Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family Quilts and Fabrics

What a wonderful time I had visiting my mom and two of my sisters! We always have a fantastic time...a family of 4 girls just makes everything so darn much fun when we get together!  Although Sister One lives too far away to join us for these weekends, we thought of her often, shared a few phone calls, and the rest of us kicked up our heels and made the most of our time together. We even had a "livingroom yard sale" hosted by Sister Two who "gave" us anything we wanted from her goodies that were looking for a new home. Recycling was never more fun! Yup, life is good...

Every time I'm at Mom's, I see the quilt I made in 2000 as a gift for her 75th birthday. She hangs it on a wall away from the sun, so it's in pretty good shape and we can read the notes time and again.

Don't you just love those hairdos!  I used our high school grad photos instead of the university ones 'cause three of the photos were in black and white and easily transferable. I'm third from the left. Sister 4, the baby, was so much younger her grad photo was in color! 

I mailed the little white squares across the country with some micron pens and received the siggy blocks back from sisters and families. I pieced them using the "square in a square" pattern with a variety of fabrics and this is what I came up with.  On the back, I used a family portrait taken when baby sister was about two and embroidered a few labels on the quilt. You can't see the picture clearly, but I'm the one on the bottom right with the ringlets and the missing front teeth!

I entered this quilt in the Quilting Gallery's Weekly Quilt Contest called Quilts for Mom. The contest opens tomorrow and you can vote for your favorite. Winners will receive a $35 gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop. It's not too late to enter a have until tonight to enter your quilt so please join me and the others for the parade. Michele at The Quilting Gallery has a wonderful parade of quilts each and every week. While you're there, have a look at last week's applique winners...amazing! 

A family treasure is now in my home. Mom gave me a quilt that has been in her family for years. I did beg and plea for it, and she finally gave not true!  She is the most generous mom in the world and gave it to me without hesitation. It was owned by my great-grandmother and pieced and quilted by her daughter-in-law. A red and white pineapple quilt...

Don't worry...we don't use it as a tablecloth...I just wanted to get a good picture of it at Mom's before I brought it home. It was a well loved quilt and well used, as you can tell from the fading. It is such a wonderful quilt! Mom remembers it being around when she was growing up, and I remember it in Sister One's bedroom.  Now it has made it's way to Cape Breton.

I put a new binding on it years ago, and fixed a few "holes", and you can see by the close-up that it is truly a treasure. We think it may have been made in the 20's. Any quilt historians out there with an idea of it's age? See the quilt that is on the cover of the March Country Sampler?  Looks like a newer version of the same pattern.

Will our quilts last as long as my red pineapple?  I spoke to a friend about this and we agreed that if it is time for a quilt to leave a home because we don't have the space, or for whatever reason, it should always be offered to quilt lovers first. That way, the quilt will remain loved and treasured in quilt heaven on earth all around us!

Ok, you're wondering...if I was away for five days, in a city that has  a fabulous quilt shop called The Fabric Cupboard  what have I got to show for it? Here goes...

Fat Quarters: Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings and 1860 Battle Hymm, all by Moda

Little Gatherings charm pack, perfect for so many things!

Jackie has a yummy growing collection of woolies, patterns, and Valdani threads!
Terrain fat quarters by Kate Spain  and matching zippers for some little bags! 

What fun I had shopping!  And I also found time at Mom's to cut all the pieces for two Schnibbles projects that were gathering dust in my sewing corner. Schnibbles one is "Doc", the May quilt of the Another Year of Schnibbles Quiltalong.  I'm using Cape Ann charm packs by Liesl Gibson for Moda.

And Schnibbles two is Summer Day, the April Schnibbles, using Meadow Friends and Sassy charms by Moda.

I also bought a few new gadgets, including the "Perfect Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles ruler by June Tailor that a friend says is a must-have!  And I picked up a few more square scrapbooking plastic boxes that are so perfect for my projects on the go.

It was a wonderful family vacation. And when I got home yesterday, on a gloomy rainy day, I was met with lots of sunshine in this little house...Woodworker Hubby met me with chocolates, a red rose, and fresh lobster for this fella...I am so totally happy...

It's a great day for to start my day! Thanks to you all for visiting and a huge thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog. You always make me smile! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where Do I Start?

I'm heading out of province tomorrow for almost a week and will not be able to post while I'm away and I have so much to say before I go. So here goes... 

What is better for a quilter than to be surrounded by quilts and fabrics? Here are a couple of pics taken at the church where a group of us meet once a week to quilt and have a cup of tea! 

It has been a whirlwind week since the Annual General Meeting of the Ocean Waves Quilt Society was held on Saturday.  If you didn't get to see the parade of quilts, click here and be prepared to be impressed!  Lynne Edwards, quilt author and teacher from the UK, was our special guest and did a fantastic trunk show for us. The three books she had on hand, The Essential Sampler Quilt Book, Cathedral Window Quilts, and Stash-Buster Quilts, sold out in a matter of minutes! She tells us she has a new book in the works coming out in the Fall...can't wait! 

