Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Backyard DIY Adventures Cont'd..

Well this past weekend...we kept going on the yard... Yep... We have a plan for the deck we are going to build.   If you can see in this picture.. You have to step down then step up to get to the garage...we are going to build a ground level deck straight off the house and to the garage area.. covering that whole section.. I need to get some more landscape fabric and gravel is scheduled to arrive, but not till I have day special day off..hahaha.

Got the yard mostly framed so we can get an idea of how the side/backyard is going to go... need to move a few pieces and move a little dirt..replanned...but that's okay...We moved close to 8 yards of top soil in two days... Boy was I feeling it!  
5+ yards to start with..UGGH!!

I moved all the dirt the first day..While Mr Fantastic worked on the fence

Pile is GONE!!
By Sunday night.. I was able to put the patio furniture out temporary so we could relax a bit... But I've moved it sense then so we can move a few a bit of dirt around and decide on where to put the fire pit. :)
Had to go buy 3 more yard than what was originally dumped to
finish off the bottom section!
Jasmine was giving us her Stamp of approval!!
This is the view we'll have from the deck and where I am going
to put our patio furniture..haha.. Just ignore the powerlines..

I look forward to getting more done on the yard this week... I think we are going to try and actually plant seed instead of sod.... I hope I can keep Jasmine off the yard... She did pretty good this weekend... 

I was so busy that I never even knew I had packages arrive on Friday and Saturday.. But here are a few wonderful treats I've received and a project I need to work on. :)
Great little table topper from
Pauline that I won!!
FUN FUN Fabrics from Cherry for the May Wonky BEE!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yester-Year WIP Challenge 5 - 2012

This is our Second Yester-Year Linky Party!
I hope you had fun at our last one and checked out all the great projects!!
 Here's a Link if you missed 'em --->>>Click HERE *wink*  
  I love seeing all the projects that everyone is working on...
and can't wait to see this month contributions!!!!

This past Month has FLOWN By!
 I didn't get as much quilting done as I would have liked... but I did find a fun little
 YesterYear project to work on while watching TV with Mr Fantastic.
 I know it's not Quilting, but it is Stitching... *giggle*   . 

When it's finished..the stitching will finish 4 inches square.. 

I am starting on the back stitching of this little beauty and then I think I am going to frame it & hang it in the Sewing Cave *giggle*  I believe, the last time I worked on this was in 2003.  Most of my cross-stitch projects I did while I worked for an Airlines in their Reservations office... I could answer the lines and keep my hands busy with the cross-stitching... *wink*   

close up of the back-stitching progress
This Yester-Year project I hope to finish this week...

What are you working on this month from your Yester-Year Treasure box???  Please make sure you encourage all the others by visiting their projects as well *wink*

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just a Reminder & a Winner

Hey everyone... 
Just a reminder that this Saturday is the Yester-Year Challenge Linky Party...
Quilt Monster in my Closet

Yep it's the 5th of a New Month already!  *giggle*
 Here's a link ---->to the guidelines 

 I hope you have something to share with us...... 
I found a treasure that I am still working on...
Not quite finished....hoping to get it done in time...if not..
I'll be sharing my progress with ya! 

Hope to see you back on Saturday, with a Link up.


I completely was overwhelmed with yard work last weekend,
I forgot to announce the winner for the Table Top Blog Hop!  Oh My

Kris D is the lucky gal.....I have sent her an email to let her know.

Kris D Said....
Each one is gorgeous!  But I really love red right now, so I'd have to choose the "I Heart Love Note". You did a fantastic job with every single one of them!

Thank you Kris for your kind words.  I wish I had enough to give one to everyone... I loved all the wonderful comments that were left.  They warmed my Heart!!  I look forward to the upcoming Red, White & Blue Blog Hop that will be going on in July!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Backyard DIY Adventures

Heads Up This post has Nothing to do with sewing.  I am a big Fan of Photo Journals.  We are pretty happy with the way our front yard turned out .....(see this post) and have been avoiding doing anything to our backyard for a little over 2 years now... 2 years ago we did a little bit of prep work to build a new garage (we still haven't done that either).. Finances for the garage are still being collected (if you'd like to donate.......*wink*)

Here's what the back yard looked like 2 years ago...

Here's what it looked like, rough, for the past two years....

Not bad, but there's a significant slope and the WEEDS came in like crazy :(

I didn't keep those planks there for two years *wink*

We added a fence to keep our wonderful puppy safe in the backyard...

and we did the rock wall flower bed to help level out the backyard a bit since we have a sloped road outside our fence... worked out great for giving some color to a drab corner.. (I love flowers..not so great with vegetables..but good with flowers.)

