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3v3 BGH Tournament - Aftermath
Written by 2Pacalypse-   
Monday, 23 May 2011 12:42

3v3 BGH Tournament - Aftermath


The popular 3v3 BGH Tournament has come to an end this weekend with team consisting of ceO, Manner]Rogue and Manner]Ngo taking the first place in a convincingly fashion by sweeping the team consisting of 2Pacalypse-, Mr.Monkey and OmaBinLaden 4-0. I congratulate the winners, they definitely played better this time and got the much deserved win.

I'd also like to point out that this tournament was a breath of fresh air that was much needed for our stale BGH community. Much respect to KoS-Templar going on with his idea of sponsored BGH tournament even when I advised him otherwise. I do see some things diferently now concerning our community, and I'd like to explore it some more. I found out that with a bit of money as a prize, accompanied with decent organization, BGH scene can really be competitive. And let's not forget a live stream with commentators providing endless entertainment to everyone not playing. So I just wanted to say, this is NOT the last BGH tournament like this, becuase nothing pleases me more than seeing our community active as ever!

The only downside of this tournament from my point of view was, no-shows. I guess some people, especially BGH players, are not yet ready to fully commit dedicating their precious free time to something like this. I know a lot of people are interested in playing, but just aren't bothered to jot down the date of the tournament on a post it note and keep it glued on their monitor. Hopefully with time and more tourneys, they will take it more serious to at least show up if they registered already (Big props to Surfer here as he actually set his alarm clock on Saturday morning to show up for tourney, only to have his 3rd not show up. And when they found the replacement for their third, rich's noob internet died off and thus were disqualified due to not having 3 players). Another seemingly downside of this particular tournament was that it was spread over 2 days and not played all at once. I actually am fan of this system, which provides entertainment through live streams multiple days instead of just one. But it also introduces another problem of people who qualified for 2nd playday and can't make it at that time.


Anyways, enough of my jibber jabber, time to give you the full results, replays and VODs to the Round of 8, Semi-Finals and Finals. This time I was particularly lazy, so instead of copy pasting that stuff, I'll just link you to other sources!



To check results, go to this link: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft/Test_Your_Might_BGH_Tournament#Top_8_Bracket



Round of 8 Replays

Semi-Finals Replays

Finals Replays



To view VODs, go to the Test Your Might BGH Tournament youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/TestYourMightBGH#g/p

Last Updated on Monday, 23 May 2011 15:37
3v3 BGH Finale
Written by 2Pacalypse-   
Saturday, 21 May 2011 14:48

3v3 BGH Tournament - Finale!




In just a couple of hours, 3v3 BGH Tournament will enter it's final stage. Round of 8, Semi-Finals and Finals will be played today for the grand prize of $200!

Stream will be available at this link when the tourney starts: http://www.justin.tv/saylesc



Today's format:

Saturday, May 21st 19CET/1PM EDT:
Round of 8: Best of 5
Semifinals: Best of 5
Finals: Best of 7


Today's Brackets:

Bracket I:

Team 1 TraiL, Favian_su, darnoconrad
Team 2 Manner]FeatJoe, Johnek, Lyndon-

Team 3 sas.Ace, sas.non, sas.skzlime
Team 4 ceO, Manner]Ngo, Manner]Rogue

Bracket II:

Team 5 Nb.Sky, Nb.ZealOt, gNs.I-Ryno
Team 6 2Pacalypse-, Mr.Monkey, OmaBinLaden

Team 7 SeeK.JeSuS, -OverSkill-, MIAMI_HEAT_11
Team 8 rich., megumixbear, TERROR-RISING


One substitute per team will be allowed for the entirety of the remaining rounds.

All remaining rounds are played in Single Elimination style where if you lose, you're out. Here's a nifty picture where you can see how it looks with my gosu Paint skills:


BGH Tournament Day 1 - Results!
Written by 2Pacalypse-   
Wednesday, 18 May 2011 14:35


3v3 BGH Tournament Day 1 - Results, Replays and VODs!



Sorry for posting this so late, but... actually I have no excuse, I'm just lazy. Anyways, here are the results from the Tour that took this Saturday. I'm proud to say that all (I think) BGHers teams qualified in their group stage and will go on to represent TheBGH community in Round of 8!

Don't forget that this Saturday this tournament continues and it is its final day! Round of 8, Semi-Finals and Finals will all take place this Saturday at same place and same time. As last time, talented Mr. Sayle will be there to entertain you through his lively commentaries at justin.tv/saylesc. So make sure to don't miss it!

I'll write another news as a reminder for Saturday, and use this post to give you results and where to watch VODs in case you missed it.


Group 1:


2Pacalypse-, Mr.Monkey, OmaBinLaden 2 - 0 Rape.Me, Hellscream, Extrimka
vTv.JoeKim, Jiraiyaa, LRM)Voltron vs SeeK.JeSus, -OverSkill-, MIAMI_HEAT_11
--> vTv.JoeKim, Jiraiyaa, LRM)Voltron are disqualified for using banned player (LRM)Voltron = Scan).

