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The Asian Music Circuit has been the leading promoter of Asian music in the UK for twenty years. Having been set up by the Arts Council in 1989 and financially supported every year since 1991, it has suddenly had 100% of its funding cut as of April 2012.

The reasons given by Arts Council England for the total withdrawal of funding are subjective, irrational, unfair, biased and based on incorrect facts and assumptions. Its drastic reduction in funding for Asian music - from an already low position - marks a huge change in policy resulting in a disproportionate and negative impact on Asian music, musicians and followers. This is a body blow not only to the AMC but also to the wider Asian community.

We, the undersigned, believe Arts Council England’s decision was made on unsound grounds and eschews principles of equality, diversity and fairness. The Arts Council is displaying disregard for the great music traditions of Asia and the genuine interest and passion for these that exists in the UK, not only within the various Asian communities who live here but across all sectors of society.

We believe that twenty years of huge effort, time, investment, expertise, experience and creativity are now threatened with being completely wasted, and an excellent legacy for future generations lost. We support the Asian Music Circuit and the high values for which it stands.

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