Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And the winner is...........

Congratulations Loralynn, I will whip up a Black and Pink zip pouch for you this weekend and will get it off in the mail on Monday if you will send me your address.  I will send you an email about that in a few minutes.

I want to thank you all for your kind words and for following along. I am so enjoying the blogging experience.

I have been working on hand stitching down the binding on the Swoon quilt  this week.  I have it about half way done.  I should get it finished Friday, Saturday at the latest. Saturday here is supposed to be a great day and I hope to get a few good pictures of it to post.  Then on to the other items on my list of to do's for May.

Today I went to my LQS in search of backing for my H2H quilts.  Found some great stuff in the "sale" room.  I not only got backing for the  H2H quilts but I found a couple of great grey print Moda fabrics (still hiding in the trunk) to use as the background on another Swoon quilt I plan on making this summer in King size. The sale room was full and I managed to get 18 - 19 yards of fabric for $102.  All of it ends of bolts so it was 50% off.  Painful but so worth it. 

Enjoy the day and thanks again for your continued support.  Here's to the next 100 posts.  Selina

Friday, May 4, 2012

This is my 100th posting, oh my

I can't believe it, this is my 100th post.  Where has time gone. I feel like I just started doing this.  Meeting all of you great people.  I must celebrate.  Maybe by the end of this blog I will have dreamt up a give away.

I have signed up for the May Small Projects group with Amanda Jean at   I am off to a good start.  It was easy, I picked the smallest items on my list so I could see the list shrinking before my very eyes. 

I have 3 pouches/purses on my list so when I saw the Strippy Pouch made by Freda at  with a link to the tutorial I knew I’d have to make at least one of them from that design.  The tutorial was great when I took the time to read it.  It’s been a bad week for my allergies.  My eyes itch all the time so I am not reading  instructions fully.  I picked up all of the measurements correctly, thankfully. And on Tuesday night I cut out all of the pieces necessary to make the pouch as pictured and one without the strippy effect.  I even put the front and back  of the outsides together and made the straps before I called it a night.

Wednesday I did the tailoring requested by my neighbor. 1st thing officially off of the list.

Last night I went back to the Pouches. Generally I don’t make boxed bottoms the way the tutorial did.  It looked easier so I thought I’d give it a try.   See the red lines on the upper right corner and on the upper left corner.  Well that’s where I wasn’t paying attention and with a RED Pigma pen I marked the wrong corners for the boxed BOTTOM.  Things went better for awhile until it was time to sew the corners for the boxed bottom before tuning inside out.  I scrolled past that step. Minor, I know but a pain none the less.  End result is great except for the red lines on the back. 2nd thing officially off of the list.

I apparently didn’t have enough pain for the evening so I went to work on the second pouch.  Error number 1,  do you see the strip of fabric in the picture in front of the pouch?

 Can you guess what it is?  You are correct , it is the strap that I forgot to attach. DUH.   Error number 2 was just plain stupid.  This is about my millionth pouch so far this year. I sewed seams for the outside and inside and sewed the corners just beautifully.  I went to turn it right side out and found that I never opened the zipper, not only didn’t open it I sewed the pull on the outside of the seam so I couldn’t even cheat it open.  Had to rip open the seam,  the same seam that I could have put the strap in if I had realized it was sitting on the table laughing at me. I did put a pocket in this one and am quite happy with it.

 At this point I’m not sure what direction I want to go, mark it off my list as completed or rip open the lining and the side seam and insert it.  I guess it will depend on how itchy my eyes are over the weekend.

Well tonight I want to get started on binding the Swoon quilt.  I think that may be my biggest project of the month.  I’d like to at least get the machine part done by Sunday night.  Then I can park it on the dining room table and work on it in between things as time permits. 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there add up.

How’s your list moving along???????

My 100th Posting Give Away

Ok so I have decided how to celebrate.  I will make yet another pouch, with pocket and strap and will put a surprise inside.    If you want in just let me know if you have a favorite color combo.  If I have it in my stash I'll do it.  If not I'll come up with something.  I will pick a winner on Wednesday, May 9.  I will ship internationally so everyone can play.

Thanks for visiting.  Selina

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Small Project Sew Along List

These 2 tops are on my list for the Small Project Sew Along being organized by Amanda Jean over at  for the month of May.

My list of small projects so far for this month goes like this:

1. Finish the Green and Yellow quilt above for the H2H project (see the button)
2. Finish the 1600 Jelly Roll quilt also for the H2H project
3a. Make a small purse
3b. Make another small purse
3c. Make a third small purse
4. Tailor a pair of pants for a friend
5. Bind my swoon quilt which is a gift for a friend's anniversary at month's end
6. Bind my granny square quilt for my sister, just because.
7. Make the rest of the half square log cabin blocks for an additional quilt for H2H time permitting
8. At least one more block of the Harrington and Hannah block of the month from  I've fallen way behind.

Now that these are written down maybe it will be easier not to loose track and start too many other things cause we all know that's gonna happen.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First I'd like to thank all of you who dropped by during the Table Topper Blog Hop. I would especially like to thank all of you who left such wonderfully supportive notes.  My goal for this evening is to respond to them. 

