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Mark Cuban won't pay $1 billion for Dodgers

Mark Cuban is interested in buying the Los Angeles Dodgers, but only if owner Frank McCourt lowers his price.

Cuban told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that McCourt floated a value of between $1 billion and $1.2 billion when Cuban inquired several months ago.

Mark Cuban has long wanted to buy a baseball team. He recently made an overture to Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. (AP Photo)

"At that price, I wasn't interested," Cuban said.

Steve Sugerman, a spokesman for McCourt later denied that the two men ever met, let alone discussed a possible sale.

"He doesn't know Mark Cuban. He hasn't spoken with Mark Cuban. He hasn't had anyone speak with Mark Cuban on his behalf," Sugerman told the Los Angeles Times.

Cuban had no immediate response to Sugerman's statement.

Cuban, who owns the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, has tried unsuccessfully to buy the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers. He said he'd need a better deal from McCourt so he could renovate Dodger Stadium and maintain a competitive payroll.

"Once the sale price gets too high, you can't invest in the team," Cuban told the Times.

McCourt and Major League Baseball are in talks to settle the bankruptcy hearing between the sides. A settlement could include McCourt agreeing to sell the Dodgers. McCourt has resisted previous calls to give up the team, but debts and tax liabilities may force him to change his mind.

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig declined to comment on the settlement discussions, the Times reported. A spokesman for McCourt declined to comment on Cuban's remarks.

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