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MNS attack: Bihar boy dies, CM announces ex-gratia

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Posted: Oct 21, 2008 at 1708 hrs IST

Patna, October 21: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday expressed grief and shock at the killing of a Bihari examinee, who died in the violence unleashed allegedly by MNS activists on North Indian candidates, and announced an ex-gratia of Rs 1.5 lakh for his family.

Pavan, a resident of Bara Khurd in Noorsarai police station limits of Nalanda district, was brutally assaulted by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena activists, leading to his death when he had gone to Mumbai to appear in a railway recruitment examination.

"I am deeply pained and shocked at the killing of Pavan. May God give his family the strength to bear the huge loss. May his soul rest in peace," Kumar, who also hails from Nalanda, said in a condolence message.

Kumar said while the state government would give Rs 1 lakh to the family of the deceased, the rest 50,000 would be given from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund.

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Suggestion by ANAND on 09 Nov 2008

If really Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar wants to do something for Bihar people, he should open hundreds of government and private Engineering and Medical colleges in Bihar.Then Bihar students will not go other states for study.In this way Bihar students can save lot of money.And Bihar can create lakhs of cheap and skilled labor in Bihar.Then MNC will come automatically in Bihar.Others way are to create a suitable environment in Bihar .So that MNC would like to invest in Bihar.

Nonsense by amit on 22 Oct 2008

This fellow got killed in railway accident. So Lalu must be aware of this. instead of taking responsibilty of this he tried to put blame on Raj and demanded his arrest. This irresponsible and fraudulent behavior by Lalu caused unrest in Bihar and a train was set on fire. So Lalu is responisble for the violence and he must be booked and arrested

A humble suggestion by Jayadevan on 22 Oct 2008

Shed all this bullshit of local pride and aspirations. No one in Mumbai, except possibly the kolis belong to Mumbai. This was settled and built by many people from different areas of India who came there to serve the commecial establishments. The Thackerays made a business of goondaism ( and a very thriving blue-chip company they made of it), by isolating and beating up one community after the other, staring with the Gujaratis, then the Madrassis, then the Muslims.. Now the Bhaiyyas. I could suggest the Parsis as the next target. They came from Iran (foreigners), are relatively affluent (cheated us and amassed wealth), are well-educated and cultured (look down upon us). What more do we want? And the joy we could get out of throwing a piano out of their house, destroying their antique furniture, would give a kick far better than vandalising a poor Bihari's dingy kholi. And quite a lot of these Bavas are part of the pseudo-secular and anti-Matoshree groups. Go for it!

Murderer: Raj Thackeray by Sanjaya Katiha on 22 Oct 2008

Raj Thackeray is no less than a murderer of an innocent student from Bihar who was the only son of his parents. He must be tried outside Bihar for his crime(s) and punished within 30 days ! Justice delayed shall only be justice denied.

Raj Thackaray and violence by Subramanian on 22 Oct 2008

While condemning the attitude of not allowing other region people settle in all parts of country, don't we also condemn the special status given to J

Sue by Sanjeev on 22 Oct 2008

Enough of lectures and opinions. Will some one have the common sense to file a murder case against Raj Thackerey and have him hanged publicly in Patna?

SHOULD BE PUNISHED by Monu on 22 Oct 2008


raj a terrorist by clyde on 22 Oct 2008

Such people are just terrorists masquerading around as politicians. They collude with the terrorists and divert the state law and order machinery so that while the police deal with riots, terrorists can quietly plant bombs. Raj is thus nothing short of a terrorist and should be hanged for destroying the secular fabric of society, burning and destroying public property and trying to ruin the economy of India by diverting funds for fixing of damaged city infrastructure instead of for the upliftment of the poor. It is sadly not just Raj today but also the bajrang dal, VHP ,RSS and many political goons who are engaging in such activities. They should be treated as terrorists and should be banned, because if they are not today tomorrow Indias integrity will suffer and India will be unable to develop further

Bhartiyetaa by Bhaarat on 22 Oct 2008

Even the orphans should not be called orphans In The Bharatvarsh. Some of us spouse Akahand Bhaarat. MNS would like to divide the country into pieces. Its a sad day for the 1947 Swantantrata . Are we so divided that we forget that the Unity is the key to our freedom?

