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A backgrounder on MAUP (Interregional Academy of Personnel Management)

Posted: November 3, 2006

MAUP: A University of Hate


  • MAUP is the main source of anti-Semitic agitation and propaganda in Ukraine. It organizes anti-Semitic meetings and conferences, regularly issues anti-Semitic statements and publishes two widely-distributed periodicals, Personnel and Personnel Plus, which frequently contain anti-Semitic articles.
  • At the same time, MAUP is a bona fide university (its English name is the Interregional Academy for Personnel Management), with more than 50,000 students enrolled at campuses in various locations. Business, political science and agriculture are among the subjects taught.
  • The anti-Semitic activities are directed by MAUP's President, Georgy Tschokin, and a number of his colleagues. Tschokin is also the leader of the far-right Ukrainian Conservative Party.
  • MAUP has revived the notorious blood libel. In March 2006, MAUP leaders led by Tschokin paid their respects at the grave of Andrei Yuschinsky, a Christian boy whose death in 1911 led to the false conviction of Mendel Beilis, a Jew, who was eventually acquitted. The charges were based upon the notorious accusation of Jewish ritual murder.
    A MAUP publication alleged that Yuschinsky was "murdered by Jews with ritual purpose". Tschokin is also campaigning for the Orthodox Church to canonise Yuschinsky.
  • White supremacist David Duke has close links with MAUP: he "teaches" a course on history and international relations, has been awarded a doctorate for a thesis on Zionism and was a key participant in MAUP's June 2005 conference on "Zionism: Threat to World Peace".  In October 2006, Duke addressed a MAUP audience on the subject of "Zionist" influence in the US media and signed copies of his book, "The Jewish Question Through the Eyes of an American." Duke opened his speech by declaring: "The powers of globalism and Zionism are reaching out and they are trying to control the lives, the values, the culture and the foreign policy of every nation on earth".
  • MAUP runs a number of kiosks in Kiev which specialize in anti-Semitic literature, including one located across the street from the "Hillel" club for Jewish students. Titles on sale include: "The Zionist protocols: sources and results",  "Jewish syndrome" "Jews and economic life" and a book describing the infamous 1941 massacre of Jews at Babi Yar as "the third influential legend of the zhidovskoy catastrophe".
  • On November 22, 2005, Tschokin issued a statement of solidarity with Iranian President Ahmadinejad's threat to wipe out Israel. The statement blended traditional Christian anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism: "We'd like to remind that the Living God Jesus Christ said to Jews two thousand years ago: 'Your father is a devil!'�Israel, as known, means 'Theologian', and Zionism in 1975 was acknowledged by General Assembly of UNO as the form of racism and race discrimination, that, in the opinion of the absolute majority of modern Europeans, makes the most threat to modern civilization. Israel is the artificially created state (classic totalitarian type) which appeared on the political Earth map only in 1948, thanks to good will of UNO�Their end is known, and only the God's true will rescue all of us. We are not afraid, as God always together with his children!" 
  • MAUP continues to boast of its ties with Iran. In March 2006, Tschokin received the Iranian Ambassador, Saed Ahmed Musavi Maleki, and negotiated a student exchange scheme between MAUP and Iranian universities. According to the MAUP website, the two men also discussed the building of a Ukrainian cultural center in Iran. MAUP representatives participated in an April 2006 conference held in Tehran under government sponsorship, entitled "Al Quds and the Protection of the Rights of the Palestinians". There are widespread allegations that MAUP receives funding from the Iranian regime.
  • MAUP continues to maintain close ties with individuals in the Ukrainian political establishment. Of special concern is the relationship between MAUP and Levko Lukyanenko, a former dissident and former Ukranian Ambassador to Canada, who is a prominent member of the political bloc led by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Lukyanenko has blamed the terrible Ukrainian famine of the 1930s on a "Satanic" government controlled by Jews and has falsely claimed, in attacking the former Soviet regime, that both Lenin and Stalin were Jewish.
  • MAUP's June 2005 anti-Zionist conference was attended by anti-Semites from all over the region, as well as Duke, French Holocaust denier Serge Thion and Israel Shamir, a Russian Jew who converted to Christianity and is notorious for publishing anti-Semitic essays on the internet. The Palestinian Authority representative in Ukraine, Walid Zakut, was also reported to have attended.
  • MAUP's anti-Semitic activities can be traced back to at least 2002. MAUP's leading figures have been at the root of attempts to bar Jewish organizations in Ukraine and, more recently, a call to ban "The Tanya", a classic work of Hassidic Jewish literature, on the grounds that it promotes racism against non-Jews.



MAUP: Responding to the Threat


At the September 2006 commemoration ceremonies marking the Babi Yar massacre, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko forcefully declared: "I clearly and straightforwardly promise that there will never be ethnic intolerance and religious hatred in Ukraine. Like all Ukrainians, I refuse to accept and tolerate the slightest manifestation of xenophobia and antisemitism."

Both President Yushchenko and Foreign Minister Boris Tarasyuk have previously served on MAUP's Board of Advisors; however, both men have now resigned and have continually denounced MAUP for its anti-Semitism. During 2006, several of MAUP's regional branches were closed by the Education Ministry following revelations that the university was violating its licensing agreement. These same violations led to the revocation of nearly 5,000 MAUP diplomas awarded during 2006. The Ministry has also pledged to close more of MAUP's regional branches and offices.  MAUP's standard response has been to present the Education Ministry's decisions as the result of "Jewish" or "Zionist" manipulation.

The closures of MAUP's regional branches are encouraging , as are the vocal condemnations of MAUP by President Yushchenko and other leaders.  At the same time, the Ukrainian government needs to tackle the source of the problem, namely the University's main center in
Kiev. In particular, the government of Ukraine needs to:


  • Invoke anti-incitement laws against Tschokin and his colleagues
  • Train police officers and judges in the implementation of laws against hate speech and hate crime
  • Promote a tolerance agenda on university campuses
  • Condemn MAUP's links with the Iranian regime
  • Prevent David Duke and other extremists from using MAUP as a platform
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ADL Welcomes Ukrainian Action Against Anti-Semitic University

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