On Monday, a friend and I travelled to Baddeck to attend one of three workshops offered by Lynne while she was in Cape Breton. It was such a great time!  Lynne is an excellent presenter and I would highly recommend that you walk over hot coals or broken glass to get to see her if she visits your area! She is so knowledgeable and extremely humorous-the day was full of helpful tips and a lot of laughter! 

Lyne showed us many ways to use the curved blocks.  By days end, I had made this sample block and now have the skills and tools to make a variety of quilts using this "curved" method.   

The Creative Grids Curved Strip Ruler ruler we used was specifically designed by Lynne and Rachel Cross. Have a look here.

The Chip and Dale Quilt Quilt Retreat this week was awesome as usual! Chip and I worked on our spool quilts from Edyta Sitar's book, Friendship Strips and Scraps. We're adapting the pattern a little as both of us wanted to make something a little smaller.  By the end of the day we had our blocks together.  I decided to use homespun fabrics for my spools. 

And Chip decided to use some beautiful batiks for her creation! 

Next time we're together we'll plan our borders and figure out how we'll quilt them.  Edyta has lots of applique on the quilt in her book, but I think we'll take the easy route for these little toppers and avoid the applique!

I have to show you this little treasure designed by Chip. She has been creating her own monthly table toppers since Christmas.  This May topper is just so cute, and doesn't it look adorable? Chip is a quilter in the making!

I love, love, love the little quilt Pam Buda is showing us how to make at Heartspun Quilts. Today I managed to finish Part 5 and did make a small change. When Pam showed us the layout of the pieces on a red fabric background, I couldn't help thinking how lovely that little touch of red made to the overall effect.  So I decided to add just a little bit of red to frame my blocks before adding the sashing. Am now anxiously awaiting the finale in Part 6!

Did you know Pam has recently announced she will have her own line of fabric with Marcus Fabrics?  It is called Heart of the Prairie...even the name sounds gorgeous!  Check it out is wonderful! 

I had some successful mornings in my quilting chair this week and finished my Little Houses wall hanging.  It is designed by Michelle May at The Raspberry Rabbits, and it is called Little Houses # 1.  This was one of my favorite projects to do...a little stitchery, a little wool, a little quilting...and it's all about little houses!

I was a lucky gal again this week!  Yesterday I received word that I had won a $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop as a giveaway from Cyndi at Cut up and Sew   I can tell you that this was very much appreciated by this quilter and will be well used! Thank you so much Cyndi, you're a very generous lady.  Please visit Cyndi's blog and let her know Lesley sent you! 

I also received in the mail today a pattern I won in a RECENT giveaway from Evonne at Clothesline Quilts called Chancellorsville.  

The pattern is included in the Civil War Battles Series # 8, so I may learn a little American history as I piece this quilt together! It's also quite a coincidence that the one pattern I fell in love with while visiting Florida in February was another of Evonne's creations called Windham Sampler. Lots on my to-do list!  

Did you notice I missed another parade?  Yup, I wasn't able to make the parade of Schnibbles again this month, but I certainly loved seeing the April parades of quilts at A Quilting Life and The Pink Pincushion. Make sure you pop over to see them. Remember my March Schnibble?  The "I'm So Totally Happy" quilt?  Here is a sneak preview of my little quilt that is now on its way back from Mary at Quilt Hollow with some wonderful quilting!  Thank you for the picture, Mary, and the fabulous quilting.  I can't wait to get this quilt in my hands! 

See the red, white and blue?  Does it remind you of anything?  Must be Madame Samm's July 1 "Celebrate Red, White, and Blue Table Topper Blog Hop"!  It is already filled to capacity with 100 quilters who are ready to show their table topper creations starting that day. What a parade that will be!  Jane at Jane's Fabrics has the hosting duties and has worked diligently with Madame Samm to put pedal to the medal to get things in motion. Can you just picture all these quilters madly searching through their stash for the perfect red, white, and blue? For some amazing quilt inspiration, check out the red, white, and blue quilt images at Google here

Well, I think I'm done now!  Still have to pack and get ready for my "Mom, Me and Sisters Two" weekend that starts tomorrow with me heading out of town. Sister Three won't be able to join us, but she'll be there in spirit, that's for sure!

It's a great day for quilting!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm (Almost) Speechless

No words...just oohs and aahs from yesterday's Ocean Waves Quilt Society parade of quilts at the Annual General Meeting held in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Here is just a sampling of what we enjoyed.

Some close ups...

And a few pics from afar...

A few smaller projects...

And just a few words...

Of course there was one Wonky House quilt top in the parade. I was at the podium so couldn't take a picture. For a picture and info click here. From the pics above, you can see that we tend to be a pretty traditional group of quilters, but always looking to try something new or incorporate the new with the old. I was thrilled to be introduced as  "our blogger" and able to tell folks about The Cuddle Quilter and the many projects in the quilt blog community.

I highlighted the Wonky House Block exchange and was even interviewed by CTV news as part of a segment about the Ocean Waves Quilting Society. The segment aired last night around 6:50 so I got home just in time to watch it. It was pretty exciting for me but I was a little nervous and there were a few mangled words...

A wonderful day yesterday, and another wonderful day today!  Thanks for coming by. Hope you enjoyed the show. It's a great day for quilting!