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How to Choose the Perfect Web Host Plan
12.21.10 (11:23 am)   [edit]
Choosing the perfect web hosting plan for your website or blog is a great part. If you have some confusion then you can go for the reviews of web hosting schemes available at small digestible snippets and you can clear your doubts. If you are looking for many web hosting sites at the same time, then it is not the right idea. And to solve these problems, I have provided some of the best tips for you and you will be able to view this from the below content.

First of all you should pay attention towards the company before you are considering the plan. You should pay the same attention towards the both, I mean the good company as well as the bad company, while you are considering the web hosting plan.

The second fact is that you should think of your bandwidth. The bandwidth means that the transfers of data between your website and the web host. There are some companies that need a high bandwidth as well as there will be some other companies that need less bandwidth. The websites from which videos, music, large files, etc can be downloaded requires large bandwidth than the content in the all text sites. But if you want to give more important to the text for your website then you should not go for extra bandwidth. On the other hand, if you are giving some more facilities with your websites such as downloading music, showing videos then you should go for the additional bandwidth.

There is many more option for web hosting plan such as you have decide whether to use windows or Unix. And for more help, you can choose internet because there you will get lots of information on the web hosting.
Top Eight Tips for Blog Writing
12.20.10 (11:56 pm)   [edit]
Below there are some of the tips given to guide you while writing a blog, so read the instruction carefully before writing a blog.

1. First of all, you should keep in your mind is that the reader are going to read your blog. So make keep it easy that everyone can understand the meaning and the blog should be informal about the product.

2. Make your blog writing valuable and worthwhile that means don't waste viewer's time. If you don't have any idea to write then it's not a matter because there will be more people and you can share the fats with them and by that you can post their views.

3. After writing the blog, you should do Proof-reading before posting these to blogs to make it error free.

4. you should keep in your mind that the readers are reading your blog to get the information, so keep the blog small at-least 200-250 words and not more than that because the reader will not have much time to read your blog. So it is advisable to keep your blog suit and small.

5. Come to the main point as fats as possible because it will be good for reader to get easy information about your product.

6. You can use the keywords more time to increase the ranking level of your websites at search engine. And by the help of that you can get more visitors to your site and as a result you will also get best business.

7. Keep the sentence small and more informal in nature. You can use comma and dashes for making your sentence clear.

8. It is important to keep your headline more interesting and don't forget to make it bold. These are the common things that you should take care of, while writing a blog.
Things you might not know about Keyword Optimization
06.27.09 (4:46 am)   [edit]
A Key Phrase is a combination of keywords that most appropriately define your product offerings and/or your area of operations. One of the most crucial steps in Search Engine Optimization is the process of Key phrase Identification. Our criteria while choosing the appropriate keywords for you are the following:

1. They will bring to your website the most qualified traffic
2. They most concisely describe your products or content
3. They are Specific, less-competitive and with the potential to get your website ranking high on all major search engines

Content Optimization:
Your web site's content is the search engine's content, so search engines want sites with high quality content above all else. Web pages with high keyword density and Text that accurately reflects the products, and services offered by the website. Optimize your website's content to enrich it with keywords while making complete sense to a novice, i.e. text content that appeals to search engine and surfers alike.

Keyword Tags:
Keyword frequency, weight, prominence and proximity are a few techniques that can help improve your search engine rankings. Most of these techniques have one thing in common - use of keywords. Keywords are words people type into a search engine... words that lead them to your site.

Keyword prominence:
Keyword prominence is about improving the prominence of keywords by placing important keywords at the top of a Web page. Basically, the closer your important keywords are to the start of a page, a sentence, title or Meta tag, the better.

Keyword proximity:
Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. In general, the closer the keywords, better. Will be the results

Word stemming:
Word stemming is a concept used by some search engines to return search results that include keywords that extend beyond what you searched for. For example, a search with the keyword "optimize" might return results for, "optimizes," "optimizer," and "optimizers." In general, always try to use the longer version of a keyword, especially plurals.

