Need an accountability partner to stay on track or reach your goals?

As a solo-entrepreneur, the most challenging part of running a direct sales business is staying focused on sales at your parties, getting consistent bookings and finding qualified recruits to join your team.  Not to mention the areas of networking, making phone calls, training and supporting your team.

Do you find
• You have lofty goals and you can’t seem to get into action?
• You are a “Gunna?” You’re  “Gunna” get 10 parties booked, you’re “Gunna” be an incentive winner.  You’re “Gunna” earn enough money to pay the mortgage?
• You’re looking for structure in your direct sales business?
• You have a million ideas racing through your brain, but just can’t seem to get focused?

My name is Gale Bates and as a Corporate Trainer and Mentor, I specialize in helping women grow a profitable Direct Sales business.  I use the word, “profitable” because if you’re serious about your direct sales business and truly want to make money, you will love the mentoring services I offer.  I will help you stay accountable to

• Set goals and follow through.
• Work on your winning strengths
• Overcome challenges that keep you from your success
• Keep you on track with a simple step by step approach to reach your goals
• Maximizing each income stream in your Comp. Plan.

I have 15 years experience in the direct selling industry and taken the exciting journey of leading a team to the #1 position. I am sharing many of my ideas in my first CD workbook series  “Systems for Leaders – How to Communicate with Positive Results.” which you’ll find on the product page of this website.

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It’s a great time to be an Entrepreneur!