Raj and MNS Acitivists should be tried for this death by sanjeev on 22 Oct 2008

The death of a young man is very who is trying to make a living for himself by taking an exam is abhorrent. It is utterly shameful that this kind of Hooliganism is perpeterated in the financial capital of the country. It seems no place in the country is safe. I shudder at the thought that this incident can generate a backlash in other states of India. If all of Indian citizens become so narrow minded that they cannot tolerate even their own country men, then nobody can save us from disintegration. A major reason that such violence is instigated and committed by people is because there is no fear of the law of the land.Raj should be treated for instigation and inflamatory speaches and the activists who commited this ugly act should be treated in the court of law and justice should be served to the family who lost their son. There is this feeling in India that if you are rich and powerful or are backed by them then you can get away with anything.Lets change this Indian Psyche.

response to death of bihari man in maharashtra by vaidya balendu prakasj on 22 Oct 2008

As an Indian I am proud to see Chandra yaan on its way to Mon. But where is the basic f civilization: the law and order. We are the biggest hippocratic society of the universe. Ashamed with stupid violence

HOW CRUEL these by REDDYBHAI on 22 Oct 2008

goondas are? They did not even condenmed the act. And they did not even show sympathy to the victims. Get lost you Thakare thugs.

Regionalism by gnsetty on 22 Oct 2008

This is a tragic event for which we must hold MNS leader solely responsible.All Indians must wake up to this NEW strategy of politicians to appeal to our basest emotions and fears just as the British did while carving out of India : Sri Lanka,Burma,East Bengal and finally Pakistan on the basis of religion / language.Our politicians are following the same tradition.We MUST shun all politicians who try to divide on the basis of religion,language and caste.There is NO point in blaming only Maharashtrians for this.Indians everywhere in India are succumbing to this parochialism,though it may differ in degree from State to State.Our religious leaders are a shame by their observing silence when lives are lost in Gujarat in 2002 and now in many parts of India.They live in a tunnel and are interested in collecting money and blind devotees also living in the same tunnel.

Marathi Pride by Maratha on 22 Oct 2008

I am a Maharashtrian who lived in Bihar for a long time and feel bad about the death of a young Indian and condemn the violence caused by MNS. However the reason behind this precepitation is the ruthless trampling of Marathi pride by Biharis. Those who deride MNS for this should keep in mind that Freedom to work is a two way street, you cannot shirk responsibilities. Politicians like Lalu Yadav should focus on improving situation in Bihar because even on a normal day there are more incidents of law breaking in Bihar compared to what you see in Maharashtra on a troubled day. It is important to respect local aspirations if Nationality Unity is to be achieved.

goonda raj by lalitha venugopal on 22 Oct 2008

Horrid. where are we living? Is there no one who can deal with such goondas with iron hand. I wish to live in dubai or muscat where such things does not happen. shame on us being hindus where we proclaim cow slaughtering is a crime, we kill innocent people for no fault of theirs. are we all under Bharata Matha care or goonda care. as long as the selfish politicians ruling we will not find any peaceful place to live. even in villages they have stretched their hands. I pray God sincerely that we all should be taken away by tsunami or any other catostrphe to escape from goondas. Otherwise there is no solution. I regret I was born in this period.

Ghatti Gooda Raj by Eddy on 22 Oct 2008

Unfortunately these louts like Raj Thackeray do not care for the English press. Non of their men read it. They do not know English. It is not for nothing they are called "Ghattis", people of the ghats. No education, no culture, and no shame or decency.

Murder by A Marathi Manoos on 22 Oct 2008

You have blood on your hands Mr Thackrey and being a silent spectators as they are the rest of the maharashtra shares this guilt and are partners to the crime. A murder is murder, no matter who committed with what motive. Don't forget this is the same land which produced Shivaji who formed alliances with non-marathis. Pepole of this land once ruled from Afganistan to Bengal and from Himachal to Mysore(Peshwas) and had varied represntation in governement and in day to day life from other non-marathi people. Not so long ago Maharshtra was proud to follow in the footsteps of Tilak, Bhave, Gokhale, Savarkar, and Ambedkar's ideals, now we have Raj Thackrey. It is true, the leaders are usually the reflection of the masses they represent.

