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Since 1612, when 10.000 spectators watched the celebrations to inaugurate the “place Royale“, a stream of famous characters has inhabited its mansions and apartments. Princesses, duchesses, official mistresses, Richelieu, Sully, Victor Hugo, Daudet and more recently architect Richard Rodgers (of Centre Pompidou) have gazed at its perfect symmetry.
Thirty-six houses faced with red brick and stone, with arcaded ground floors and steep pitched roofs, create the harmonious form of this square, which encloses a garden fountains, plane trees, and gravel paths. Before the square was built it was the site of a royal palace, the Palais des Tournelles, abandoned and demolished by Catherine de Medicis when her husband Henri II was killed in a tournament here.
Although restaurants, chic clothes shops, antiques dealers, and art galleries now line the place des Vosges, there remains one remnant of the square’s literary past in the Maison de Victor Hugo at No 6.

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