3/9/08 - wXw - Essen, GERMANY
    In what will probably prove to be their only meeting, Quack went one-on-one with former NOAH GHC champion Naomichi Marufuji, who blocked a shotei and nailed his Shiranui for the win.

3/8/08 - wXw - Essen, GERMANY
    In a match conducted under "World of Sport" Lancashire rules, Mike Quackenbush met one of his idols, legendary British grappler Johnny Saint. It was the European fans that first named Quack "The Master of a Thousand Holds," in large part to his stylistic similarities to Saint, "The Master of a Thousand Holds" from a previous generation. In the 3rd round, Saint used a folding press to pick up the first fall. In the 5th and final round, Quack tied things up with the Alligator Clutch. Afterwards, the challenge for a rematch, with more rounds, was issued and accepted.

3/7/08 - wXw - Essen, GERMANY
    After an 18-month absence, Mike was greeted by the great German fans with loud choruses of "Welcome Home" when he set foot in the MuPa. Quack was eliminated from the 2nd annual 16 Carat Gold tournament by Bryan Danielson, who used the Cattle Mutilation to advance.

3/2/08 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    In the quarter-final round of King of Trios, Quack, Rivera and Storm were eliminated at the hands of El Pantera, Lince Dorado and Incognito. After pinning Quack, Pantera indicated that he should be next in line to challenge for the NWA World Junior title.

2/29/08 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    For King of Trios tournament action, Quack teamed with longtime partner Shane Storm and his maestro, Jorge "Skayde" Rivera to take out the trio of Mecha Mummy, Ophidian and Amasis in the opening round. The match ended when Quack planted Ophidian with QD2. In 2nd round action, they advanced once again, this time over Cheech, Cloudy and m.c. KZ of Dragon Gate.

2/2/08 - LWA - Fairview Heights, IL
    In a triple-threat match, Mike came up with the short end of the stick, defeated by Evan Gellistico and Gary the Barnowl!

1/27/08 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
    In Trios Increibles action, Quack teamed with his proteges Tim Donst and Amasis to face Claudio Castagnoli, Lince Dorado and Ophidian. Castagnoli scored the win for his team, using the Ricola Bomb on Amasis.

1/26/08 - PWE - York, PA
    In their PWE farewells, Hallowicked and Mike Quackenbush lost the PWE tag titles to Joey Money and Jackpot!

1/18/08 - NWA - Las Vegas, NV
    In his 5th defense of the NWA World Junior title, Quack and lucha libre exotico Cassandro went to a double count out!

1/12/08 - ROH - Edison, NJ
    Sal Rinauro teamed with his "YRR" stablemates Kenny King and Jason Blade to beat the unlikely team of Quack, Delirious and El Generico, ending when Blade pinned Delirious!

1/5/08 - IPW - Indianapolis, IN
    In his IPW return, Quack was defeated by Dave Davidson!

12/11/07 - XCW: Midwest - New Albany, IN
    In tournament action, Quack advanced over Chase Stevens of The Naturals by using La Mistica, and was ousted from the title tourney by J.C. Ice in the 2nd round!

12/7/07 - IWA:MS - Plainfield, IN
    Mike lost both the IWA heavyweight and light heavyweight titles in one big match that saw Chuck Taylor eliminate Quack to win the light heavyweight belt, and by virtue of winning the entire match, Eddie Kingston became the new IWA:MS heavyweight champion!

11/24/07 - PWE - Newport, PA
    Mike teamed with Hallowicked to retain the PWE tag team championship over Icarus and Ophidian.

11/18/07 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    For the first time ever, Helios, Trik Davis and Mike joined forces, defeating the trio of Shayne Hawke and the Osirian Portal, when Helios pinned Amasis.

11/17/07 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
    Along with Tim Donst and the Super Smash Brothers, Quack faced Mitch Ryder, Robbie Ellis, Gran Akuma and Icarus in a losing effort that saw Ryder pin Uno.

11/16/07 - CHIKARA - Reading, PA
    Mike Quackenbush teamed with the 3 members of the Colony to beat the Osirian Portal and F.I.S.T., ending with Fire Ant pinning Ophidian.

