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Fired Earth Music Interviews SPIRITED Composers

 April 23, 2012

Fired Earth Music took a few minutes to interview the composers Benson Taylor and Jeff Tymoschuk to discuss their work on the newest album, SPIRITED (FEM 8).


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Q: So this is your first trailer music album.  Can you tell us a little bit about the project brief and the direction you took?

A: The direction on my SPIRITED album was really clear, a detailed brief specifying uplifting, family adventure cues!  The summer was just starting to creep in when I started writing too, so it was the perfect time of year for it.

I really had to get in the 'Pixar' zone. It was different to that usual trailer project of big horn lines and 'Hitchcock' style strings. It had to be memorable. It had to stand up.

Q: If you could name three movies, past or present, that your SPIRITED cues could advertise, what would they be?

A: I guess I would go for Pete Docter’s Up!, The Toy Story franchise and I’m gonna say it…The Goonies!

Q: What was it like being 'on tour' in Budapest with the FIRED EARTH MUSIC guys, Ed, Hannah & Sara?

A: There’s a lot I can’t remember from Hungary, and the bits I can remember, I wish I could forget.  Only kidding!  Budapest was incredible, the orchestra players and conductor were on top form, as were the production team. The days were spent cramming in some serious hard work. Then the evenings came, but what happens on tour, stays on tour, right?

Ed, Hannah, and Sara at Fired Earth Music are an amazing team to work with. They really know their stuff and the process is just seamless with them, hence some incredible music coming out of the other end. And they’re all really good looking…especially Ed.

Q: We see you have over 17,000 followers on Twitter!  Where do your loyal followers come from?

A: Ahhh, the inevitable twitter question. I’ve written the music for the Super Bowl broadcast over the past few years and we’ve done a lot of press around it, so I guess a lot of my followers will probably be hardcore football fans. I tell a few jokes on there and we have a laugh. I try not to sell my followers something as soon as they wake up, and hardly mention work, which seems to keep them sticking around.

Q: What other projects were you working on last year?

A: 2011 was busy, but exciting. I worked on a few other production music projects, lots of TV, and several advertising projects, including one with Cee Lo Green, which was pretty cool. I also had a score debut in a West End play, and wrote some songs to impress Simon Cowell, so it was pretty varied. My second son was born in the summer too, which kept me on my toes. Better get that in there, just in case the wife is reading.


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Q: If you could pick three movies, past or present, that your tracks could advertise what would they be?

A: I'm a huge fan of everything Pixar does, the melody for "Midnight Food Fight" actually popped into my head after finding a mouse in our kitchen, so Ratatouille would be a pretty excellent one.  Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs would be another, it had the nice balance of adventure and comedy, and oddly enough, Rodney Dangerfield's Back To School...

Q: Of the six tracks you wrote for SPIRITED, can you tell us which were the highlights for you and why?

A: Each piece has been my favourite at one point or another. "Deliciously Perky" was the first one written and was done right after I finished work on a horror movie, so being about as far away from a horror cue as it could be was a great change of pace. "Midnight Food Fight" and "Run Fox, Run" were both just pure fun to write. "Farewell of Kinsmen" was a great chance to do something a little different than the rest and go a little more on the sweeping romantic side of things. I'd written music for a couple of James Bond video games years ago, so "Walkie-Talkie" was a return to that, and any time you get a chance to play wockachicka guitar you've got to take it.  And then "The Sweetest Dream," which was extra special for me.

Q: What inspired you when writing these cues?

A: At the time I got the call to work on the project, my son was four months old, and despite my best intentions, with adapting to being a first time dad and a heavy workload I hadn't had a chance to write something with him in mind. So getting asked to write a bedtime story piece, that was going to be played by live orchestra? I couldn't say yes fast enough and looking for inspiration on that one in particular wasn't very hard.

Q: What other exciting projects have you been working on in the last twelve months?

A: It's been a really busy year, with lots of variety. In addition to the Fired Earth project, I scored a horror film called Below Zero starring Edward Furlong and Michael Berryman, which should hopefully be coming out sometime soon.  I also scored an as-yet-unannounced AAA video game that unfortunately I can't talk about, but it was a very action-packed score, which was a lot of fun. And this week I'm starting on a film called Tasmanian Devils that'll be on the SyFy Channel later in the year.  Lots of stuff to keep me in front of my computer!

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