February 09, 2012 – Gaines Kergosien – “Testing with Microsoft Pex and Moles”

Join us at 6:00 PM for free food and drinks. The lecture begins at 6:30 PM, followed by some great giveaways, such as books, training, and software. Our meetings are held at 22 Century Blvd, Nashville, TN (map).

Topic: “Testing with Microsoft Pex and Moles”

Pex is a testing tool that analyzes code and generates unit tests. Moles is a framework that isolates code with dependencies on other application layers or frameworks. With just a few mouse clicks, you can generate suites of tests against code that previously may have been difficult or impossible to test.

Links to get smart: Pex and Moles – Isolation and White box Unit Testing for .NET

Speaker: Gaines Kergosien

Gaines Kergosien is a .NET Solutions Consultant for Deloitte. Gaines is former president and current board member for the Nashville .NET User Group. With over 12 years in solutions development using Microsoft technologies, his work includes consulting for such companies as Lexis Nexis, Gibson Guitars, Cardinal Healthcare, and HCA Physician Services. Follow him on Twitter @gainesk.

Links can be found to the presentation and demo code on Gaines’s blog: http://blog.dotnetdude.net/2012/02/microsoft-pex-and-moles.html


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