A member of the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, City Council is proposing an ordinance that would phase out pit bulls in the city. Councilman Rob Vande Zande said that the ordinance is necessary because the number of dog bite injuries due to pit bull attacks is rising in Fond du Lac.

He cited statistics showing that one-third of reported dog bites in 2011 were from pit bulls, up from 10.7 percent in 2007. Vande Zande said he loves dogs but said that cases such as one resident who was badly injured by a pit bull while delivering newspapers spurred him to act. The resident incurred around $100,000 in medical bills as a result, Vande Zande said.

In essence, under the proposed ordinance people in the city who already own a pit bull, including Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terriers and American Staffordshires, would be allowed to keep it, with several restrictions. For example, the owner would be required to keep the pit bull on a four-foot leash and muzzle while outside, register the dog with the City Clerk's Office and maintain at least $300,000 worth of liability insurance.

Owners would also not be allowed to keep pit bull puppies, and local animal shelters would be prohibited from letting people adopt the animals. New residents would not be able to move into Fond du Lac with their pit bulls.

Interested residents attended the City Council meeting on Jan. 25 to express their feelings on the issue. The ordinance could go up for a vote at the Feb. 8 meeting.

Source: Fond du Lac Reporter, "Fond du Lac considers ban on pit bulls," Laurie Ritger, Jan. 21, 2012