Monday, May 7, 2012

Week #9 Sew into Solids

Time for the weekly update on my Sew into Solids project!  I'm getting so close to having a finished top... as you can see, I now have 3 rows of 5 blocks finished.  The fourth row is waiting to be joined and then I will be stitching all my rows together.  Yahoo! 

Where would I be without painter's tape for labelling? ;o)

I like the results so far - it's been wonderful seeing how those different values of blue interact with one another.  It's making me excited to see this top finished.   Knowing that I'm within striking distance of having a flimsy,  I'm already considering how I will quilt it.  Can't say I've come up with anything too brilliant on that account.  I need to sit down with a pencil and paper and start doodling up some quilting ideas.

Now I wonder how YOU have progressing with your Sew into Solids project(s). 
 I see that Jane has discovered the love of the granny square block... it looks fantastic in solids!

Here's a few others to visit in the group

Amy is finished piecing Fire and Ice...

Sandi has been quilting her Ironwork quilt (Sandi has a quilt along for it - so you can make one!)...
Amanda  is also quilting and looking forward to binding...

I've not listed everyone here from our Sew into Solids group, but you're welcome to visit each of them and even join in with...

Sew into Solids
(just click the above button to visit our group on Flickr)

Happy sewing!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Deep Breath and Small Steps

My mini quilt is sized to fit an Ackfeldwire 12" x 14" table topper stand.  Click here to see their selection.

Pretty excited here today, with a major case of the butterflies!  I'm finally venturing into the business world with one of my designs.  A small step forward;  oh, how it feels good to be starting.

  I've put together a PDF pattern  of my Get Your Seam Ripper Mini Quilt,

(which I debuted  during the Table Topper Blog Hop last month), available to you all.   You can find it  for sale at Craftsy .

It's a fun, easy design that you can make in less than a couple of hours. I'm showing a new version,  in a different colourway than the original - couldn't you see these making great gifts?  The pattern is tutorial style - lots of photos to accompany the steps and all the graphics are included for you to print out and use.  I would rate this project as beginner friendly, the sewing is very basic and everything else is straight forward.

My original version - because you know I love blue, red and polka dots!
The start of anything new can be scary and exciting all rolled up together.  Which is pretty much how I'm feeling today, but I'm taking a deep breath with these small steps and looking forward to the road ahead.

I'm considering this venture a WIP because I'm only getting started...I have plans for some more patterns to be uploaded as soon as I have them ready... so I'm going to link up with Lee for

Monday, April 30, 2012

Sew into Solids - Week # 8

Block by block, I'm making progress on my Sew into Solids quilt. I'm determined to make up for the time I lost waiting for my fabric to arrive! ;o)  Currently, I'm more than half through the piecing, thanks to my trusty Belle.  She's a dream to piece with.

The blocks (below) are ready for their final cut and then they will be re-arranged and pieced.  Once that is complete, they will be pinned onto my design wall,

along with all the others, so I can figure out the final layout.  So far, so good.

That's where I'm at for week #8 of ...

Sew into Solids

How about YOU?
It's wonderful to see that our group is growing and so inspiring to see each others projects. The past week has seen the addition of some gorgeous projects on our Flickr group.  You ladies are amazing!   Please, pop over to see the latest pics, Jane's cool block tutorial and  then be sure to visit Jane to find out more about what's happening for Week #8.

In case you still may be searching for ideas of what to sew with solids,  I'll  leave you with more inspiration collected from the work of others...

1. Leaves and squares pillow, 2. DQS 10, 3. My Mini from Isabel, 4. DQS 10 finished.. complexity, 5. DQS #10, 6. DQS received from Safieh!
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