My beauty un-organization


This is how I organize my beauty collection!

Just kidding.  Let me set the scene before any judgments are made. I live in NYC in a 600 square feet 1 bedroom apartment, which is ~$3,000 a month (yes, NYC is completely ridiculous).  My apartment has no closet space, so I have to store all my clothes in a small loft (I actually climb up a ladder every morning to get dressed).  My bathroom is teeny tiny, so no room for beauty products besides face wash and toner.  I keep all the rest of my stuff on top of my dresser, hence what you see in the picture.

I swear it was slightly more organized earlier in the year, but now things are just getting ridiculous!  When my boyfriend saw this picture, he said, “You aren’t going to post that are you? There is honest, and then there is too honest!”  Well maybe this is too honest, but obviously I need organizational help!!  I don’t have a set routine I do every day, and I like to mix and match skincare and makeup depending on how I feel.  I have a lot of products and very little space!

Do you have any organization/storage tips?  Please share!

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6 Responses to “My beauty un-organization”

  1. it'smejules says :

    remember caboodles? maybe you should bring that back! :)

  2. Oh! Apostrophe says :

    I love, love, love the small acrylic three drawer containers from The Container Store. You can stack them on top of each other and they take up little space. I bought two a few months ago for my vanity and they were only $12 each and I am so glad I did it.

  3. fancieland says :

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! I have plenty of space and makeup stuff is still all over the place LOL. Have you considered picking up some of those plastic chests with the drawers? They sell them at stores like Walmart, Target, etc and they come in different sizes! Plus they’re cheap! You should check them out!

  4. Mimi says :

    Thanks everyone! I am totally looking into all of these drawers right now! I really appreciate all the comments and support! Please tweet us any pics of how you keep your makeup organized @beautybagg

  5. The Howl says :

    If it helps, mine’s worse. I’ve been trying to sort things into easy-grab bins, but it stays organized for about a week only.

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