A new Mars lander model

Four new renders of a von Braun lander in orbit around Mars. Custom model with a snapshot from Celestia using high res Mars textures. The static shots are for show and possibly as loading screens for the game. I’m also going to be using the models to generate 2D images for the top-down in-game view.

I really like the retro-future “rocketpunk” style these things have and am going to use the style in my game. There’s a good reference to the design at http://www.astronautix.com/craft/vonn1956.htm for reference.

It’s not in any of these shots, but I recently finished up a Flash Pixel Bender shader that implements terrain splatting. It gives a pretty nice effect, and allowing one to zoom way in on the map and still retain high texture detail.

von Braun Lander 1

von Braun Lander 2

von Braun Lander 2

von Braun Lander 3

von Braun Lander 3

von Braun Lander 4

von Braun Lander 4

Remixery: Writing Torture Guidelines

There’s a war on - between Proustians and Hemingway scholars.  VS Naipaul has offered up his seven tips for writing just as papers are leaked outlining the psychological pressures bearing down on a captive.  Are these two things related?  Well now they are…

Writing Torture Guidelines

Writing Torture Guidelines

More Spam Poetry (free form this time)

Three examples of SPAM text that reads like free form poetry.  The bold content is the subject, and the text below is the actual email contents…

…and gathered about two handfuls of flower
   In twenty years or more

‘N now he’s silent, he is dead.
   And they went to sea in a Sieve

Did not fall into the little hand
   Sleep in your little bed

The anger, we all have it
   And the Orient Calf from the Land of Tute

Far and few, far and few
   Alabama Holding
   fast upon his shell

Mars 2.0

I recently began reconstructing my Mars game concept on the Garage Games Torque Game Engine.  Here are a few screenshots of the results…

The idea is to make something that’s a hybrid of “Oregon Trail” (on Mars) with a small MMO-like environment.

This Is Just To Say

I have deleted
the spam
that was in
the inbox

and which
you were probably
I would click

Forgive me
they were outrageous
so fleet
and so bold

Software Association of Oregon Corvallis Video Gaming SIG meetup

A quick shout out that the Software Association of Oregon sponsored Corvallis Video Gaming SIG is meeting up this Thursday, March 5th at 5:00 PM.   We get together every few weeks to discuss local game development projects and game theory, and socialize a bit. 

This time we are meeting at the OSU New Media Communications Game Lab, which is located in Strand Agricultural Hall, room 400.  Strand is between the MU and the Library, right off the bookstore parking lot.  Basically, climb all the stairs to the fourth floor, then head to the north end of the building.

For more information on the group, see our Google Group page.

Serious Games presentation

I’m doing a presentation at Oregon State Univesrity to Prof. Mike Bailey’s Capstone class on Serious Games.  Here are the slides I’ll be using…

NMC 499 Project 1


I’ll be handing these out in class, but here is a link to the assignment sheet for the first project.  The basic goal is to design then create a small and tight game level that essentially makes sense.   Makes sense as in it’s not just a random collection of “stuff” on an island.  Note that levels will be limited to no more than 256×256 meters in size, and won’t have any AI, NPCs or other entities.  The only exception is that the student may add one boat or one buggy.  However the vehicle must make sense in the level.  No buggy in the middle of a jungle clearing with no roads, or no boats with no place to land the boat and a reason to land the boat at that point.

NMC 499 Game Development Course at Oregon State University


I am teaching a Special Topics course at Oregon State University this term.  It is a 4 credit hour Special Topics course that will cover some of the basics of game design and development via FarCry modding. 

A course overview is online at http://perludus.com/wordpress/?page_id=555

Students, keep an eye out for additional posts on the site for course updates, handy reading material and so forth.

The Web, Circa 1994

I was recently going through some old file archives, and discovered a complete copy of a website I started in 1993 to host information on OSU Oceanography’s research ship R/V Wecoma.  It ran on a Solaris box on my desk at Oregon State University and used the NCSA HTTPd server. Think pre-Linux, pre-Apache, pre-PHP and pre-Perl.  Think when Yahoo’s address was at Stanford and hosted on Akebono. read more »