2Pacalypse-, Mr.Monkey, OmaBinLaden 2 - 0 SeeK.JeSus, -OverSkill-, MIAMI_HEAT_11
--> 2Pacalypse-, Mr.Monkey, OmaBinLaden advances to the Ro8.

Rape.Me, Hellscream, Extrimka vs vTv.JoeKim, Jiraiyaa, LRM)Voltron
--> Rape.Me, Hellscream, Extrimka gets default win because other team is disqualified.

SeeK.JeSus, -OverSkill-, MIAMI_HEAT_11 2 - 0 Rape.Me, Hellscream, Extrimka
--> SeeK.JeSus, -OverSkill-, MIAMI_HEAT_11 advances to the Ro8, Rape.Me, Hellscream, Extrimka is eliminated.


Group 2:


Manner]Featjoe, Johnek, Lyndon- vs Freeslot
Nb.Sky, Nb.ZealOt, gNs.I-Ryno 0 - 2 sO.Chill, sO.keke, s]x

Manner]Featjoe, Johnek, Lyndon- vs sO.Chill, sO.keke, s]x
--> Manner]Featjoe, Johnek, Lyndon- advances to the Ro8 (by W.O).

Nb.Sky, Nb.ZealOt, gNs.I-Ryno vs Freeslot

Nb.Sky, Nb.ZealOt, gNs.I-Ryno vs sO.Chill, sO.keke, s]x
--> Nb.Sky, Nb.ZealOt, gNs.I-Ryno advances to the Ro8, sO.Chill, sO.keke, s]x is eliminated (again by W.O).


Group 3:


sas.Ace, sas.non, sas.skzlime vs Freeslot
Kiante, StorrZerg, zenrukken 0 - 2 ceO, Manner]Ngo, Manner]Rogue

sas.Ace, sas.non, sas.skzlime 1 - 2 ceO, Manner]Ngo, Manner]Rogue
--> ceO, Manner]Ngo, Manner]Rogue advances to the Ro8.

Kiante, StorrZerg, zenrukken vs Freeslot

sas.Ace, sas.non, sas.skzlime 2 - 0 Kiante, StorrZerg, zenrukken
--> sas.Ace, sas.non, sas.skzlime advances to the Ro8, Kiante, StorrZerg, zenrukken is eliminated.


Group 4:


kelly_[d], phahq, meowwoof 0 - 2 Oops, darnoconrad, Trail
MBC_GAMEHERO, ZerGSupeRStaR, vG.TANK 1 - 2 rich., megumixbear, terror-rising
--> 1 loss due to rich. disconnecting from the game.

u-boat69 (substitute for Oops), darnoconrad, Trail 0 - 2 rich., megumixbear, terror-rising
--> rich., megumixbear, terror-rising advances to the Ro8.

kelly_[d], phahq, meowwoof 1 - 2 MBC_GAMEHERO, ZerGSupeRStaR, vG.TANK
--> kelly_[d], phahq, meowwoof is eliminated.

Favian_su (substitute for u-boat69), darnoconrad, Trail 2 - 0 MBC_GAMEHERO, ZerGSupeRStaR, vG.TANK
--> Favian_su, darnoconrad, Trail advances to the Ro8, MBC_GAMEHERO, ZerGSupeRStaR, vG.TANK is eliminated.




First Round Replays

Winners versus Winners Replays

Final Match Replays



All VODs can be found at this Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TestYourMightBGH#g/u

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 15:05
Test Your Might BGH Tournament #2
Written by 2Pacalypse-   
Saturday, 14 May 2011 09:48

3v3 BGH Tourney Kicks Off - TODAY!

Banner by HawaiianPig


Test Your Might BGH Tournament kicks off today at 19:00 CET / 1PM EST / 10AM PST!

All teams participating meet at ICCup in channel: op LRM), op LRM)2, op LRM)3 etc...


Stream will be available at this link when the tourney starts: http://www.justin.tv/saylesc


Word from the organizer:
Due to less than 32 teams registering, the format of the tournament has been slightly altered in general and per day. If you are participating, please check the OP for the new tournament format. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will make for more competition overall with 16 teams.


Check the new format below!


