Sunday 13th May 2012
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Angelina Jolie Named Number 1 Sex Symbol in Channel 4 Poll



Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has topped a nationwide poll of the sexiest people in history, as voted for by the British public via the Channel 4 website. The results of the poll were counted down in 100 Greatest Sex Symbols, a four-hour special screened on Channel 4 on Saturday 24 February. The programme tempted, teased and titillated as it counted down the 100 sexiest people from the worlds of sport, TV and film – with mouth watering surprises.

The Oscar winning actress famous for her roles in “Girl, Interrupted”,  “Tomb Raider’’ and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, is known across the globe, not least for her controversial personal life,  but for many it is no surprise she has been crowned sexiest sex symbol of them all.

Jenny Shimziu, Angelina’s former girlfriend says: “I don’t think there’s one person that would say no to Angelina, in bed or just having a cup of coffee with her.”

Dylan Jones, Editor of GQ says: “The interesting thing about Angelina Jolie is that she’s the only woman that you’ll ever get other women saying ‘she’s the only woman I’d go gay for’ basically.”

100 Greatest Sex Symbols told the fascinating stories behind some of the most beautiful faces of our time and reveled in the unforgettable archive of their sexiest moments. The programme brought these icons together for the first time as it answered that all-important question: just who is the greatest ever sex symbol?

Hot on the heels of Jolie were the following:
Elvis Presley
3 Marilyn Monroe
4 Beyoncé Knowles
5 Brad Pitt
6 Lara Croft
George Clooney
8 Kylie Minogue
9 Johnny Depp
10 Scarlett Johansson

It seems beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder as the programme revealed some surprise entries, from funnymen to cartoon characters to superheroes.

100 Greatest Sex Symbols included interviews with the glamour model who spilled the beans on sleeping with sex symbols Steve McQueen, Tom Jones and Tony Curtis. The Osmonds and David Cassidy giving an insight into the perils of being a teenage heart-throb and a legendary photographer revealing what it felt like to be invited to bed by Marilyn Monroe.

The rest of the Top 100 can be found below:

11 Marlon Brando
12 Madonna
13 Liz Taylor
14 Alan Rickman
15 Uma Thurman
16 Sarah Michelle Gellar
17 Viggo v Orlando
18 Debbie Harry
19 Colin Farrell
20 Robbie Williams
21 James Bond
22 Pamela Anderson
23 Brigitte Bardot
24 Sophia Loren
25 Tom Cruise
26 Cameron Diaz
27 James Dean
28 Anna Kournikova
29 Colin Fith
30 Cindy Crawford
31 Tom Jones
32 Kim Basinger
33 Antonia Banderas
34 David Beckham
35 Desperate Housewives
36 Irman Khan
37 Christian Bale
38 John Travolta
39 Jenna Jameson
40 Raquel Welch
41 Robert Redford
42 Jordan
43 Richard Gere
44 David Cassidy
45 Ziyi Zhang
46 Burt Reynolds
47 Mel Gibson
48 Johnny Knoxville
49 Steve McQueen
50 Helen Mirren
51 Thierry Henry
52 Jamie Lee Curtis
53 John Malkovich
54 Donny Osmond
55 Hugh Laurie
56 Aishwarya Rai
57 Gerard Depardieu
58 Nigella Lawson
59 Patrick Stewart
60 Sharon Stone
61 Owen Wilson
62 Prince William
63 Jack Nicholson
64 Gael Garcia Bernal
65 Tony Blair
66 Vivien Leigh
67 Simon Cowell
68 Jim Morrison
69 Abi Titmuss
70 Serge Gainsborg
71 JFK
72 Jude Law
73 Jeremy Paxman
74 Denzel Washington
75 Carol Vorderman
76 Linda Carter
77 Rachel Stevens
78 David Walliams
79 Rock Hudson
80 Woody Allen
81 Betty Page
82 Joanna Lumley
83 Michael Hutchence
84 Gordon Ramsay
85 Diana Dors
86 Tony Curtis
87 Jessica Rabbit
88 Julio Iglesias
89 Farah Fawcett
90 James Nesbitt
91 Kirstie & Phil
92 Gisele
93 Justin Timberlake
94 Jean-Christophe Novelli
95 Catherine Bach
96 Bjorn Borg
97 Richard Madeley
98 Brooke Shields
99 Adam Brodie
100 Alan Titchmarsh


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