11/3/07 - PWE - Dillsburg, PA
    Mike teamed with Hallowicked to defeat Los Ice Creams and become 2-time PWE tag team champions.

10/26/07 - CHIKARA - Reading, PA
    Mike Quackenbush defended the NWA World Junior title against Lince Dorado in a match that saw outside interference from Mitch Ryder cause the official to rule the bout a No Contest.

10/13/07 - Michinoku Pro - Ichinoseki, JAPAN
    Rei fell to Quackendriver 3, after surviving both the Tail of the Dragon DDT 2, and the Double STF.

10/12/07 - Michinoku Pro - Takizawamura, JAPAN
    In his long-awaited Japanese debut, Mike Quackenbush defeated Shibaten using the dreaded QD2. The packed house was impressed when Shibaten survived the BTS, but a Palm Strike and Reverse Brainbuster set Shibaten up for the kill just shy of the 10-minute mark.

9/29/07 - IWA:MS - Midlothian, IL
    Quack met Joey Ryan of PWG fame in the 2nd round of the 2007 Ted Petty Invitational, and picked up the win, via Lightning Lock Beta, to advance. During the match, Mike attempted a tope out of the ring, but his leg clipped the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor. Post-match, it was announced that Mike would be unable to continue in the tournament. As the following round match was about to be awarded via forfeit to Josh Abercrombie, Quackenbush dragged himself to the ring and told the referee that he came to fight. To the surprise of all, Mike managed to lock on the Robin Hood Special and force Abercrombie to submit.
   In the main event of the evening, Quack would meet both Chuck Taylor and regular nemesis Claudio Castagnoli, but both men dominated their time in the ring with him, and Quack seemed to have a hard time mounting any offense. The crowd roared in approval when Mike tried QD3 on Castagnoli, but he barely had the strength to turn him. Quack then hoisted Claudio up for QD2 and eliminated the Swiss giant. The finals came down to the IWA:MS heavyweight champ Taylor and the light heavyweight champion Quackenbush. Quack survived a brainbuster and an enzuigiri long enough to hit QD3, but when Taylor escaped, Quack's luck seemed to be running thin. Taylor nailed his Omega Driver, but not even this was enough to put Quack away. When Taylor tried to repeat the move from the top rope, Mike switched and executed the Liger Bomb, and converted directly to the CHIKARA Special for the tap out and the tournament win!

9/28/07 - IWA:MS - Midlothian, IL
    Billy Roc fell to Quack's Lightning Lock in the first round of the Ted Petty Invitational.

9/22/07 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    Mike Quackenbush used the CHIKARA Special to make Tim Donst tap out.

9/8/07 - PWE - Newport, PA
    In a # 1 contender's match for the PWE title, Johnny Graham used his "Graham Cracker" pinning combination to hold Mike down for the three.

9/1/07 - IWA:DS - Pelham, AL
    In a title vs. title match, Quack captured the IWA:MS light heavyweight title from Chuck Taylor via tap out thanks to the Gori Gallows.

8/25/07 - ROH - New York, NY
    Matt Cross & Erick Stevens defeated Quack & Jigsaw.

8/18/07 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
    In his third defense of the NWA World junior title, Mike Quackenbush used Lightning Lock Beta to make Akira Raijin tap out.

8/12/07 - NWA - Charlotte, NC
    Mike retained his NWA junior title by making Chad Parham tap out to the Robin Hood Special.

8/11/07 - ROH - Philadelphia, PA
    Bryan Danielson used elbows to the crown of the head to knock Mike uncosncious.

8/5/07 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    In his first defense of the NWA World junior title, Mike Quackenbush used Lightning Lock Beta to make Black Tiger submit.

8/4/07 - PWE - Port Royal, PA
    The PWE championship changed hands when Kage pinned Mike with his feet on the ropes.

7/28/07 - ROH - Edison, NJ
    In the "Race to the Top" tournament, Quack was eliminated by Claudio Castagnoli.

7/27/07 - ROH - Long Island, NY
    In the "Race to the Top" tournament, Quack advanced over Matt Sydal via Black Tornado Slam.

7/21/07 - CHIKARA - Wallingford, CT
    Shayne Hawke, Shane Matthews & Jagged beat Jigsaw, Shane Storm & Mike Quackenbush when Hawke pinned Storm.