I am running late with that because we were away for the Blog Hop.  We were in sunny (maybe not so much) Florida looking for a retirement home. We've still got 3 years but thought that prices etc. may not hold out that long so we should strick while the iron is hot.

To make a lonnnnnnnnng story short we are the proud owners of a piece of land in The Villages. House to be built on it this summer. It looks like an amazing place to retire to.  Saw in their weekly news of things to do at least 7 quilt groups and many groups of crafters of every kind.  Any one out there from there?

We were gone for the entire Hop and MJ let me use his tablet to keep track of the goings on.  We have a household where we each have our own toys because I am really hard on them.  It was really big of him to offer his tablet and true to form I somehow messed it up.  He now has all of my December blog pictures on his tablet.  I have no idea how I did it and we can't figure out how to undo it. What is it that they say about good deeds?

Since I've been back I have managed to do another pouch for a friend.

She was looking for something to replace her purse on workdays to cut down on the number of bags she totes around. This one needed to fit into the bag she uses to carry her computer back and forth.

I got creative.  Here is a zipper pocket for change.

 Slots for credit cards and space for bills. The piece of velcro works with the next picture of the flap

 that will cover over the cards and bills

I then went to clean up the sewing room and remembered the posting by Beth at Love Laugh Quilt about Half Log Cabin   Free style.  Needless to say I didn't get the room cleaned up unless you count using some of the scraps as cleaning up.

4 blocks  down 36 more to go.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Turn for the Table Topper Blog Hop

1st, thanks madam Samm for organizing this event, such fun, and so many talented participants. An incentive to us all.

When M Samm sent out the first notice of having Table Topper blog hop I HOPPED on board. Had no idea what I was getting into.  I actually didn't have a clear idea of what a Table Topper was.  I guess I had seen them around Blog land but never gave the title much thought.

After reading the basic requirements I realized I needed to buy something, always a fun thing, like the Table Topper frame.  If you have been following me you know that I really have a problem doing one of anything. Why would this be any different.  The requirements were to make  a topper for the 12 by 14 frame. When I went to to find the frame I found that one, and a bigger one, like 12X24 big. In for a penny in for a pound.

My first completed Table Topper was inspired by this  cocktail napkin

I finished my topper in time for my families Easter Sunday celebrations

Here is the photo I took last week outside in the sun, much better light.

Bunny wasn't my first idea, just the first completion, that darn napkin got me sidetracked.  My first idea was to make a star block.  The star is my go to block for everything.  I need a quick quilt and that's where I head.   While my topper came out well beyond my hopes it does have its issues.

I don't know which end is up !

Therefore there is no hanging pocket only pins.

The bunny and the star both were large stitch hand quilted.  Something I enjoy but don't do much of.

So now on to the topper that isn't exactly part of this hop because it is outside of the designated size.
What can I say, it is an addicting type of quilting.... and I had the frame.

see how big, it barely fit on this table.

I needed to make the back pretty but plain because I live in a townhouse, not a lot of big spaces and this is a darn big frame.  It is now residing on the buffet in my dinning room with its Pretty but boring back facing a mirror. This piece has a traditional pocket and was machine quilted in the ditch.

 It's funny what you see when you look at a picture that you don't notice in reality.  For instance that in the reflection in the mirror I can see my favorite Halloween quilt hanging on the wall. I'm guessing it's been up since October.  It's several sun bonnet Sue's dressed as witches.  I hope she enjoyed Christmas and New Year's and Easter, no sense in putting her away now, she might as well enjoy her summer.

I do hope you enjoyed this stop on the Hop.  I had a great time participating. Please continue to follow along and go back and visit anyone you may have missed.

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule

So are you following all these talented ladies and sending them wonderful comments on their creations? Good.
Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pouch / Wallet replacement

Now that I have mastered the basic zip pouch I thought I’d try to expand my horizons.  I wanted a pouch that I could take with me instead of my big purse with all of its “stuff”. Pretty much a pouch that could double as my wallet but could hold my phone and keys as well.

I figured that I needed a few slots for credit cards, license, AAA and medical ID cards and a place for cash.  I also wanted a zippered pocket for changes and a little space in-between for the phone.  I didn’t want it big enough for “the stuff”.  I actually wanted this pouch in my purse so I could just grab it and run.

I didn’t have a pattern and was really too into NCIS an NCISLA to search the internet for a pattern or tut so I improvised.  Here she is.

I’m pretty pleased with this first attempt.  Next time I would place the slots higher on the side and make the bill fold section much deeper and with maybe a button or Velcro at its top.  The zippered change section is just what I wanted.  I would probably look for a tut on that type of pocket before I attempt another. I got it in but I have to believe there is a better way than how I did it.

We leave for a short vacation on Friday so I can give it a real trial run and see if I need to tweak anything else before attempting another. Someone I work with has already put in a request for one once I finalize my idea.

Don’t forget to go visit the Table Topper Blog Hoppers,  The list is in the previous posting.  Enjoy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule

Please join us for the next 10 days  to see what we have come up with for the Table Topper Blog HOP.
Table Topper Blog HOP Schedule

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