Album Review: Unicorn Kid Debuts ‘Dreamcatcher’


1unicornkidcoverdreamcatcher Album Review: Unicorn Kid Debuts Dreamcatcher

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland comes young Oliver Sabin, the 8-bit dub-step prodigy that has warped songs of greats like Gorillaz, The Pet Shop Boys, and Japayork.  Under the handle Unicorn Kid, he’s been hitting the laptop (and Casiotone) hard since 15 and making a name for himself with his chip-tune beats, getting play in clubs he’s still not allowed into in most of the continental 50.

In the interim, he’s calculated some original content that re-animates the shiny corpse of arcade life.  Songs like “Goodbye” and “Wee Monsters” have made the rounds in the club circuit and super-hyper-technical math-rock-ameticians are singing Unicorn Kid’s praises up and down the British isles.

Unicorn Kid recently dropped some new game-wave for Atari fans young and less young.  ”Dreamcatcher” hit the streets with a resounding boing (like when Mario smashes a mushroom) and the visually chaotic video has critics really believing this kid is the real deal.

Having just reached the age of majority, Unicorn Kid has club kids excited for his newest single and is smart to drop tracks in small doses.  The crunched up tightly wound track stays true to Unicorn Kid’s brand of 8-bit but plays on fantasy  and goes all 80s synth too.

Take a short trip to your arcade days.