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Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

GameZone counts down the greatest characters in the Final Fantasy universe


Posted by: Heath Hooker

With Final Fantasy XIII-2 approaching in January, new characters will be introduced into the already stunning cast of characters Final Fantasy has created and given stardom too. With each new final fantasy released, a new character becomes just as beloved as the characters before them, but who are the most beloved?

10. Balthier (Final Fantasy XII)

Balthier is a playable character in Final Fantasy XII. Although Final Fantasy XII is seen through Vaan's point of view, Balthier is a sky pirate and steals the show with wit and at times, a little bit of cockiness. On numerous occasions he announces he is the leading man of the story, and after playing through the game, he becomes as much the leading man as Vaan.

9. Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Yuna is one of the strongest female characters in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. Assigned with a terrifying goal, she must complete a journey across Spira to combat and defeat Sin who is killing innocent people throughout the land. As she makes her way through the journey, she has to battle with emotions for her life and Tidus'. The depth of character Yuna presents to the player is unfathomable and is one reason why she lands on this list.

8. Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Lightning is one of the most recent characters to the franchise and she is a star character in Final Fantasy XIII. First off, Lightning is one of the most gorgeous characters due to the outstanding graphics Final Fantasy XIII presented. Secondly, she may very well be one of the strongest female leaders of the Final Fantasy series. Her serious and determined demeanor lands her the leadership role in XIII and it will be fun to see how this character grows in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2.

7.  Zidane (Final Fantasy IX)

With popular Final Fantasy games, VII and VIII, preceding Final Fanasy IX with darker, more serious characters, Zidane was introduced in Final Fantasy IX with a completely different attitude. Zidane instead of the unspoken, confused hero that was Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart, was a brash, enthusiastic character. Harkening back to Final Fantasy's roots, Zidane was extremely laid back, but always ready for a fight. This transition from serious to enthusiastic was a nice break in the series and the creation of one of the best characters in Final Fantasy.

6. Cecil (Final Fantasy IV)

Cecil is the main hero of Final Fantasy IV, and is unique in his own right. He is one of only a handful of Final Fantasy characters that changes his job throughout the game. When he is introduced, he is the definition of strength. He is a Dark Knight who has trouble, but after a struggle with the four elemental archfiends, he transforms into a paladin. Interestingly enough, the depth of his character along with appearance and job change makes Cecil worth taking control of as he lands at No. 6.

5. Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

A star of one of the most surprising scenes in the entire Final Fantasy series, Aerith has become an icon in not only the Final Fantasy series, but also in video game history. Put in the party from early in the game, Aerith is a strong healing presence in your party and a look more into her life in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core confirmed her spot on this list as she plays a huge role in the events of the seventh installment of Final Fantasy.

4. Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)

You either love or hate this guy, but one thing is undeniable. Squall Lenohart is an absolute monster with his gunblade. Continuing on with the reluctant hero, Squall took it to another level being the ultimate anti-hero with most of his dialogue being very standoffish and of course, a lot of "whatever."  But Squall's journey and depth of relationship with Rinoa was an amazing experience to be a part of and still is to this day.

3. Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Tidus is a complete mixture of everything cheesy and everything emotional. In Final Fantasy X, Tidus' character is one of compassion and sacrafice. In one of the most jaw-dropping adventures of the franchise, Tidus immediately shows that he is the true star of the title with his over-the-top personality and the twist ending doesn't hurt him either. Just look past the laughing scene with Yuna, and you can easily see why he deserves this third spot.
2. Cloud (Final Fantasy VII) 

Though many people see Final Fantasy VII as overrated, just as many people think its the best of the franchise and that is mostly due to Cloud Strife. In a time when JRPG's were nowhere near mainstream in the U.S., Cloud Strife was introduced into our lives along with an absolutely stellar cast, and all the sudden, JRPG's were the next big thing. Cloud Strife was nothing but a reluctant hero whose awe-inspiring journey to stop Sepiroth is one of the most enjoyable stories to play through in the series. Plus, you just can't beat the Buster Sword.

But only one character could top Cloud for the crown...

1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Yes, possibly the best super-villian in any video game to date, Sephiroth is the definition of evil in Final Fantasy VII. Discovering you are created in a biological experiment is never easy, but Sephiroth took his anger to the next level. Upon discovering the information, Sephiroth goes completely bat-crazy and not only burns down a town, but also decides he will become a god and destroy the entire world. Sure, it sounds pretty far-fetched, but the outrageous plan that almost works and the extreme personality of Sephiroth is why he deserves the No. 1 spot of best Final Fantasy characters.


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