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    Firstly, I love songbird and once a few of the creaks have been ironed out, it'll be the only player I use. I immensely dislike itunes.

    Couple of things that I would find useful in songbird:

    1. As an extension of automatically scanning preset specified folders, allow multiple folder scanning, like WMP, also ensure that duplicates are not imported.

    2. Be given the functionality to move tracks within an album list so that you can prioritize certain tracks.

    All the best
    Posted 02:23, 10 Feb 2009
    Songbird needs something to play videos and or get videos, and something to send them to another program would be nice. also good ideas above :-)
    Posted 09:53, 21 Feb 2009
    Another awesome feature=== Being able to broadcast from your computer, kind of like what Winamp has, SAM Broadcaster, VirtualDJ, etc. I'm really liking Songbird so far, and can only get better. :)
    Posted 05:09, 26 Feb 2009
    I love the interface of Songbird but I noticed a few issues that should be fixed so that Songbird is perfect (or as close as possible!):
    1.attempting to play a song that no longer exists at that location does nothing, doesn't auto-skip to next song, no error message.
    2. doesn't automatically pick up Folder.jpg/Cover.jpg as album art
    3. doesn't automatically download album art
    4. doesn't automatically download missing meta tags/info
    5. no option to change default playlist columns, they just replicate that of the Library
    6. no option to remove "Bookmarks" or "Downloads" from the left side panel
    7. no option to remove the "Ratings" system from currently playing bar
    8. no option to hide Back/Forward buttons when browser not open as songbird plays through playlist the currently selected track (blue bar indicator) does not follow with it; therefore it doesn't display the information (cover art) relevant to the current playing track
    9. skipping through songs takes 2 seconds to resume playback
    10. generally laggy performance (I do have a 300GB library of music though)
    Posted 21:25, 22 Apr 2009
    why when i install version 1.20, my scheme for window aero change to window basic?
    Posted 11:10, 10 Jul 2009
    how i can put Songbird in an other lenguege ??
    gracias =D edited 09:52, 17 May 2011
    Posted 09:52, 17 May 2011
    Viewing 6 of 6 comments: view all
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