Four brackets, Four teams per bracket will face off in Best of 3 series via double elimination brackets in the following format:

Team 1 vs Team 2
Team 3 vs Team 4
Winner vs Winner --> Winner advances to the Round of 8
Loser vs Loser --> Winner advances to next series
Loser of Winner vs Winner vs Winner of Loser vs Loser --> Winner advances to the Round of 8



And here are the groups:

Bracket I:
Team 1SeeK.JeSus, -OverSkill-, MIAMI_HEAT_11
Team 2Oops, gOgO, Trail
Team 3Rape.Me, Hellscream, Extrimka
Team 4sunken_colony, phahq, meowwoof

Bracket II:
Team 5kirby_xp, coolbeans, xiongla
Team 7Manner]Ngo, Manner]Rogue, ceO
Team 8ohN, omgirok, [dbhs]ccf

Bracket III:
Team 9Kiante, StorrZerg, zenrukken
Team 10vTv.JoeKim, Jiraiyaa, LRM)Voltron
Team 11Vi)Blackdawn, s]x, Starwalk
Team 12sas.Ace, sas.non, sas.skzlime

Bracket IV:
Team 13rich., megumixbear, terror-rising
Team 14sO.Chill, sO.keke, Bd.Irish
Team 152pacalypse-, mr.monkey, omabinladen
Team 16Nb.Sky, Nb.ZealOt, gNs.I-Ryan


Personally, I'm BIG fan of this kind of tournament. It's a MSL style tournament where you have groups in Double Elimination. That means you can actually lose a game and still qualify. So anyone who's registered, show us your A game and to those in audience, make sure to tune in the stream and watch some BGH action live streamed and commentated for the first time!

Please note that this is only the first half of the tournament. We have 16 teams in 4 groups with 4 teams each. After the group stage, 2 teams from each group will qualify and there will be 8 teams remaining. The second half of the tournament is next Saturday when Ro8, Semi-Finals and Finals are played!


Source: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=218460

Last Updated on Saturday, 14 May 2011 13:45
Test Your Might BGH Tournament
Written by 2Pacalypse-   
Tuesday, 03 May 2011 13:36

Test Your Might BGH Tournament




For the first time in history of BGH community, we have a tournament with prize money! $200 is up for the grabs for the winner of the 3v3 Tournament that's been getting a lot of spotlight. The big thanks for this goes to our very own KoS-Templar, who's sponsoring this tournament privately in order to show the world that BGH can be both competitive and fun, at the same time! So let's not disappoint him and all the others who will be tuning in to the stream. Oh, there will be a stream? YES, also for the first time this tournament will be streamed Live with commentator, none other, but the very talented Sayle, who's been doing a lot of stuff for the BW community lately. So if you're not playing in this tournament due to any lame excuse, at least make sure to tune in the stream to support both BW and BGH community.

I'd like to point out that this tournament is NOT organized by TheBGH.com, but instead LRM)Game has stepped up to organize it. Recently, he organized AoV iCCup Starleague that has sparked some new light into the foreign BW community. The benefits of LRM)Game organizing this tournament is that he's well connected with the top low money map players and thus, we're expecting to see a lot of gosu low money map players in this tournament. So the competition will be fierce! But let's show those low money map players that they can't mess with us BGHers on our own teritory! I expect to see a lot of BGH teams from our community, so even if you think you have no chance of winning, sign up just for the sheer fun of it!

There will be 32 teams participating and it's a first come first serve rule, so don't wait until the last moment for registering. At first I thought there will be no way we get whole 32 teams for this tournament, but since it's a prize money tournament and low money maps players flock to the prize tournaments, I'm pretty sure that not only there will be whole 32 teams, but there will be much more interest. So, gogo register!

After this introductory text, here are all the informations you need about this tourney:

Register your team by sending a PM to Game on Teamliquid (for further contacts see Rule #3):



Format: 32 teams with three players each. No room for substitution, so you better trust your team.

The entire tournament will be 3v3 matches on Blizzard's version of Big Game Hunters over a two week span, starting May 14th.

  Saturday, May 14th 19 CET/1PM EST/10AM PST:
Round of 32: Best of 3
Round of 16: Best of 3
Round of 8: Best of 5


Saturday, May 21st 19CET/1PM EDT:
Semifinals: Best of 5
Finals: Best of 7


Prize Pool: 
First place: $200
Second place and down: Bragging rights.

Organization:  LRM)Game
Casters:  Sayle and EleGant[AoV]
Sponsor: TheBGH.com
Graphics:  HawaiianPig
Message from the sponsor:
"I'm proud to sponsor our first prized BGH tournament. I'm happy to sponsor this tournament on behalf of TheBGH.com as well as for the community of Starcraft:BroodWar. I hope everyone will tune in for this tournament and see how much fun BGH can be." KoS-Templar
1) All players are subject to administrative discretion.
2) Every game must be played with iCCup Anti-Hack launcher
3) All registration for this tournament must be done through PM with Game:

Teamliquid: Game
iCCup.com: LRM)Gayme
Skype: vegason123
AIM: L0s3l2number1

4) All games must be played on iCCup.
5) All games must be played on Blizzard's Big Game Hunters
6) Koreans are only allowed in this tournament if they are known in the foreign community (Reference: Rule 1)
7) All games must be saved and submitted to Game.
8) The only way for bracket altering will be due to lag conflict between teams.
9) Backstabbing an ally will result in immediate disqualification and the option for them to replace you in a rematch.


Source: http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=218460

Last Updated on Saturday, 14 May 2011 09:41
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