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I Wanna Be Sedated

Quickly: My Five Randoms interview!

Okay. I rose to the challenge. Lauren Myracle dared me to face my biggest fear.

So. Yes. I made that dental appointment. Here is the proof. A rather boring video: and actually just putting it up scares me. I have no make-up on. I look really goofy from that angle on my built-in iSight camera. But oh well. If anyone really wants to watch it, go ahead. There are three calls made: To my dentist, and her receptionist (Nazzi), and the surgery center, and then back to Nazzi again. Nazzi of course, always remembers me because I’m the one who comes in every year and they tell me I have to get this done and then I promise to get it done and then disappear for another year. Also: hilarity ensues when no one knows what my name is. This is what happens when you keep your maiden name professionally (Melissa de la Cruz) but use your married name for your personal life (Melissa Johnston) and the name on your ID is Melissa de la Cruz-Johnston. You will try to make appointments and no one (including you) will figure out “who” you are. Sigh.

And the scary stuff: “You want to be sedated, yes?” Me: Gulp. Um. Yes!

Okay: gotta go to Tayhas!!! I love Texas!!!!

November 01, 2008 (2:00 PM)
Texas Book Festival Appearance

Family Life Center
1300 Lavaca St.
Austin, TX

Panel: How Not to Be Popular

Melissa de la Cruz (Revelations & Angels on Sunset Boulevard)
Lauren Myracle (Bliss)
Paula Yoo (Good Enough)
Jennifer Ziegler (How Not to be Popular)

Come see me talk with other fabulous and funny authors!!

Happy Halloween! Everyone be safe tonight!! Anyone dressing up in Blue Bloods costumes: pictures please!!


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