These past couple weekends we've started working on the backyard and now I am don't want to stop mode..*giggle*   Last weekend we moved the fence in the side yard to make room for our travel trailer...(that's a whole different story)
4 foot walkway


10.5 foot parking spot (corner post and those two panels come
completely out for added turning room
(we are also fixing the fence holes from reworking the fence :)

Now I am backyard motivated....I want to make my backyard a relaxation ZONE!!  *Giggle*   Actually with moving the fence, the backyard is a bit smaller, and not quilt so overwhelming anymore.   Here's what it looked like prior to the Fence moving...

(not bad, just a lot of gravel and weeds... It was tolerable with my craigslist finds and re-purposed patio furniture.  I did that whole little setup for under $100.  No point in buying fancy furniture to sit in gravel, weeds, and get super dusty.. *wink*

We have given up on that the DIY Yard Crasher guy miraculously showing up and doing it for us...*gosh wouldn't that be AWESOME*.  But alas, we've come to the conclusion he will not be visiting anytime soon...*giggle*  So we are doing our OWN Yard Crash.. *wink*  Will just take us longer than two days, as they do it on TV...

A friend of mine that has an excavator, and he stopped by and did a bit of work... Took him 3 hours and one dump truck ....to do what would have taken me at least 3 days (or more) and a ton of trips to the dump to do!

This is how it looks Saturday evening when we called it a day...

Sunday... After a couple of trips to Lowe's...to get Brick....Here's what it looks like after working at the end of the day....  ME..yes Me..I did the rock wall!  while Mr Fantastic worked on redoing the gates in the corners. One is just a removable panel...the other is a gate.  That Corner post comes completely out so we can get a vehicle into the back yard... Yes I am feeling those bricks now.. *giggle*

The little paver walkway is temporary to try and help get the mud out of my house

We are thinking of a Deck that runs from the house to the (future) garage wall...that would make an outdoor living space...and help hide the OLD walkway to the right that we can't get rid of...

Here's the side yard of the back yard....

We are going to stain the inside of the fence, but can't decide on a color....

In this space I am thinking of grass and some pavers to set the furniture on... When Mount Rainer is out I have a beautiful view from the top section.  The bottom section I am thinking we could setup for a little outdoor fire pit..*Maybe* but will probably end up being grass.   (that wood to the right siting on the flower bed is all for the firepit...just didn't want to have to stack it three times..hahaha)

Hopefully this coming weeks, we'll get pricing on the decking, top soil, and sod.  And my backyard will be that much closer to being finished :)  Till next weekend... will keep ya updated :)

Thanks for stopping by and sorry there was nothing about quilting this time... soon very soon... I hope *wink*

Thursday, April 26, 2012

TGIFF 4.27.12

Welcome TGIFF Linky Party...
 I am so excited to be hosting!!

Check out the TGIFF Blog for upcoming Linky parties!

This week, I don't have a Finished Quilt to show, but I have a Quilt Top finished and pin basted.  I am working out how to quilt it and I have mixed ideas.   I started crazy patch quilting in the dark squares... just free motion wonky squares.... and I am thinking about doing a small stipple stitch on the sashing and practice my free motion flowers in the big square with daisies in them.

What do you think? 

I am a HUGE Daisy fan and when I saw this print I couldn't resist buying some coordinating fabrics to make a fun quilt!  This pattern is from a 2009 Issue of Fons & Porter Easy Quilts, Called Venetian Dream, by Janet Houts.  I thought it was a perfect pattern to showcase that big print!

I did modify the pattern, just a bit..There is a very small border dark purple that I added..I believe some people call it a Flange border..it's a one inch piece of fabric folded with wrong sides together and sewn into the seam..  It gives it a little 3D effect.

 I love Quilting Magazines {to keep from having TOO many lying around}
I will take the patterns that I want out of them...
And store them in a Clear Plastic Sleeves in a big notebook.
Just a tip if you have too many magazines....

Here's a full size picture on my Design Lawn

I was going to use a different print for the border, but I just couldn't resist the Daisies  *giggle*

Thank you so much for letting me Host TGIFF, this week.
I look forward to seeing everyone's Finishes!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TTBH Thank You & TGIFF

First just want to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful visitors
 during the Table Top Blog Hop!

I loved reading all the comments from everyone and finding out which
one was a favorite of yours!

I also want to announce that This FRIDAY.....
 I am Hosting the TGIFF Linky Party!
I hope you can make it back and link up. 

 It's always so much FUN to see all the wonderful projects that everyone puts together!
See you FRIDAY!!

I also received a wonderful package from Cherry over at
Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio
She is sharing her pattern with me and included a
WONDERFUL Surprise!!  Check out Hers ---->>HERE