Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Announcing a A May for Me FREE Shipping on My Extra Wide Fabrics!

May for Me Shipping Special on Direct Email Orders! 
May 9th to May 13th Midnight CST.

Free Shipping in US only on orders of 3 yards or more. 

Reduced Shipping on International Orders - $5.00 OFF your shipping on orders of 3 yards or more.

Must be a Direct Order through email and I will paypal invoice you for the payment.

Email me your Fabric Order using the exact wording of the fabric and color and yardage.

Bonus: You may order in partial yard increments - example 3 1/2 yards  or 3 1/4 yards.  This can be done any time through a direct order, but not on the website as that has to be 1 yard increments.

Also, if you using the extra wide fabric for an outside border or binding -- you can order a 1/2 yard of several colors as long as your total order  equals at least 3 yards of fabric.

Extra wide fabrics can be used for making a quilt.  You can order the smaller amounts for that too! Example: 1/2 yard of one fabric and 1/4 yard of another and 1 yard of another  -- just so your total amount is at least 3 yards.

Charms are included, but you must order at least 6 packs of charms to get the FREE Shipping or the reduced shipping. 

The sample pack of fabric is excluded and is still $2.00 for the shipping. Same with the 3 samples - $1.00 for shipping.  Bonus:  With an order of 3 yards or more you may request six sample squares of any of the fabrics.

Time to stock up during the FREE Shipping!
It's a May for Me Celebration!

Link to the Extra Wide Fabric--> - Fabric Page

Any questions email me or leave a comment!
Enjoy every day in May!

May for Me BINGO Items for Wednesday, May 9th



B--hydrant or fire hydrant








NOTE:  Checker is a game piece, NOT checkered or checked fabric. Thanks for asking, so we could clarify that one for everyone.
Any questions: Just ask us!

There are ten BINGO items called today on all 4 Host Blogs.

That means 40 items were called today - ten items on each blog.

If you get a BINGO contact Tonya at Hillbilly Handiworks.

Need a refresher on the BINGO Information and Rules click here.

Are you dancing every day?
How about this song for today? 
"I just called, to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder
If you listened to the song, this next line will make sense...
I mean it from the bottom of my heart --- Enjoy your day! That is what May for Me is all about -- YOU -- taking time to enjoy a few minutes everyday!
NOTE: I added a link in my sidebar that takes you to all of my posts with my Bingo items that have been called so far on my blog.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sun is Setting on the 8th Day of May!

 I completed the bindings on several Mug Rugs this past weekend. Took a few photos to share.

 They look much better with binding on them!

I finished the bindings on these Mug Rugs too. My Mom will be happy as these are some of the 18 that we made together a couple weeks ago!
 I flipped this to the back side -- can you read backwards?  I can't and I know what is says!

If you are counting that's 8 Mug Rugs with bindings complete.  I stitched a couple other bindings and I will share those in another post. 
I am enjoying every day in May! I loving stitching bindings and finishing up fun little projects!
Are you enjoying every day in May?