7/7/07 - IWA:DS - Sylcauga, AL
    Quackenbush retained the IWA:DS title over Jimmy Rave via Kondo Clutch.

6/24/07 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
    Mike used the dread QD2 to defeat Shayne Hawke.

6/9/07 - ROH - Philadelphia, PA
    Quack and Jigsaw fell to the team of El Generico and Kevin Steen.

6/8/07 - ROH - Roxbury Crossing, MA
    Claudio Castagnoli used his European Uppercut to beat Quack in a 4-way match that also included Chris Hero and Nigel McGuinness.

6/6/07 - CCW - Evansville, IN
    Quackenbush pinned Claudio Castagnoli.

6/5/07 - XCW:Midwest - New Albany, IN
    Claudio Castagnoli fouled and then pinned Quack.

5/27/07 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    Quack teamed with Shane Storm and Equinox (subbing for an absent Jigsaw) to defeat the Colony, when Quack used his Super Tiger Driver on Fire Ant.

5/26/07 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
    Mike Quackenbush unveiled the CHIKARA Special, and used it to make Chris Hero tap out, effectively ending their 2+ year rivalry.

5/11/07 - FSM - Portage, IN
    Mike Quackenbush used the Alligator Clutch to pin Tiger Mask IV and become the new NWA World Junior Heavyweight champion!

5/5/07 - IWA:DS - Pell City, AL
    Mike Quackenbush made his first successful defense of the IWA:DS belt by making Sal Rinaruo tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf.

5/4/07 - FTW - Fayetteville, TN
    Mike Quackenbush beat Cabana Man Dan via Black Tornado Slam.

4/28/07 - ROH - Chicago, IL
    Delirious won a 6-way scramble match that featured Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Pelle Primeau, Gran Akuma & Hallowicked.

4/27/07 - ROH - St. Paul, MN
    Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw outlasted Pelle Primeau & Mitch Franklin, as well as Gran Akuma & Hallowicked, before losing to the Briscoe Brothers.

4/21/07 - PWE - Bendersville, PA
    Mike Quackenbush used his QD3 to pin Icarus.

3/25/07 - CHIKARA - Collegeville, PA
    A 20-man battle royal came down to Quack and Claudio Castagnoli, but the stronger Castagnoli was able to eliminate Mike and win the match.

3/24/07 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    Claudio Castagnoli pinned Quack with a Bridging Backslide, and became CHIKARA's representative in the King of Europe Cup.

3/17/07 - PWE - New Bloomfield, PA
    Mike Quackenbush forced Gran Akuma into submission with the Sharpshooter.

3/11/07 - ACW - San Antonio, TX
    Claudio Castagnoli defeated Mike Quackenbush.

3/10/07 - ACW - Giddings, TX
    ACW champ Scot Summers retained his title over Quack.

3/3/07 - IWA:DS - Pell City, AL
    Quackenbush won a 4-way dance match over Ricochet, Sal Rinauro and Chuck Taylor, to become # 1 contender to Hallowicked's IWA:DS championship. Quack returned later that night to challenge the champ, and made Hallowicked tap out to capture the belt.

3/2/07 - IWA:MS - Plainfield, IN
    Claudio Castagnoli pinned Quack with a Bridging Backslide.

2/18/07 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    The unstoppable trio of Quack, Jigsaw & Shane Storm rolled over the luchador team of El Pantera, Lince Dorado & Sicodelico, Jr. to advance into the finals, where they won the tournament by beating KUDO, Yoshiaki Yago & MIYAWAKI.

2/17/07 - CHIKARA - Barnesville, PA
    In King of Trios tournament action, Quack, Jigsaw & Shane Storm first defeated the Canadian contingent of Max Boyer & 2.0, and returned later in the night to also defeat the TNA trio of Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt, to advance into the semi-finals and Night 3 of the tournament.

2/7/07 - IWA:EC - South Charleston, WV
    Jerry Lynn piledrove and pinned Quack.

1/27/07 - PWE - York, PA
    Mike Quackenbush pinned Hallowicked following a superplex.

