Security Overview

Asana is committed to providing a secure and reliable system for your data. This security overview explains how we protect your data.

Data Reliability

Asana continuously replicates your data between physical locations to prevent data loss. Additionally, Asana stores regular backups and has the ability to perform point-in-time recovery.

Data Privacy and Application Security

All data access in the Asana application is subject to checks to ensure that no users from outside your company ever see or modify your data.

Asana follows best practices of application security and prevents common web attack vectors.

Physical And Network Security

All of Asana’s servers are hosted in secure, SAS 70 audited data centers. All servers are firewalled to permit the minimum traffic necessary to run the service, and access to those servers is limited to Asana employees with a legitimate business need.

Asana always sends your data over https using SSL.

Reporting Security Concerns

If you have any further concerns, please email us at