Stop words:
Stop words are common words and characters ignored by most search engines. For example: a and are as at be for from he his I in is it of on that the they this to was.
Ignoring stop words helps to reduce the amount of storage needed to index the billions of pages of data, and enhance the speed and relevancy of the search results. Only full-text search engines, such as AltaVista, index every single word on a Web page.
As such, always try to use keywords instead of stop words as much as possible. Admittedly, it maybe a bit more difficult to read, but I think it is worth the sacrifice, in the cause of trying to achieve higher search engine rankings.
Useful Firefox Extension for SEOs
10.30.05 (11:57 pm)   [edit]
Webmasterbrain have introduced a great tool(extension for firefox) for SEOs. The extension gives you the ranking of a site which a term is linked to and the amount of links indexed by Google, Yahoo or MSN pointing to that target site. The results are very neat and helpful. With this extension you don't have to use multiple tools doe getting information about links and you could have all the information while you are searching through Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Once you hover over any link on search results, it will give you Yahoo, MSN, and Google link popularity and ranking data for the URL and anchor text pair. If you don't need this function anytime you are searching, it could be quickly toggled on and off in a single click. Follow this link to get the extension Here
Google and Yahoo rivalry over buying Trader Classified Media
08.23.05 (8:46 am)   [edit]
Internet powerhouses Google and Yahoo are trying to ahead in the race to acquire Amsterdam-based Trader Classified Media. Icing on the cake, eBay is also interested in the deal. Trader Classified owns 575 print titles and 56 Web sites with classified ads across 20 countries. With Google and Yahoo, trying to be on forefront for ads revenue race the rivalry is quiet justified.

Recent sparkle in the rivalry was on the number of search results where Yahoo claimed to outperform Google. Trader Classified Media is valued at 1.3 billion. Well not a big amount for these Internet giants
Yahoo Maps, MapQuest and Google Maps: who is number 1?
08.23.05 (8:35 am)   [edit]
According to a study done by ZDNet the online market share for maps for July was as follows:

Yahoo! Maps - 41%
MapQuest - 33.4%
Google Maps - 9.45%

Maps are going to play a major role in the local search industry in market being monopolized by yellow pages. Yahoo recent advancement with local search will further enhance Yahoo chances to dominate this industry. Google is busy with improving and sharpening its sword to dominate desktop searches with new desktop sidebar launched recently. Google want to have a permanent position on the computer screens of users.
Seo expert: Few more points to keep in mind when you go shopping for a seo expert
04.28.05 (11:59 am)   [edit]
When you go out to shop for a seo expert, you should also keep in mind few points.

If somebody says that he can get your new site on top of search engine the be aware of such seo expert. If you don't want to be in trouble then keep a distance with such people. Don't go for a guarantee. Search engine is not a set of fixed rules but much more then that. If your so-called seo expert says that he could guarantee a #1 spot for all your search terms then stop. No one could do that though everyone will claim.

Before going for a seo expert, research where your site stands. Most seo firm does that. If not then ask for it. Ask them several questions. Do they have a real seo expert or they outsource their work. What is their core area of expertise? Do they also do link building. Research about the reviews they claim. See more then one seo firms. Ask them as to how they are going to go for optimization. Does their process convince you?

Ask them as to how they are going to build links for your sites. How much seo expert company is quoting for their services? Is it one time pay or installments? Are they taking step-by-step approach?

Keep all the above points in mind while you go for shopping for your seo expert.
Seo India

Google new patent overview by Nerd seo expert
04.19.05 (9:10 am)   [edit]
Google recently filed patent named "Information retrieval based on historical data". This patent contains points related to algorithm Google uses/will use, to rank web pages.

The major part of the patent deals with links. As we know that google relies on links in a great way to rank web pages. Historical information is the new entrant other then the page rank, anchor text, and number of links. Lets have a look at some of the points mentioned in the patent (it is not actual patent lines but my understanding between the lines of the patent):

# Discovery dates of the links with anchor text are recorded.
# Appearance and disappearance of link could be monitored
# Growth rate of the links could also be monitored.
# Rate at which links appear and disappear could be monitored as well
# Change in anchor text with time could be recorded.
# Permanent links will get high rating then non-permanent one.
# Appearance of links, slow and constant gets a higher rating.
# Multiple anchor text for a site will be given higher preference.
# Sudden link growth could be considered as Spam.
# New website with large number of links would be considered somewhat Spam
# Links from pages that is updated regularly will be considered more important.
# Old pages with fresh links will be considered as fresh.

Nerd seo expert
Business Blogs by nerd seo expert
03.21.05 (8:51 pm)   [edit]
So you have heard about the blogs or you are sure you are now going through one of the blog. You might have seen blogs in the search results and would not have noticed it. Yes blogs are now making news but still a large number of people consider them as online diaries or a political mouthpiece. What about the business blogs that is lately surfacing on the web sphere? Top companies like GM's Fastlane blog is there to prove the point that blog works. The problem is that regular media is not accepting it as one of the most promising medium, which could be as powerful as the newspapers, or tv channels in the future. Thanks to RSS, blog contents could be read via email as and when it is published.

