the first 3 tickets out of the tub will be the winners of the baskets!  This way everyone's names are in the drawing for these fantastic prizes! I would not be able to put a definite monetary value on these baskets but each one is packed with a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise EACH!!

The quilts will be numbered and will be won in numerical order when the tickets are drawn... 1st ticket drawn wins quilt #1 and so on!

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to those providing the QUILTS and the BASKET GOODIES for the fundraiser!!

Shifflett ... BASKET
Ely ... BASKET

Trish (Kentucky Sunshine) ... QUILT... Roses and BASKET 

Darlene (SewCalGal) ... QUILT ... and BASKET

Sylvia (Pecasatwo) ... QUILT ... Triple Berry Jam ... and BASKET

~~ RECEIVED to date... ~~

 Lynne (sewlove2quilt) ... BASKET (RECEIVED 2 pincushion/thread catchers)

LumpyTush ... BASKET (RECEIVED fabric, bias tape makers, glue gun and sticks, flat craft lace, ribbon, tin of old buttons, tape measure, pincushion, seam ripper)

 Pat (Wiley) ... BASKET (RECEIVED assortment of fabric, beads, pearl cotton threads, thread and bobbin keep, thread, rotary cutter safety case, clover ring markers, sewing kit with case, and curvy ruler) (received 2nd box! full of thread, rickrack, book, seam tape, tweezers and stamp!)

Nicki ( Nickilee)... BASKET (RECEIVED pattern book for scrapbooking, beads, floss, pattern, mini stitch kits, hoop)

Elaine (quiltingnewbie2) ... BASKET (RECEIVED 3 quilt kits)

Theresa (TerryOH) ... BASKET  (RECEIVED CQ goodies)

Kathy (shawkl)... BASKET  (RECEIVED necklace and book)

Mary (Needledmom) ... BASKET (RECEIVED book)

Kathleen (Kay-Lin) ... BASKET ... (RECEIVED craft light, 2 batik bundles, measuring tape)

Linda Otvos ... BASKET ... (RECEIVED beads and binding trims)

Barb ... BASKET ... (RECEIVED small quilt)

PattyJ and Sue ... BASKET (RECEIVED fabrics, sharpie pens, fat quarter pack, quilt panel)

Chris (gotthebug) ... BASKET (RECEIVED tablerunner and applique panel)

Marie Jones ... BASKET (RECEIVED 2 books and 5 pattern sheets)

Toni Whitney Design ... BASKET (RECEIVED 4 patterns)

Amy (amiyoko09) ... BASKET (RECEIVED fabric, LIL' Twister ruler, easy edge glue stick, charm, purse handles, charm pack, awl, bias tape maker, doll making needles, magnetic pincushion, floss, needles) 

Colleen (alexemmarose) ... BASKET (RECEIVED necklace and earrings)

Sue (FloridaFarmGirl ) ... BASKET (RECEIVED 3 patterns)

Libby (SCLady) ... BASKET (RECEIVED an assortment of rulers)

Carline (mrsc) ... BASKET (RECEIVED several spools of quilting thread


 Kathi (irish62)... QUILT ... Pennies/Red (Quilt IS Here!)

 Pam ... QUILT ... Grapes/Purple (Quilt IS Here!)

Leona  (irishquiltlass)... QUILT  ... Lavender/Lavender (Quilt IS Here!)

 Mary Pat Van Schyndel ... QUILT ... Cherries/Red (Quilt IS Here!)

Carolyn (MountainLaurel) ... QUILT ... bananas/Yellow (Quilt IS Here!)

Lindsay (SavedSinnr) ... QUILT ... Chickens/Yellow (Quilt IS Here!)

AngelaC ... QUILT .. Chocolate/Brown (Quilt IS Here!)

Devonne (downsouth) ... QUILT ... Blue/Blue Skies  (Quilt IS Here!)

Joyce (Ladybuggsie) ... QUILT ... Poinsettia/Red (Quilt IS Here!)

Teresa (terrimae) ... QUILT... Cranberries/Red (Quilt IS Here!)

Karen (KaribbeanQuilter) ... QUILT... Tropical Fish/Yellow  (Quilt IS Here!)

 Tonya (RockinBobbin) ... QUILT ... Golden Gophers/Goldenrod  (Quilt IS Here!)


 Jean (jayardi) ... QUILT... (Quilt IS Here!) RedDots/Red ... and BASKET (RECEIVED candle and fabrics)

Carol (needlecrazy) ...QUILT... (Quilt IS Here!)  Roses/Pink...BASKET (RECEIVED Park Avenue charm square pack)

Thearica (quiltaholic) .... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!)  ...  BASKET (RECEIVED 2 machine totes and 1 red basket)

Karen (MayBaby) ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!) Fuschia/Fuschia ...  BASKET (RECEIVED doilies, scissors and notecards)

Linda (warmbuns)... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!)  Glass Stars/Yellow ...  BASKET (RECEIVED ruler hanger, ruler)

Quilter Jen ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!)  Grapes/Purple... BASKET (RECEIVED books, fabric, heat and bond, patch, thread)

Lisa (headielamar) ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!)  Butterflies/Blue ... BASKET (RECEIVED CQ goodies and cross stitch items)

 Alison (Aliquilt) ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!) Red/Apples ... BASKET (RECEIVED notecards, pattern, pattern pack)

Kathleen (kc1930) ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!) Limes/LimeGreen  ... BASKET (RECEIVED Notecard Set, Sticky Tabs, 2 MatchBook pads, Flat head Pins, Craft Pattern, quilt pattern, quilt heart templates)

Lori (GoneSewin)... QUILT  ... (Quilt IS Here!)  Assorted Chocolates ...  BASKET (RECEIVED Punctuation jelly roll)

Sheila (crazyboutquilting) ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!) Aquamarine/Gems  ... BASKET  (RECEIVED 5 spools thread)

LisaP8... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!)  Bubblegum/Bubble Gum Pink..  BASKET (RECEIVED quilt kit, minkee squares, pattern and flat head pins)

Lois (bluesnail) ... QUILT ... (Quilt IS Here!) Oranges/Orange ... BASKET (RECEIVED tablerunner and seam measure guide)

I will be photographing the quilts that are here this weekend and will update this blog post once I have them ready!
If anyone sees an error with the lists please let me know.  If I have inadvertently left your name off the list please let me know.  Please know, it wasn't intentional.


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