The new Ministry of Enterprise and Advanced Education is part of Premier Redford’s strategy to take action on Albertans’ priorities. We are responsible for the following:
Advanced Education
  • Funds public post-secondary institutions in Alberta.
  • Supports accessible, affordable and quality advanced learning opportunities for all Albertans.
  • Develops ways for students to easily transition within the advanced education system.
  • Works closely with Campus Alberta partners and stakeholders to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed.

Adult Learning
  • Funds education providers, including research.
  • Provides student financial assistance.
  • Approves programs of study.
  • Licenses and certifies education providers.

Apprenticeship and Industry Training
  • Develops program standards with industry.
  • Counsels apprentices and employers.
  • Provides funding for approved programs.
  • Certifies apprentices and occupational trainees.
  • includes the Competitiveness Initiative, industry development, economic development policy and analysis, and regional economic development. Related websites include:

Research and Innovation
  • Provides strategic leadership for science and research in Alberta.
  • Manages and funds investments in science and research in three priority areas:
    • energy research,
    • information and communications technology,
    • and life sciences.
  • Facilitates technology commercialization and development to build knowledge-intensive industries in Alberta.