Transmission is a fast-growing market. U.S. companies are projected to spend $60 billion to $100 billion on transmission development by 2020. Exelon Transmission Company will capitalize on this market opportunity through our deep experience, broad resources and strategic Illinois footprint.


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  • Opportunities for transmission development

    U.S. companies are projected to spend $60 billion to $100 billion on transmission development by 2020.

    Our Current Focus:

    • Act as a transmission investment arm. An increasing number of utilities are capital constrained but face significant transmission development projects. We can help by providing financial support, development expertise, regulatory coverage, vendor relationships and purchasing scale.
    • Transmission options tied to our footprint. We will work with our ComEd and PECO utilities to relieve regional congestion issues on the power grid and improve reliability for electricity customers.
    • Partnerships with transmission developers. We will foster regional and national partnerships, focusing on markets where the regulatory, demand and RTO dynamics are conducive to new build.

    Future Opportunities:

    • Partnerships with renewable energy developers. We see an emerging opportunity to address transmission bottlenecks challenging renewable energy developers.
    • Pursue merchant transmission in major markets. We can compete to build the most efficient, lowest cost additions to the grid.

    Competitive Advantage
    As part of Exelon Corporation, we offer a competitive advantage with experience in transmission development.  We own, operate and maintain more than 6,400 miles of transmission lines, including 90 miles of high-voltage 765 kV lines.

    Exelon, through its ComEd and PECO subsidiaries, has invested more than $1 billion in our high-voltage transmission system since 2003, and we’ve had success with large and complex transmission projects. For example, Exelon subsidiary ComEd in 2008 completed a $350 million West Loop substation project in Chicago that helped to convert the city from a “hub and spoke” to a network design.

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