Lebanon News - Strike Creates Chaos in Schools, Union Slams GLC Deal
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U.S. Navy Destroyers Steal the Show in 'Battleship'

18 MAy 2012
U.S. Navy sailors tend to be overlooked when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters, but the new action movie "Battleship" features American destroyers and their crews in the starring role, waging war against hostile aliens in the Pacific Ocean.
'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer Dies, Aged 63

18 MAy 2012
Grammy-winning disco legend Donna Summer died Thursday after a battle with lung cancer, aged 63, her family and media reports said.
Canada Cops Await For Diamond in The Roughage

18 MAy 2012
A Canadian man accused of stealing and swallowing a $20,000 diamond is being held in custody until he has a bowel movement and produces the evidence, police said Thursday.
Russian Gets Stuck In Rubbish Chute to Escape Girlfriend

18 MAy 2012
A Russian man had to be rescued by emergency workers from a rubbish chute where he had jumped to escape his girlfriend but ended up getting stuck after sliding three floors down, officials said Thursday.
'Social Network' writer Aaron Sorkin to direct Steve Jobs film

17 MAy 2012
Aaron Sorkin, the celebrated screenwriter whose punchy dialogue propelled TV's "The West Wing" and the Facebook movie "The Social Network," will write and direct an upcoming film on the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.
Next iPhone will have bigger screen, report says

17 MAy 2012
Apple is indeed planning to introduce an iPhone with a larger screen, according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal
Robot can help troops see through walls

17 MAy 2012
The U.S. military is using a small robot to help troops in Afghanistan see through walls and potentially save lives.
Survey: 1 in 4 users lie on Facebook

08 MAy 2012
About one out of every four Facebook users lies on their profile, and not just to impress that guy or gal who wouldn't date them in high school.
Why you should believe the 4-inch iPhone rumor

08 MAy 2012
On Thursday morning, iLounge released mockups of what it says the next iPhone is going to look like, according to the site's own unnamed sources.
AT&T; expands into wireless home security, automation

08 MAy 2012
AT&T; is joining the expanding field of home security and automation, introducing a wireless service that will let homeowners use their mobile devices to remotely set alarms, turn on lights or even shut off water.
SeaNanners' and the art of video game commentary

