Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Words {accessories}

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image from Pillow Sew Cute
 Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post!  I helps a lot to know that I'm not the only one who has had a freak allergic reaction.  It was also fun to have my theory confirmed about all firemen and paramedics being cute. ;)

I'm still not feeling great so there's nothing going on in my sewing room.  I did see an allergist yesterday but because my body is still reacting to whatever the heck I ate; he couldn't do the full blown allergy tests.  He did do some blood work and I'll go back in two weeks for the other tests but until then, I get to wait. 

At my appointment I did get some good information on what to do if it happens again.  When I was discharged from the hospital, I was given a prescription for two Epipens.  Steve got the prescription filled, we read the instructions, practiced with the "practice" injection, and I put them in my purses.

I also purchased two pouches {one pictured above}  from Pillow Sew Cute on Etsy.  Karen is not only super helpful... she also has great taste in fabric!  I thought about making my own pouch but I really liked her clear labeling and design.  It makes better sense to have something easily identified just in case someone else needs to find the pouch for me.

I did kind of wonder why they gave me two Epipens so I asked the doctor about it yesterday.

The Doctor:  how many pens do you have in that purse with you?

Me:  One.

The Doctor:  let me guess, you thought that one was for your black purse and the second one was for your brown purse.

Me:  well, something like that...

The Doctor:  {smiling} no dear, these are not for your accessories.

So not only did I find a good allergist... he's also got jokes.

BTW, if you are wondering, they give you two Epipens because you are supposed to carry both of them {or at least I am}.  One injection lasts about 10 minutes so having two gives you 20 minutes to get help.  It's also a good idea to have two just in case you mess up the first one.  Now having two makes a lot more sense. ;)

I'm trying to find the humor in this but I am having some anxiety as well.  It's hard not knowing what I'm allergic to and what to avoid.  For example... a tray of fruit was brought in to my office yesterday.  Along with my other co workers, I started to get a plate but then I stopped myself.  I realized that I didn't know how that fruit had been handled or if I'm even allergic to the actual fruit. 

It's definitely going to be a big lifestyle change and I am so fortunate that Steve is completely on board.  That definitely makes this easier. :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Napping on a roller coaster

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an ICU room with a view... I see a quilt

So reading my post from Friday is laughable now.

I was well on my way towards relaxing... we went to dinner at a Mexican food restaurant on Friday night after the softball game just like we always do.  I had the same food and same everything but my body decided that it was allergic to something.

My lips started feeling a little funny on the way home.  Five minutes later we got home and I went into the bathroom to see that my upper lip was really puffy.  Huh.

I ran into Steve in the hallway and he promptly pulled me into the light and his eyes got huge.  He was a paramedic for 8 years so you know it's not good when he calls 911.

He told me to sit down on the couch and that the paramedics were coming to give me some medicine.  Notice the distinct absence of a ride in the ambulance mentioned?

Why are firemen and paramedics always cute?  And remember I'm married to a former one so I feel I have a little more latitude to talk about looks here. ;)

So in walk the firemen and paramedics.  I wish I could say that I had that nice bee-sting quality to my lips that lots of women pay for.  I did not though.  I know this because I could see, out of my puffy eyes, my own lips protruding from my face.  I also couldn't talk by this point because my tongue was so swollen and my throat was closing so I couldn't even greet the men in my living room.

They start working on me and I hear Steve ask when they were going to "roll".  Roll what?  I'm thinking.  Turns out that's code for leaving in the ambulance. 

The next several hours were a blur of needles, IV's, injections, breathing treatments, meds, doctors, nurses... and Steve asking if he could take a picture.  He was totally kidding of course!

Nothing was really working so that's when the doctor decided to admit me "upstairs".  I eventually got settled in a room with glass walls.  That should have been my first clue that I was in ICU but I didn't figure that out until the nurse kept coming in every 30 minutes and I complimented her on her attentiveness.  She said something about that's what they do in the ICU.  Oh.  But she really was awesome too. 

Throughout the night she kept coming in along with someone else giving breathing treatments.  She gave me Benadryl and other stuff while the other person was giving me epinephrine.  That combo of medications makes you feel like you are trying to take a nap on a roller coaster.  I pretty much sat straight up in bed all night.  Had I not been tethered by IVs in each arm, I would have put my hands in the air.  It was that fun

I got to go home on Saturday and I am the proud owner of two Epipens.  I have an appointment with an allergist to figure out what I'm allergic to.  My face is pretty much back to normal and I can almost sleep normally.  Needless to say, this episode scared me and pretty much everyone around me.  And in all seriousness, I'm really thankful for a husband who is calm and knows that to do in an emergency and of course all the people who helped me along the way.  I knew I was in good hands and that made a huge difference for me.

hospital curtain inspiration

While waiting on Saturday to be released I was still a bundle of jittery energy so I took note of my surroundings.  You really can find quilt inspiration anywhere. ;)

So.  How was your weekend??

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