Monday, April 23, 2012

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Please let me skip formalities for a moment and
apologize to everyone for not staying in touch ...
I adore everyone that takes the time to stop in
and check in on me, and even more so, those
that leave comments to let me know you care ...
I promise from my heart to yours to better !
I'm catching up with the life that spun
a bit out of control ...

Thank you to every one of you for your

Now ... let's get hoppin' !!

My day to jump into the hop line is here!
My thanks are sent first to the fabulous ladies
that are participating in this awesome hop ....
what inspiration!
My thanks are also sent out to each and
every one of you who are taking the time
to visit each of these amazing works of art
and also for visiting mine :) :)
When Madame Samm first mentioned
this hop ... to me it was with an idea of putting
something of myself into this topper that would
tell others about myself ... what I think is
pretty darn cool ...
Well ... for those of you who visit often,
my girls are an obvious choice ... but
I had to get in the flowers, outdoors, sunshine
and a sense of child-like joy all in one
topper ...
I even snuck in my "bluebird of happiness"
if you look close enough ;)
I used silver thread for the jump ropes, just for a little bling :)
So how'd I do?
I would sincerely appreciate you taking the time
to let me know your thoughts and I promise I will
do much better now in keeping in touch and
responding to you kind-hearted souls willing to
drop me a line.
I truly appreciate every one of you ...
You make my heart smile!
Please also be sure to visit these other
stops on the hop today ...
Monday April 23rd
Patty D
** Wendy **

Tuesday April 24th

Wednesday April 25th

You can't help but be inspired by this group of
awesome quilters!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Did Ya Hear there's a Hop Happening???

Did ya hear?

My baby girl turns six this week and we celebrated
on Sunday with a couple of her friends ...
This is how I spent the weekend prepping:

 Made a double layer chocolate cake with white frosting ...
added decorations bought from the bakery.

Since they spent the weekend with their dad,
neither had any idea I was up to this :)
The look on Abbie's face made staying up til midnight worth it all!

Then, before the friends arrived this morning, the girls and I
blew up all of these balloons just for added celebrational fun.

Had to take a picture of the kiddos playing outside during the party,
as this piece of equipment is what I spent the past two weekends
putting together ... with my own two hands :) :) ...
and therefore have absolutely nothing to share for sewing...

And ... yes ... at the end of the day ...
I'd do it all over again!

Did ya hear? Did ya hear???
 Yep .... there's a blog hop happening ...

You can't help but be inspired by this group of
awesome quilters!  Please check them out each day ...
I know I will ... I just can't wait to see what they've
each created for our hop ...

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule
Monday April 16th
Tuesday April 17th
Wednesday April 18th
Thursday April 19th
Friday April 20th
Monday April 23rd
Patty D 
** Wendy **
Tuesday April 24th
Wednesday April 25th

Thank you so much for stopping in ... Please come back, I will be posting my
table topper on the 23rd ... I'm pretty darned happy with my
topper too ... It means a lot to me, what I've created, so want share :)

Happy Hopping and Happy Birthday to my girl Abigail!

warm hearted wishes  ~~

Monday, March 26, 2012

Odds and Ends ...

How is it you can find so very much stuff when you move that you don't remember even owning but you have to pack and find a place to store it when you get to your new place ... but the things you actually need and know you own, you lose???

I have a camera ... had ... and I remember seeing it when I moved into my current apartment.

Do you think I could find it now??? Ha!

Well, lucky for me, my daughters reminded me my iPod takes photos ... so I can share a couple with you and before you look, please excuse the quality, but remember, a post with bad pictures is often better than a post with no pictures ...

and if not, don't tell me ... I am going bald tearing my hair out trying to find the stuff I know I owned before I moved all of the stuff I forgot or didn't know I owned before I moved!!! 


So .... my darlings wanted to share they very recent gifts they received in the mail at our new location ...
and, of course, it had to be displayed just right ....
on the bunkbed set that mommy dearest (me) put together for them
(internet shopping and credit accounts are wonderful things!!)

Aren't these munchkins looking adorable??

They send their happiest thank yous to the very dear, dear sender of
their favorite new sleep pals ... Thank you, thank you!!