Thackery family is Terrorist-They shall be hanged in publuc by ENginee on 22 Oct 2008

In 1992 Shivsena Killed thousands of muslims, as it has tasted the blood, the sena's offshoot MNS is thirsty of Hindus blood. He is a terrorist and equatable with Afzal Guru.

Raj - shoud be charged with murder by an angry indian on 22 Oct 2008

This is unbelievable. I think for an Indian to lose his life just for going to an Indian state to write a central government exam - its most shameful . I have lived in BBY for many years before moving out. Nevr have I felt once any Mumbaite having a prejudice against people from any other state. Yes there will be only good natured pulling the leg if u r a southie or a bihari or a punjabi - thatss normal human behaviour, but thru all this as Indians we were all proud of unity in diversity. certain wicked fools like Raj Thackeray wants to change all that and lead the country to a break-up. He is worse than a terrorist. he is a traitor and should be handed the gravest punishment. Let us see if the state or central government in India will show that they have it in them to deal with the situation and prevent anotehr orissa or gujarat or kashmir or punjab

Mumbai Meri Jaan! by True Mumbaikar on 22 Oct 2008

True that everyone is an Indian and should be the case, but the North Indians in Mumbai do not owe allegiance to that city, but instead are proud of being a North Indian first and then a Mumbaikar... that's the issue, you belong to the city you live and breed in. Anyone in Mumbai is a MUMBAIKAR and one must be proud of that, considering that the city contributes the MOST to the central goverment treasury.Violence is not the option, but if one lives in MUMBAI, you better RESPECT that city.There is no harm in learning the language. anyone who lives in Bangalore, Chennai, or any of the North / North West part of India, learn that language associated with that place. But why is it considered lowly to speak Marathi, irrespective if you are a Maharashtrian or not..... Don't forget, Railyway jobs were strictly RESERVED for candidates hailing from UP/Bihar and can anyone find out WHY?Bottom line, if you want to come to MUMBAI, learn to live and feel like a MUMBAIKAR

India going the Pakistan way?? by PRQX on 22 Oct 2008

When will Indians grow up and evolve into modern human beings.If they are not attacking each others religions, then people of different states languages castes are a target.It is just disgusting to see what is going on.The responsible culprits along with the party leaders should be charged for murder and severly punished.

Collective Sentiment of People by Ajay on 21 Oct 2008

I think what Raj is doing is the collective sentiment of marathis in mumbai. Go to mumbai suburbs, people will tell you that they have been experiencing this for many years. This is not a new phenomena, it is just that we have lot of media attention nowdays. I love Mumbai, but I am sorry to say Marathis have always been like that. I understand the sentiment of jealousy and anger, but menifesting it in form of voilence is racist.

Indian railway minister? by sandeep on 21 Oct 2008

Everybody in this country wondering wht is happening in maharashtra.nobody trying to go to root of the problem. Every political party nd politician plays the vote of politics. what rulling party did in center nd wht amar singh did in case of insp. m. c. sharma was d same thing. but one thing comes in mind dat is lalu prasad yadav railway minister of whole india or he just represents Bihar nd UP. his series of acts suggest us that he is the fisrt one to play regional politics by encouraging region north in railways. well this is not wat i m saying but facts nd figures. nd nw the clever politician, our railway minister saying dat maharashtrians r not competitive enough.nw isnt dat senseless? U talk of integrity nd nationality but the problems marathi manus facing on their own land has arised due to people like lalu do not understand these words. If this biased attitude of the centre govt. continues towards highest taxpayer state then they ll end up creating it the state like kashmir.

Another short-term political stunt by Faiz Hakim on 21 Oct 2008

This is infinitely sad. Another shortsighted decision by our founders to establish linguistic state. We should turn each state into equal blocks of real estate that can be managed best administratively. Same applies to the armed forces. Get rid of caste and religious identifications once and for all.

Shame to the Nation by Vidya on 21 Oct 2008

We bost that we are progressing as a nation.. If this is what the progress is then it should stop now.. Its so unfortunate to kill somebody based on the state he belongs to. What Laloo did or Nitish did.. Why other innocent souls have to suffer for that.. Ask yourself those supporting this brutal act, what if you are the next victim..

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