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THE PLAN B ANALOG BLOG at yahoo is an important forum for new product announcements and updates as well as useful applicaiton information. Click here to join the PBA Blog.

Model 15 Rev. 2.5 - protects against power mis-insertion

A new revision of the Modle 15 VCO (2.5) protects against mis-insertion of the main power input comnnector as circuitry found on the Model 1 has been added to the main board. The Rev. 2.5 is shipping, contact Big City Music for details and purchase.


For those who haven't seen it, Sonic State has released Phil Gallo's demonstration of the Model 30 Digital VCO Subsystem from this year's Namm Click here for part 1 and here for part 2..


It's with great pleasure that we announce that after a nine year departure Peter Grenader with Electro-Acoustic Research returns to the Helms Bakery Building at 8800 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038, setting up the Plan B synthesizer manufacturing facilities effective Feb 16th, 2009.


January 25, 2009:
Coming from a successful show at this year's Winter Namm where a series of new products were cast onto our near horizon, effective March 1 Electro-Acoustic Research and Plan B will be returning to the Los Angeles metropolitan area and with that reopening the PLAN B DIRECT sales portal at www.ear-group.net. Before and after this launch our products will continue to be available at a number of dealerships both domestically and abroad. A list of those dealers will be updated on our site in the coming days.

I need to stress that this decision had everything to do with business and nothing to do with our successful and strong relationship with Noisebug, a partnership which bore immeasurable growth during it's tenure and one which I hope will continue in the future.

It's isn't about that. It's about Plan B this month entering it's fifth year. We're all grow'd up now...and it's time to stand on our own.

Look for a PLAN B DIRECT update early next week on the purchase tab above. Only products currently in our finshed goods will be included. For those not listed, links will be provided giving immediate access to dealerships currently stocking products which may not be available at PLAN B DIRECT at any given time.

As always, I look forward to the future, to sharing your experiences
with our products and the art created with them. On behalf of Sam
Hernandez, Kateri Lirio, Dylan Sang and Brian McKinnon, I thank you for your continued support.


- Peter Grenader

Redesigned Model 15s now shipping.

Effective January 23 we are beginning shipments of the newly re-designed Model 15 Complex VCO which incorporates two major changes: The elimination of Cliff Jacks and 12 point to point interconnect wires. Click here for a photo.

The circuit, it's functionality and the module price remains the same. These changes were put into play to address production throughput, decrease the potential for field-related failures from to the 12 wires and address the part availibilty issue associated with Cliff jacks.

Plan B overview: WInter Namm from AnalogSuicide.

The ever-pleasant Tara Busch was kind enough to give us a bit of her time in her busy Namm schedule to put together a two part video spot filmed at this year's Winter Namm, featuring a quick tour of the upcoming Model Zero, Ringer, Model 32 and mighty Model 30 Triple Digital VCO Subsystem. Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

Model 32 Vector Plotter is coming....soon.

The Plan B Model 32 Vector Plotter is coming...in about a week's time. Look for the product page to go online with it's release. Merry XMAS!

Next in Cue: the Model 21C Mini Milton

The release date of the Model 21C Mini Milton Sequencer, the first offering of Milton technology under the Plan B banner (finally!) is scheduled for release in the first week of January 2009, directly after the Model 32

Model 31 Buffered Mult released

The Model 31 Buffered Multiple has been released and currently available for sale at Noisebug. Go here for more info

Plan B Demo Videos from Thighpaulsandra's Aeriel Studios!

Thighpaulsandra, along with a visiting Peter Forrest give some great video demonstrations of the models 11, 17, and 25 - click the links here or go directly to each model's product page

The ELFS are here!

The ELF series modules have begun shipping and their product pages are currently being added to the Plan B site as shipping of each module begins. You may navigate to each individual ELF product page from the PLAN B START page here -- look for the red ELF SERIES banners on the right-side product menu.

Don Kim posts nifty Plan B Videos

Plan B system owner Don Kim (who purchased his instrument on Noisebug's opening day!) has posted some really nice videos of his new synth. Go here, here, here and here. Thanks, Don!

Wendy Carlos pays tribute to Bebe Barron

Wendy Casrlos has posted an amazing honoraium to Bebe Barron on her site, including photos she took of the Barron's famed Village apartment where the magic took place in 1956. It's great read - highly recommended. Have a box of tissues handy, it's touching. Go here.

Peter Grenader interviewed in BEAT Magazine

Click here for the article and here for the English translation of Peter Grenader's interview in the January '8 issue of the German music magazine BEAT.


Exciting times are ahead for Plan B. If you'd like to see what we've been up to, click here for previews, descriptions and photos of the 15 new Plan B products which will be released over the Summer and Fall of 2008, inclduing the ELF family series modules and the 21C Mini Milton!.

Plan B featured on Analog Suicide video form Namm '08

Click here to see a short vid taken by Tara Busch and Co. from this year's Namm show in Anahiem, CA.

Eurorack Modular Planner includes PLAN B products

Andy Parker has created an incredible interactive web-based Modular Planner worksheet for Eurorack gear which includes Plan B products. A must for anyone planning a modular system in this format. It's free, it's fun and an extremely useful tool. Go here

Ear-group.NET or .COM, it's all the same...