 I also unburied my dear companion who I've dearly missed in the
past few weeks and sewed up this little 6 1/2 inch gem:

for Michele's Modern Mini Round Robin
If there is a name for this block ... I haven't a clue because
as far as I know I made it up in by bitty brain tonight and
sewed it together.   Can you tell I couldn't settle on a color?
:) :) :)

Well, it's on it's way to France by the end of the week ...
How Exciting!!!
My block will be more worldly and better traveled than I will ever be ..

The night is getting late for me and I do have to rise early in the morning
to drive the girls to their school and then get to work ... so I best
be heading for the ol' bed and pillows.

I do have one question for all of you wonderful, thoughtful and
kind people ... besides chocolate and caffiene,
when you need to get yourself a boot in the backside
to get yourself back over to the happy side of the fence,
is there a trick or a treat you do for yourself to assist your
way along?  Hot soak in the tub is out for me ... let's face it,
two elementary daughters, one bathroom and a very tiny tub
are not condusive to a peaceful evening soak!
No wine or alcohol as I have to be a responsible adult ... dang it all! :)

What say you ... got any tips for when a frown needs turned upside down?

I send out to each of you a huge, huge internet hug
with my profound gratitude for everyone that has
shown me such love and support and who helps me
by being who you are to me.

Thank you!!

Warm hearted wishes,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Thoughts

This morning, after driving my daughters to school, I realized that the unfriendly little stomach bug that came for a visit yesterday, had not packed it's bags to move on and so I therefore decided to stay home to assist the little "bugger" on its way out the door by resting and drinking lots of fluids...

Bonus for me is, I get to spend a little time cruising blogland.  WooHoo!! 
oh, I mean ... cough, cough, uuuuggghhh ... woe-is-me {{wink}}

Before the bug came to visit me this weekend, I got a very good start on my table topper for the April Blog Hop to be hosted by Madame Samm from Sew I quilt .... notice this button?


Should be some mighty creative blogs available for visiting.   Will you hop along with us?

I also found today, which I take as a must have been meant for me, a deadline extenstion for signing up for Michele's round robin .. found here:

quilts from the crayon box

Michele's at the awesome blog Quilts from My Crayon Box ... and if she'll have this newbee round robin quilter, I am so there!  I can't think of a better way to join my first round robin that with a mini quilt... can you? :)

You see, I've really missed feeling a part of my quilting circle.  I think these present me opportunities to take little steps back into my cirlce without feeling totally overwhelmed by "oh my gosh I gotta do this and that ..."  You all know that feeling :)  Besides, now that I've got my new fishbowl basically in order, the water is beginning to calm, having things keep me occupied with newly found free time will help keep my waters calm, or so I'm told ...

While I've long known that the friends I've made through the blogland mean so very much to me, for the quilt chat, for the shared experiences, for the feeling of friendly connections when I felt I had so very few, life recently showed me just how dear my circle of blogland friends are.

You wonderful, wonderful friends that come and visit me here, take time to leave comments, those that have shown me so very much support and love ... I don't believe I'd be where I am today without each one of you.  Thank you ... two very simple words, but from me to you, they are two words filled with every ounce of gratitude and love I can possibly fill them with.  Thank you, from my heart to yours.

So, I guess I best be getting another refill on my cuppa tea and then get ready to go pick up my girls,  but before I go, long distance hugs from me to you and I look forward to visiting with you soon!!

Thank you!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Day ....

Hello and good wishes to each and every one
that graces my rambling words with time ....
I wanted to share a couple of
quick items and a wish or two,

First,  I used an Izzy & Ivy Designs pattern
called Many Giggles to create:

This dress for Abbie
(front and back)

 and this dress for Emily
(front and back)
Believe it or not, each dress
was made in one evening!

How easy is that ?!!???!!!
Very cool. 
Second dress was made
from jersey and hangs real nice.

These goodies I received from Robin in Ontario for
the Bag Swap we both participated in recently.