Now the point is that why you should opt for a blog if you have a full-fledged website. How a blog will raise the profile of your business or could enhance brand of your organization. Lets look at the broader picture of the business blogs and why Internet marketers are so interested in this.

Search engine is still a mystery to most and blogs are ranking well in search engines without going into intricacies of the search engine optimization. You have a small business and no budget to make your company's online presence. No problem, signup for a free blog account at without any prior knowledge and you are ready to go. This is the power of blog, inexpensive, fast and simple with minimum efforts on optimization.

You just created a blog and posted your first article. You want to optimize your blog. We would have a look at optimizing a blog in my next article.

To be continued...
[b]Nerd seo expert[/b]
Who is a Seo Expert
01.05.05 (9:33 pm)   [edit]
For being a seo expert one should have some basic minimum qualities. One should have a good hold of programming languages and design basics befor entering into seo world.

Seo expert should have a good working knowledge of basic languages like PHP and ASP.
Seo expert should also have some basic knowledge of different design elements like he should be expert in HTML. By this I do not mean making pages with frontpage.
Seo expert should have a good knowledge of the PPC with all the major search engines.
Seo Expert should be ready to update himself on a regular basis.
Seo expert should have a good logical brain with a good grasp on search engine algorithms.

You could contact me for any queries. I do not consider myself as expert but I would try to help to my best of knowledge. Do drop me a line at
Are you hiring a SEO company? Few points to remember, before doing so.
01.03.05 (6:28 am)   [edit]
What is generally a search engine spam? Depends! It is very difficult to draw a line between what is good and bad. Everything is good until it is penalized. But being a company, what should be your role. Should you have a blind eye towards what your SEO firm is doing and wait or act and fire them in time until it is too late.

How could one recognize a spam? Search engines publishes a list of steps in search engine optimization, they consider spam. For a novice it is very difficult to have an idea of spam techniques just by going through the guidelines given by search engines. I am not sure why search engines do not announce the spam techniques and its punishments. It might be that they do not want to announce how one could spam search engines and give any idea of its algorithms to the public.

A SEO firm uses all the spam techniques and ends up with your site getting banned, then what! I am not sure if you could or how you could bring the firm, the so called seo expert firm to court room. The seo firm could also question of the unachievable target required by you. The search engine optimization is a long term effort and it is not advisable to ask your seo firm to give quick results.

It is on seo firm to give details about the time and the risk behind the quick results much in advance. Some points is also to be considered before you go out and hire an seo firm. Might be hiring a seo consultant in selection of the right seo company could be also helpful. We would discuss this more in our next discussion…..
Choosing your next seo expert
12.30.04 (5:19 am)   [edit]
The search algorithms of Yahoo, Goggle and Msn (Beta) changes every other month, so it is difficult to makeup with all this changes in the cutthroat competitive world of search engine optimization. So the point is how should you pay your seo expert. Your seo would give you n number of links and top ranking for almost all keywords. Almost....

In my opinion the payment should be related to quality of hits generated from SE. The high traffic keywords might not be that important in terms of sales. Search engine constantly adds new ways and methods to filter the top results. It is quite difficult and confusing for seo's to what is in and what is out is only clear after substantial time, till then he has to bear the wrath of client. The old techniques of optimizing title, description, back links holds good today also but they are not having that weight age as it was there 6 months to a year ago.

What is required is a logical approach to optimization of the site with the latest updates in the algorithm. An expert seo has to think a way ahead then search engines. Difficult but he could only be called as an expert SEO.
Start early, choose seo expert or go on your own
12.28.04 (7:46 pm)   [edit]
There are 100 good sites in the industry with additional 50 spams who are holding top 150 positions for the keyword you are trying to target and planning to start a new website. Should you go for it. I would say yes. With proper planning and right people you will be able to dig into the top 10 within a year. Yes keep in mind, don’t try for a shortcut to success rather have a goal set for minimum a year. Everyone wants to be in first 10 but not much of them know how to go about it.

Who to approach. There are 2 types of seo namely good guys and bad guys. Also known as white hat seo and black hat seo. The black hat seo's are always look out for techniques and tricks to outsmart spiders and gain top rankings. The white hat seo's uses a much time consuming but solid approach i.e making good content sites, which would help users and in turn bring top rankings. The white hat seo would help a site in bringing people to your site and retain them as well.

