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  1. @HillaryHopper next time we need to hang. Keep San Fran country while I'm gone.
  2. @huckgee love your illustration and toy work dude. Just found out about ya :)
  3. @honeydesign do share your collection...would love to see! Also, show @MikeDuca — he's nuts about dunnys too
  4. @honeydesign really dig huck gees work, but the @kidrobot store in SF didn't have any dunnys. I bought some street fighter vinyls
  5. @paperbullet I was lookin all over for ya. Oh well. Artists shall unite for adventure another day
  6. @danoliver he's ridiculous. That's zbrush right?
  7. @honeydesign i just started collecting kid robot dunnys. I hear you're quite the collector?
  8. @honeydesign for totally! @aprilzero just showed me your work. We're also both collectors :)
  9. Beast — #disney #beautyandthebeast
  10. @DanHigbie @jasonvanlue Oh, and the Train. You can literally ride the train for hours. I've done it to let my boy sleep. Very peaceful.
  11. @jasonvanlue Tom Sayers island or the little park in new Orleans square :)
  12. @spencertweedy @finegoods I use bandwagonmerch :)
  13. @macguitar great. I'm never gonna get out of here :P
  14. This coffee tastes like weed. #sanfrancisco
  15. @AdamSouders i got a pack of dark ritter sport in my bag :) Tell me what you think of that bacon bar :)
  16. @TEIXIDO funny tweet award
  17. @_dte thanks for this, Dan
  18. @jasonvanlue need some tips?
  19. @ryanessmaker @fchimero whoa. Zero following too. Rebel.
  20. @paperbullet :(