Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 X 6 Bee

 I had taken some time off from the 3 X 6 bee
I really missed it!

I joined again!
I was very lucky to get in a hive that is all paper piecing.
 You pick 3 colors and the members on you hive will make the same block for all the hive members in their chosen colors.
It is funny that I choose
Red, White and Blue before I knew I was helping with the Hop!!

The link to the

My inspirational mosaic for the group.

I also spent the weekend sorting out wonky trees. They are ready to be mailed.
We are on Round Three of this Swap and blocks are not due until July First.
Come and check us out.
You will be glad you did And we would love to have you join.

Link to the Wonky Group.

As I sit here and type we are having a thunderstorm.  I love that sound, so I am going to crawl into bed and enjoy!

Happy Sewing!

PS....Still waiting for.....

Holly Hlb123

To fill out information form for the R/W/B Blog Hop.

Monday, April 30, 2012

R/W/B Blog Hop Up-Date

Yes Wow!!
The response has been overwhelming!
Thank you so much.
At this point I have 100 confirmed hoppers.
We cannot accept anymore
 blog hopper creators....

They have returned the
Welcome Letter.
If you have not returned it or did not receive one, please let ME know.
I know it is a bit confusing as to which blog to leave your response.


A Welcome Letter Returned to me is a firm
Yes, let's Play!!

Thank you so much!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Red White Blue Blog Hop


The response to the Red White and Blue Blog Hop has been


(see post below if you would like to play)

Mdm Samm and I have been in constant contact to check and double check our lists.

Like Santa, checking it once and checking it twice!!

I have sent out welcome letters that need to be returned to me as quickly as you can.

As soon as I receive your welcome response I be able to post
your schedule.

We are still taking Hoppers, so please feel free to join the fun.

(if you are a no-reply please send me your email)