1/19/07 - UWA Hardcore - Ontario, CAN
    Claudio Castagnoli delivered a European Uppercut and pinned Mike Quackenbush in Quack's debut with the promotion.

11/25/06 - PWE - Newport, PA
    Mike Quackenbush defeated Larry Sweeney.

11/18/06 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
    Gran Akuma & Icarus defeated the team of Shane Storm & Mike Quackenbush when Akuma used his 450 Splash on Storm.

11/17/06 - CHIKARA - Reading, PA
    Mike Quackenbush teamed with Cloudy and Ricochet to defeat the unlikely trio of Cheech, Shane Storm and Retail Dragon.

11/15/06 - IWA:EC - South Charleston, WV
    Zac Vincent used the ropes and a reverse rolling prawn hold to help him pin Mike Quackenbush.

11/12/06 - CHIKARA - Barnesville, PA
    Mike pinned Claudio Castagnoli in a trios match with Shane Storm and Eddie Kingston, opposing Chris Hero and Larry Sweeney.

11/11/06 - PXW - Cementon, PA
    Quack destroyed One Shot.

11/4/06 - IPW - Indianapolis, IN
    Billy Roc pinned Mike Quackenbush.

10/28/06 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
    Mike was eliminated from the 3rd annual Cibernetico by Claudio Castagnoli following a Moonsault Blockbuster Suplex.

10/21/06 - PWE - Gettysburg, PA
    Quack pinned Insane Sam with a schoolboy.

10/14/06 - NEW - Milford, PA
    Quack used his Quackendriver 3 to pin Hallowicked.

9/23/06 - IWA:MS - Midlothian, IL
    Claudio Castagnoli pinned Mike Quackenbush with a move sometimes called the "suite bomb," a counter for the Hurcanrana. The match earned both men a standing ovation. After the fact, Ian Rotten and some CHIKARA alumni headed to ringside, and paid a short tribute to Quack for his years in the business.

9/23/06 - IWA:MS - Midlothian, IL
    In first round action at the Ted Petty Invitational, Quack advanced over Colt Cabana courtesy Quackendriver 3. He will face Claudio Castagnoli in the quarter-finals.

9/23/06 - PWE - Dillsburg, PA
    Two long time indy veterans met for the first time, as Quack defeated Salvatore Sincere, countering a Powerbomb attempt with a Sunset Flip. In the process, Mike became # 1 contender for the PWE championship.

9/22/06 - CHIKARA - Reading, PA
    Mike defeated Icarus via Quackendriver 3, in his continuing quest to defeat the Kings of Wrestling.

9/17/06 - PWH - Iimuiden, HOLLAND
    In a 3-way dance featuring Quack, Tommy End and NOAH's Taiji Ishimori, Quack neither won, nor lost, in that Ishimori pinned End to finish the one fall affair.

9/16/06 - wXw - Essen, GERMANY
    In Lightweight tournament action, Mike advanced through the first round by making Marc Roudin tap out to Lightning Lock Beta. In the 5-way finals, Mike used Quackendriver 2 on Pac, then eliminated NOAH's Ricky Marvin with one of the Skayde Specials. Mike was then eliminated from the match by Emil Sitoci.

9/15/06 - WZW - Shildon, ENGLAND
    Dave Carbon, an up-and-coming British talent, took a surprise win over Mike using a backslide.

9/13/06 - PWX - Philadelphia, PA
    Quack joined forces with Shane Storm and Equinox to overcome the trio of Ice Cream, Jr., Gran Akuma and Hydra, as Equinox pinned Ice Cream, Jr. to win the bout.

9/2/06 - IPW - Indianapolis, IN
   In tournament action, Mike Quackenbush advanced through the first round by defeating Billy Roc. Mike was ousted in the second round by Chuck Taylor.

8/26/06 - IWA:DS - Pell City, AL
   Chuck Taylor used an O'Connor Roll to pin Quack in his IWA Deep South debut.

8/20/06 - CHIKARA - Barnesville, PA
   Mike and Shane Storm upset CHIKARA's Campeones de Parejas (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) when Storm used his "Storm Cradle" on Hero for the fall.