It is upto you what do you want. If you want long term and stable gains go for white hat seo and if you want a short-term quick fix go for the other. If you want to go for a jungle safari, what are the things you require. A good car, an experienced driver cum guide and a weapon for safety. In the same way as for a good car you have to develop a good site. The weapon is the amount you have to spend and the driver is your seo. He is the one who would show you ways and if required show you how to use your weapon effectively.

It is up to you to choose a seo expert or go for it on your own. However, do start search engine optimization as early as you are in designing phase. Before uploading the final version of the site, optimize it fully both for users and spiders. A good preparation would ensure that you enjoy your safari without any difficulty. :)
Quest for an seo Expert
12.28.04 (7:01 pm)   [edit]
Who is [b]seo expert [/b]in this search engine optimization industry. No it is not big seo firms. Recently I optimized home site for a seo firm. They told me that they have no time to optimize their own site. I agree :). It is all name that sells. If you really want an seo expert then you have to dig for him.

[b]Seo expert [/b]are individuals and not companies. Best seo need not be a collective effort but more of a logical approach backed by experience and it could be carried out by a individual easily. Everyone has a different approach to optimize a site based on their experience.

Search engine always see seo as a middle man and always try to have upper hand. This is because of all sorts of spams which some seo's are doing. Search marketing has become an increasingly high-demand industry with a rather negative reputation.
Some of the spam techniques and its price
12.24.04 (10:12 pm)   [edit]
[b]Mirror websites[/b]
[u]Danger level[/u]: 10/10
This is a very short method to get your site on top of search engines. But do you know that this will end up with nothing in hand. You would loose your original work too. Above all you would be quickly tracked by search engine spiders and penalized.

[b]What are mirror websites[/b] ?

Mirror websites are group of websites with similar content throughout the site with different urls.

[b]Doorway or gateway pages[/b]:
[u]Danger level[/u]: 8/10
Very dangerous. You could enjoy the fruits of gateway pages untill you are not found.

[b]What are gateway or doorway pages[/b] ?

A gateway or a doorway pages are one which are designed to give high ranking to a perticular website. The doorway pages usually contain very little of content or all junk of it with all the keywords and keyword phrases stuffed in it. It generally has big bold link at the top middle or at the bottom. The message of the link could say something like, " I have found this site to be very useful for ****. Click here to enter".

[u]Do remember to give your comments with any queries. I would try to answer to all of them to my best of knowledge.[/u]
How to Fight Spam with full force
12.24.04 (9:53 pm)   [edit]
Many times I have come across the sites which are very tough to beat as they use all the [b]spam techniques[/b]. [b]Reporting at search engines [/b]and having a discussion at forums on them is [b]not much of use[/b]. So I figured out some good spam techniques to fight with those spams without the danger of any penalty.

[b]Some of the proven methods are below[/b]:

1. If they have mentioned a Toll Free number call them once every day and talk junk.
2. If they have mentioned email ids, send them one email every day with different ids with a minimum of 1 mb of attachments.
3. Subscribe to all the sites which sends bulk email with their email ids.
4. Send them love letters posing that you are his/her old lover

A lot many things could be done but I am yet to find a solid platform where you could report of a spam. May be search engines provide some way of doing it soon or ....
Anything is possible in Seo World But what price are you ready to pay
12.24.04 (9:21 pm)   [edit]
The basic difference between an amateurs seo and a professional. A professional know, to what extent he could go to spam search engines while and amateurs will end up in a big mess. Remember the phrase "No. 1 spot in search engines in a month" is the most dangerous part of seo. Don't go for it. Search engine optimization is a long term effort and never go for a quikies. Either you will get it or end up in a ban. If you have a new site, you could take the risk. You could always register a new domain and try all of it again. If you have come a long way and a lot of hard work has gone into making your site then don't go for this cheap techniques popularly known as spam techniques.

There is a predefined formula for search engine optimization, which remains more of less same other then few tweakings here and there. Just take a look at the few of them:

1. Build good content with keywords towords the top. Prevent overdoing it.
2. Work on your meta tags and make it right.
3. Build a proper navigation for your site. Try your site to be not more then 2-3 page deep.
4. Check your pages on Lynx browsers
5. Submit to directories
6. Build Backlinks

[b]Don't do this ever[/b]:

++ Hidden texts
++ Mirror sites
++ Links from link farms
++ Over use of keywords or keyword stuffing in your content
++ Mouse activated redirects
++ noscript spam
++ Ugly doorway pages