What is Filspay ?

Filspay is a solution for people who want to use micro payments without using visa or master card so there's no chance of anyone to access their financial details.It’s also for those who don’t have credit card. Spending using FilsPay is like spending cash.

Where to get Filspay ?


Filspay prepaid cards sold in 4 dominations which are 3 Fils, 10 Fils, 35 Fils, 100 Fils. Alist of authorized resellers can be found at reseller page. Many others topup options available as CIMBClicks, Malaysian Electronic Payment System, BankMuscat.

How to spend ?


FilsPay enable you to pay to more than 22,000 merchants online either directly or indirectly.Directly using FilsPay cards or FilsPay account while Indirectly using one of the FilsPay-like cards sold through control panel.