Two very sweet bags and something I hadn't
seen before but this is brilliant ... a Soup Koozie.
You ever have a bowl of oatmeal or soup and the
bowl is too hot to hold but you want to eat????
How brilliant is this koozie??? 
Gonna have to make me one of these :)

Oh, at the end of January, a new friend of mine had a birthday and of course, I just had to make something.
I found this pattern in the book "Charm School"
and it was quick and simple.
I believe my new friend liked it. 
And, of course, I can't remember
which charm pack I used, but I thought
it was pretty so went with it.

For me, personally, life is what it is ...
challenging to say the least.
However, I found this picture on line
and thought it very worthy of sharing.
Truly words to live by.

Very soon, I will be packing up those that
matter the absolute most to me in my life,
and we will soon be swimming in calmer waters.

Until we next visit, I wish every one of you
the sweetest and most sincerest valentines day
with those who you hold dearest to your heart.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for being a part of my world!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Isn't this Tweet???

Happy Middle of January!!

Jeez, it seems as if it was just yesterday that
I posted my new years good wishes to you ...
I hope you are all doing marvelous :)


Okay, as far as post titles go, that might be
 a little on the lame side, but I had to go with it once
 it got stuck in my head this morning ....

You see, this morning I made this:

Yes, a new cover for my Kindle Reader ...
Some of you may recognize the birds as leftover material
from a dress I made for my oldest this past year ...
I thought it was "tweet" and found the strips in my
stash that worked perfectly for the binding....
yes, bias binding so the strips were on an angle ...
I quilted straight lines just so as not to detract
from the cute birdies.  Fun :)

Next, you may have noticed an icon over on the rightside of my
blog that I joined Dandelion Quilts Accessory Bag Swap??
Oh, well, I did ... Kris hosts the coolest swaps, so
of course, I just had to throw my "bag" in ...

I made this one yesterday.  I think it's kinda pretty.
And, of course, since I still have a bit more time before
the deadline, I've got a few more things in mind for
which I may "accessorize" this bag with.

I've really enjoyed the satisfaction of finishing these
 quick and simple projects and look forward to starting a
few more things in the days to come,
but the alarm clock jingles early in the morning for me,
and though these two adorable creatures: 
have no school tomorrow, I have to convince the eldest
night owthat yes, Mom does need to get to bed and
that means she has to go to bed first...
"REALLY?" she queries!! 
Yes, dear ... night-night.

I wish you all a very good morning, noon and night....
Thank you for coming by to visit me and
I hope to see you again real soon!!

Happy hugs and very warm hearted wishes to each of you!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Goodness, me! 
I cannot believe I let a whole month go by without a post ....
and what a month it was!
Well, I found my computer, dusted off the cobwebs,
determined the keyboard still works,
and I'm dropping by to say I'm still here ...
 pretty much anyway!

Happiest New Year Wishes!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to see the end of 2011!! 
While what has kept me away isn't quite finished,
I do see a glimmer of hope that the end of the tunnel is near
and what remains of me may one day be whole again
.... if not stronger and better. Praise be!!

I can report I am still dearly attached to quilting,
though I've more often than not been making
 smaller projects lately instead of full size quilts....
take a look:

Commissioned bag ... client chose fabrics

Table runner for Gift Exchange at Work

Better picture of fussy-cut centers

mug mats for daughters' teachers' Christmas gifts

Table topper for my boss and his wife for Christmas

Table topper for my friend and day-care provider,

Computer bag for myself ... not quite as pleased with color combination ...
so may have to end up turning inside out ... or maybe a large applique :).

Gift for my co-worker ... colors and design
just had her name all over them :)

Okay, so the pictures aren't the best, but heck, I'm just lucky I got them taken before I had to gift wrap most of these for Christmas gifts.  ... I really missed time to sit down at my machine, it felt good putting stitches in fabric again.  Better make sure I don't wait too long before it happens again.

My job is going well and my daughters amaze me every day,
and though I didn't say always in a good way ...
 they amaze me by teaching me how much patience I've learned to have.

I hope to have more to share with you again soon. 
To all of you who have emailed to check on me,
bless your heart and thank you so very much for letting me know you care...
the long distance hugs are so very appreciated!

Blessings to you! 
and, until next time,

Happy hugs and warm hearted wishes~~