ARTI moving to Indianapolis

By DeAnna Hines

The Indiana University Advanced Research and Technology Institute (ARTI) will move its operational base from Bloomington to Indianapolis to enhance its relationship with the IU School of Medicine and take advantage of opportunities to form new partnerships with corporate entities.

The decision was announced last week in a joint statement released by IU President Myles Brand and ARTI President Douglas M. Wilson.

"The best opportunities for ARTI to build direct partnerships with private corporations and businesses will be strengthened by locating the base of the ARTI operation in Indianapolis, which is the primary center for commerce in the state," said Brand, chairman of ARTI's board of directors. "For instance, ARTI will be involved in the newly proposed Indianapolis Biomedical Research Park. We look forward to an exciting future."

"A portion of the ARTI organization will still be based in Bloomington in order to serve IUB faculty and to provide ARTI with direct access to the unique advantages of the Bloomington campus," Wilson said.

It is anticipated that the move will occur by August, allowing time for location and possible renovation of suitable office space for ARTI in downtown Indianapolis near the IUPUI campus.

Other details regarding the move will be announced as soon as final decisions are made. In the meantime, the search for a new ARTI president continues. Wilson announced earlier this year that he will join the IU Foundation staff this summer.

ARTI, founded in 1996, is a private, not-for-profit corporation serving as an agent for IU campuses in establishing cooperative research, consulting and marketing agreements with private business and industry.

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