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Improving Policy

Carnegie Corporation supports the development of policies that focus on fixing the current immigration system.  To do this, the Corporation funds research around multiple issues impacted by immigration, drawing attention to the many benefits of immigration reform for the country.   Recent reports from the Corporation-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) show the economic impact of mass deportation, which has been proposed as an alternative to immigration reform, adds up to $285 billion, ($23,148 per person)  to arrest, detain and deport all of the unauthorized immigrants in the United States. In contrast, comprehensive immigration reform could produce economic benefits totaling $1.5 trillion in cumulative GDP growth over 10 years.  

The Corporation is currently supporting research to delve even more deeply into related economic issues, for example the impact of foreign workers on the economy. Funds are also going to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), a leading think tank that aims to build consensus by communicating with officials and policymakers in the United States and Europe.  

Priorities for the coming year include:  

• Improved federal and administration policies that focus on fixing the current immigration system

• Increase in public policies supportive of immigrant civic integration at federal, state, and local levels; evidence of cross-national learning on migration patterns and of whether Corporation-supported research informed the policies

• Decrease in punitive enforcement measures aimed at immigrants at federal and state levels

• Establishment of a working naturalization system that minimizes backlog and makes more efficient the application process

• Workable earned pathway to citizenship that includes controlling future flow





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