Just a quick note to mention we regained ownership of the .COM domain (thanks to everyone who assisted in this). Going to ear-group.net or .com will take you to the same place...here. Email however is exclusive to the .net domain.

Alessandro Cortini Keyboards Mag feature is heavy on the EAR System props

German Magazine KEYBOARDS just ran a great intervew on NIN keysman Alessandro Cortini which we're sure any EAR fan will enjoy. (thanks, Ally!). Some terrific photos and reading on the world's cooling Zero case!. It's a 2.5 MB download, but worth the bandwidth. go here

Plan B... Now with SKYPE!

I know, we do analog..but tha doesn't mean we can't be cutting edge! You can now contact us FREE through SKYPE address Plan_B_Synths. Give us a call!

Carl Stone and Peter Grenader at the 2008 Sonic Odyssey Festival Los Angeles

Carl Stone's Al-Noor and Peter Grenader's Secret Life of Semiconductors will be presented among other studio electronic works at the 2008 LA Sonic Odyssey Festival in Pasadena, CA, March 28 and 29 at 8:00 P.M. For more information, click here

John Loffink features Analog/Plan B in SEAMUS Newsletter

Before all else, thanks to John for writing his informative piece on the rebirth or analog in the EAM scene. In his recent article in the newsletter for the Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), he said of Plan B:

Plan B is a Eurorack format modular from former SEAMUS Board of Directors member Peter Grenader. With perhaps the best Eurorack format VCO on the market and an inspired line of original designs, these modules have a Buchla bent, while focusing on new and useful features. The VCO is triangle core based rather than the more typical sawtooth based core, and there are updates to the Low Pass Gate and two types of vactrol filters. The Polyphone Envelope Generator provides simultaneous AR, Ramp, Gate and End Pulse Outputs, as well as logarithmic, linear and exponential shape controls for the first two outputs"

Tokafi.com interview with Peter Grenader

Click here

Plan B Model 15 sine takes high honors in Thumbuki purity test

The Model 15's sine wave took high honors in a wave purity comparison recently published on the Thumbuki site. The test compared three manufacturer's analog outputs against a theoretically pure digital standard generated in Csound.

Go here for details:

Introducing EARwear!

The EAR group is happy to announce our very own clothing line (sort of)! Tons of Electro-Acoustic Research tee's, jackets, mousepads and other doo-hickey's now available at the EARSTORE. Beat the holiday shopping crowds and shop from the privacy of your own home - click here to proceed


Above: Nine Inch Nails and the EAR performance system.
Click here for details.

Click for video, pictures, soundclips, reviews , artist bio's and other miscelleny from Analoglive

Above: Guns N' Roses custom Plan B system Click here for details

Featured Sound: Prometheus Burning

Prometheus Burning's 7th release Plague Called Reality features Plan B modular gear. Check out the band and the release here

Featured Sound: Ironman

Composer Ramin Djawadi called upon the talents of Clay Duncan to produce the synthesis on Ironman, which involved a lot of Plan B equipment. Click here and here to see Clay's massve modular set up .

Featured Sound: NIN - Ghosts

The EAR Performance System was among the synthesizer arsenal used in the new NIN mutli-disc Ghosts project

Featured Sound: Thighpaulsandra: CLISTO

Another fantastic offering from Thighpaulsandra, without a doubt one of the strongest works he's released. We're humbled by his decision to include our instruments in it's production. Without hesitation we recommend you purchase a copy, else suffer from second-best syndrome with every other record in your collection. Click here for more info

Featured Sound: Transformers Soundtrack

From Clay Duncan :
When you see the film you'll be hearing a lot of distinct bass sounds. The main deep and dirty bass. A basic patch on my modular. . 2xPlan B OSC (square/saw) into a doepfer phaser - the big one - out into a cwejman DMF-2 (a+b) 32dbx2 LPF. One side of the AB slightly higher than the other. ADSR into filter - adjust to taste.

Featured Sound: Thighpaulsandra

Coil and Spiritualized mastermind Thighpaulsandra has released The Lepore Extrusion, an ambient/electronic work which will reward the adventurous and features heavy petting of the Plan B arsenal. Go here for details.

Featured Sound: Parallel Worlds

The brainchild of Bakis Sirros, Parellel Worlds features Plan G goodness.

Featured sound • Brad Hawkins

Have a listen to a rather excellent piece of pure EAM created by Brad Hawkins utilizing, among other things, Plan B Model 15's. click here

Bryan Killingsworth - Electricity Poems, Vol. I and II

Bryan Killingsworth has just released some of the most interesting music you've heard some time on his Electricity Poems, which we're proud to say incoporates some extensive use of Plan B instruments. Track 10 is a personal favorite.
Go here for details

Steve Roach • Proof Positive

Steve's Roach's latest release Proof Positive is available now and features Plan B devices in plentiful servings. Go here

Steve Roach - Possible Planet

Steve Roach's new all analog, all modular release Possible Planet is, to our knowledge, the first commercial CD using Plan B products. It's a marvelous album - highly recommended whether he chose to use our instruments or not (although we're quite proud of the fact that he did!). Click on the CD image for more information.


Above: Plan B headquarters - 8800 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

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