8/19/06 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
   Mike Quackenbush teamed with Jigsaw and Shane Storm in a losing effort opposite Chris Hero and F.I.S.T. which ended with Hero pinning Jigsaw following a Standing Moonsault Press.

7/22/06 - CHIKARA - Hellertown, PA
   Mike Quackenbush defeated his former student Icarus using Quackendriver 3.

7/15/06 - XICW - Northford, CT
   The trio of Hallowicked, Rorschach & Nocturne upset the team of Mike Quackenbush, Equinox & Jigsaw when Nocturne pinned Equinox.

7/4/06 - DCW - Smyrna, DE
   The quartet of Equinox, Shane Storm, Hallowicked & Mike Quackenbush were victorious over Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Icarus & Hydra in 8-man tag team action.

6/25/06 - CHIKARA - Philadelphia, PA
   Quack teamed up with Jigsaw and Shane Storm to face Claudio Castagnoli, Gran Akuma and Icarus in a wild trios match that ended in disqualification. Icarus illegally unmasked Jigsaw forcing the official to end the match.

5/27/06 - CHIKARA - Barnesville, PA
   Mike and Shane Storm were defeated by Gran Akuma & Icarus when Icarus applied a Torture Crab to Quack, and his arm dropped three times.

5/26/06 - CHIKARA - Reading, PA
   Quack teamed up with Jigsaw, Shane Storm and Milano Collection AT for the main event 8-man tag match against all the members of the Kings of Wrestling. In the end, it was Storm pinning Gran Akuma following "That Japanese Move!"

4/23/06 - CHIKARA - Barnesville, PA
   The trio of Jigsaw, Shane Storm and Mike Quackenbush defeated the team of Claudio Castagnoli and F.I.S.T. in a fast-paced 6-man tag team match that spanned 20 minutes. The finish came when Jigsaw used his "Jig n' Tonic" on Icarus.

4/8/06 - PWE - Newport, PA
   Gran Akuma did not appear to defend the PWE tag titles with Icarus, so Quackenbush stepped in for the title bout. Shane Valentine and Jackpot emerged victorious when Quack's arm dropped three times while held in the Texas Cloverleaf.

3/31/06 - CHIKARA - Reading, PA
   Mike lost the wXw German Heavyweight title back to Ares, just 13 days after winning it in Essen. In this match, which lasted exactly 11 minutes, Quack came on like a strike-machine, throwing forearms, chops and palms with speedy abandon. Ares centered his attack around Quack's back, and the strategy paid off. Mike passed out while Ares cranked the Sharpshooter tighter and tighter, and once Quack's arm dropped for the third time, the referee awarded the championship to Ares.

3/25/06 - ROE - Bad Voslau, AUSTRIA
   The team of Mike Quackenbush, Delirious and Emil Sitoci won an elimination trios bout over Steve Douglas, Matt Sydal and Tengkwa that lasted over half an hour. Delirious scored the first elimination, pinning Tengkwa. Delirious was eliminated by Douglas. Sitoci was eliminated by Sydal. Quack used his Reverse Brainbuster to pin Douglas. Sydal and Quackenbush traded nearfalls until Mike brought out the original Quackendriver, for the deciding win, over Sydal.

3/18/06 - wXw - Essen, GERMANY
   This year, Mike celebrated his birthday in grand fashion - by returning to action much earlier than expected from his back surgery - and challenging wXw German heavyweight champion Ares in Essen! Ares dispatched with Essen native Two-Face in record time, and then issued an open challenge for anyone to face him. The tune of "Just a Hero" came over the sound system, which seemed to confuse the live crowd. A hooded, cloaked figure slid into the ring behind Ares' back, and then dispensed with the disguise to reveal none other than Quack himself! The emotional outpouring from the fans on hand was deafening as Mike exploded into action with a flurry of strikes, a dropkick, and then a picture perfect Tope con Hilo onto the champion! Mike survived a long Boston Crab from Ares, and a series of back-targeting moves, which seemed to put the challenger in serious trouble. After landing a series of Palm Strikes, and surviving the Tiger Driver, Quack locked on QD2 (Quackendriver # 2) and planted Ares. The crowd exploded as Referee Tas pounded in the three count for the title win by the returning "Master of a Thousand Holds."


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