Massachusetts State Representative - 34th Middlesex District

2011-2012 LEGISLATION!

Carl has sponsored over 20 of his own bills and co-sponsored an addition 200 others this session.

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Delivering for Our Families

Carl ran for State Representative four years ago to make our concerns a priority. Since taking office, he has delivered on that promise. Carl has:

Fighting for Our Priorities

Supporting Working Families: Carl led the fight to close corporate tax loopholes and co-sponsored legislation that raised our minimum wage. He will continue to lead the fight for the concerns of working families.

Improving Our Schools: Carl is a strong advocate for improving public schools. He led the effort for better student testing and accountability. He will continue to make public education a top priority.

Making Health Care Affordable: Carl co-sponsored legislation that led to the passage of Massachusetts' landmark health reform law. He will continue to fight for better access, affordability, and quality of health care for all.

Protecting the Environment: Carl has advocated for the Green Line extension, for keeping the T affordable, and for the passage of global warming legislation. He will continue to work for the environment.



Carl supports legislation insuring adequate resources to help all students achieve high standards.

Carl is working to ensure our public schools have the funding they need to offer high quality education, keep class sizes down, and retain excellent teachers.

Carl believes in innovation in education and supports charter schools but is opposed to funding them by taking money from the local public school system. For this reason, Carl supports a moratorium on new Charter Schools until their effectiveness and the current state funding formula can be studied.

Carl will continue to fight for education reform that includes additional resources targeted to:


Carl considers improving access to affordable healthcare to be one of his top priorities. He supports the effort to include universal health insurance in the Massachusetts State Constitution. Carl is committed to full funding of state insurance programs guaranteeing affordable prescription drug coverage to anyone aged 65 or older. Carl will continue to work to increase access to quality healthcare to all residents of Somerville and Medford regardless of age or income.

Support for Cities and Towns

Carl believes that support for cities and towns is essential for real economic and community growth. He is committed to increasing local aid to cities and towns because local communities know their own needs best--and this funding goes directly to our schools, our police and fire, and other important community needs. Carl believes in advocating for local job creation to ensure greater economic and employment opportunity in our communities.

Corporate Taxes

Carl is committed to ensuring that corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Corporate tax cuts drain funds from our schools, our cities and towns, and healthcare programs. Carl believes our state taxes should not fall on the backs of our working families.

Economic Issues

Carl believes wages should be set at a fair rate, and workers should be compensated for their contributions. He co-sponsored legislation that was successful in increasing the Massachusetts minimum wage to $8.00 an hour. However, this legislation was passed without regard to inflation. Therefore, as inflation increases, and if the minimum wage is not continually adjusted accordingly, workers' buying power decreases. Carl supports additional legislation which would tie future increases in the minimum wage automatically to adjust for inflation.

Carl opposes privatization of state services when it cuts workers' salaries and benefits and denies them union representation. He supports legislation that ensures that contingent workers receive equal wages, benefits, and access to all rights.

Carl opposes a further increase in the rate state workers pay for their health insurance. A recent trend in health care has been to shift costs to the worker. Carl supports a return to the 85% to 15% ratio for all state workers.


Carl strongly supports a woman's right to choose and will oppose any effort to restrict access to any reproductive health services. Carl supports efforts to expand access to reproductive health services to keep women safe and protect these important rights.

Carl was a lead sponsor of the Buffer Zone Bill in the 2007-08 legislative session. The bill passed and was signed by the governor, implementing one of the strongest buffer zone laws in the nation. Carl is proud to have been able to work to protect access to reproductive health care.

Affordable Housing

Carl is committed to policies to increase the availability of affordable rental units, homeownership possibilities, and support and improve existing public housing. Too many families and individuals are priced out of our communities, and working families can't afford to live where they work or grew up. Carl has successfully led efforts to increase funding in the House budget for the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, and has filed legislation to use incentives in the private market to increase availability of affordable housing available to people of low income.

Environment & Public Transportation

Environmental protection is at the core of a strong and healthy community. Carl supports legislation to address environmental issues, such as pollution-induced asthma and renewable energy. Carl believes that improving public transportation can help both the environment and the economy. Building our mass transit system will create jobs, while the increased use of public transportation will lead to cleaner air. In particular, Carl supports extension of the MBTA Green Line, and will fight to see the state uphold its legal obligations to Medford and Somerville by getting this project underway.

Gay Marriage

Carl supports equal marriage rights and will oppose any effort to write discrimination into the Massachusetts State Constitution. Carl will work to ensure that the State protects and respects all families in Medford and Somerville.

Campaign Finance Reform

Carl supports measures to limit the influence of special interest money in elections. Carl was a strong supporter of the voter approved "Clean Elections" law and supports legislation that would make elections more fair.

Death Penalty

Carl opposes the death penalty and will oppose any effort to bring capital punishment into our state.