08 MAy 2012
Adam Montoya is cool, collected and on a mission to annihilate his enemies.
Samsung unveils Galaxy S III smartphone with face, voice recognition
04 MAy 2012
Samsung has launched its Galaxy S III smartphone, which it hopes will help solidify the company as the leading challenger to Apple and its iPhone 4S.
Zuckerberg to raise $1 billion cash from Facebook IPO
04 MAy 2012
Let's hope Mark Zuckerberg has deep pockets in his hoodie.
Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson caught padding his resume
04 MAy 2012
The proxy fight between Yahoo and activist shareholder firm Third Point just got extra nasty.
Facebook sets $28 to $35 IPO price range
04 MAy 2012
It's the day techies and investors have been waiting for: Facebook set a price range of $28 to $35 per share for its initial public offering.
Showgirl Glamour at Louboutin's London Shoe Show
02 MAy 2012
A giant 3D hologram of a burlesque dancer greeted footwear-lovers Monday at a playful London exhibition marking 20 years since celebrated French shoemaker Christian Louboutin first set up shop.
Oscars Venue Renamed After Dolby
02 MAy 2012
The Hollywood venue that hosts the annual Oscars show was renamed the Dolby Theatre on Tuesday,
   Beirut Airport Security Warned of Possible Chemical Attack
   Berri Says Lebanon to Hold onto Dissociation Policy despite Pressure
   Mansour to Meet with Diplomats of 4 Gulf Countries to Review their Decisions
   Lebanese-U.S. Man Gets over 6 Years in Hizbullah Funds Case
   Ban Urges Lebanese to ‘Make Every Effort to Restore Calm’
   2 RPGs Fired in Tripoli, Roads Blocked in Akkar, Bekaa, Naameh
   Qahwaji Says Army Will Not Allow Situation to Deteriorate
   Protesters Block Roads across Lebanon, 6 Hurt in Tariq al-Jedideh Clash
   3 Officers, 19 Soldiers Arrested for Questioning over Killing of Sheikh in Akkar
   Charbel Denies ISF to Deploy in Army Checkpoints, Urges Unity among Lebanese
   Sunni Cleric Killed at Akkar Army Checkpoint, Muftis Call General Strike across Lebanon
   Tripoli Stages Half-Marathon in Rejection of War, Strife
   Suleiman Ready to Sign $5.9 Bill to End Financial Crisis
   Qahwaji: Majority of Tripoli Gunmen under Politicians’ Influence
   U.S. Embassy: We Learned of Mawlawi Arrest from Media, Claims of U.S. Role in Seizing Arms Ship Fabricated by Overblown Imagination
   Legendary Singer Warda al-Jazairia Dead at Age 73
   Berri Says Weapons Will Not be Discussed, Jumblat Welcomes his Calls for Dialogue
   Conflicting Reports Emerge on Suleiman’s Approval to Sign $5.9 Spending Bill
   Two Killed, Five Wounded as Clashes Resume in Tripoli
   Qortbawi Says 2 Detainees, Allegedly Linked to Qaida Network, Released
   Prisoner Swap Takes Place between Jaafar Clan, Syrian Opposition at Border
   EDL Contract Worker’s Strike Ongoing as Situation Escalates
   Cautions Calm in Tripoli as Army Deploys Heavily in City
   Hizbullah Prevents Army from Entering Nabi Sheet to Arrest Wanted Suspects
   Calm Disputes Emerge among Oil Authority Members over Head of Committee
   Charbel Hails Arrest of al-Mawlawi, Slams Raid on Safadi’s Welfare Association
   Baalbek Archbishop Hands Muslim Girl who Converted to Christianity Back to Her Family
   Kabbara Holds Meeting on Tripoli Clashes: State Conspiring against City for Foreign Reasons
   Defense Council Urges Heeding Needs of Army, Security Forces, Safadi to Sue General Security
   Miqati Sources Deny Syria Has Imposed Conditions on him
   Iran Ready to Supply Lebanon with Electricity as of Next Week
   General Security Detains Qaida-Linked Jordanian
   Tripoli Sectarian Violence Toll Rises to 4 amid Intermittent Clashes
   2 Bulldozers, Crane Fail to Demolish Parts of Safra Carpet Factory
   Miqati Scrambles to Resolve Spending Dispute as Cabinet Members Become ‘Captives of Rigid Stances’
   Geagea Slams 'Consensual Security' in Freeing of Father Gharious
   Jumblat Reiterates Rejection of Partial Settlement over Extra-Budgetary Spending
   U.S. Treasury Cautions Lebanese Banks on Syria
   Lebanese Officials Defend Army against Jumblat’s Criticism
   Lebanon Complains to UNIFIL over Israel’s Removal of Barbed Wire at Fatima Gate
   Deans, Professors of Lebanese Universities Conclude Visit to STL
   Hariri Meets Saudi Crown Prince in Riyadh
   Cabinet Delays Discussion of Financial Spending over Lack of Consensus
   Kanaan: Suleiman, Miqati’s Failure to Approve $5.9 Bln Bill Aimed at Vindicating Past Governments
   Syrian Troops Kidnap Citizen in Akkar
   Al-Rahi from Canada Urges Expats to Register in Lebanon
   Army Confiscates Ammunition aboard Italian Ship
   Jal el-Dib Residents Resume Protests over Lack of Traffic Alternative
   Baalbek Priest Kidnapped after 'Baptizing Muslim Girl'
   Miqati: Regional Developments Won’t Deter us from Holding 2013 Elections on Time
   Al-Rahi Says Lebanese Role in Arab Spring Mustn't Involve Promoting Violence
   Lebanese Activists March for Secularism in Beirut
   End of 2012-March is Timeframe for STL Trials
   Two Syrians Kidnapped in Beirut, Abductors Demand $5,000
   UNIFIL Urges Israel to Stop Building Wall along Border
   Hariri Discusses Regional, International Developments with Qatari Emir
   Miqati Postpones Cabinet Session to Contain Dispute on Financial ‘Paralysis’
   Harb Slams As Safir Daily over his Front Page Photo
   Chinese Ambassador Says Arming Hizbullah Merely for Trade
   Israeli Forces Cross Blue Line while Trying to Expand Border Wall beyond Agreed Measurements
   Nasrallah Meets Rahimi: Resistance Capable of Confronting All Upcoming Challenges
   Report: Mansour, Abou Faour Bickered over ‘Unidentified Syrian Official’
   Feltman Meets Suleiman and Miqati Thursday to Remind them of Lebanon’s ‘Obligations
   Jumblat Holds Sehnaoui Responsible for Halting Probe in Geagea Attempted Murder
   2 Dead as Families Clash with Machineguns, RPGs in Fnaideq
   Photojournalist Syndicate Reveals Assault against Colleague by U.S. Embassy Guard
   Lieberman Hopes Syrian Crisis Won’t Affect Lebanon, Slams Lack of Support for Opposition
   Ghosn Confirms May 3 Strike: We Won’t Stay Silent over Govt. that is Seeking to Impoverish its People
   UNIFIL Denies Possibility of Moving Units from Lebanon to Syria
   Gasoline Prices Drop for 2nd Week in a Row
   ISF Arrests Gang Accused of Forging Visas to Europe
   Owner of Bombed Tyre Restaurant Vows to Serve Alcohol Again
   Growing Differences Led to Virtual Dispute between Suleiman and Aoun
   Berri Hints Early Electoral Battle Aimed at Preventing the Cabinet to Work
   Central Bank Governor Denies Money Smuggling from Syria
   Greenpeace Said it Investigated Karantina Dump Fire
   Wahhab: Baqaata Bombing Won't Go without Judicial, Political Accountability
   Former Chief Investigator Confirms Concrete Evidence in Hariri Murder
   Suleiman Meets Fischer: We Hope No Military Intervention Will Occur in Syria
   Safadi: Lack of Additional Funds Stops All Spending Except for Salaries
   Bomb Targets Tawhid Office in Shouf
   Power Vessels Deal with Turkish Company in Tatters
   RYV Hacks Lebanese Govt. Sites Again, Enables Facebook Users to Post Messages
   Explosives Found Near Ashrafiyeh Building
   Berri Warns against Strife in Region, Welcomes Pope’s Visit to Lebanon
   Lebanon’s Public Transport Strike Paralyzes Several Areas
   Iraqi Gang behind Abduction of Two Saudis in Lebanon
   Extremists Plotting to Target Foreign Interests in Lebanon
   Majority Upgrades Pressure on Suleiman as Centrists Stick to his Decision
   Aoun: Geagea Jumped to Conclusions over his Assassination Attempt
   STL Appeals Chamber to Hold Confidential Session over Defense Team Reservations
   March 14 to Meet in Maarab Again, Form 400-Strong National Council
   Gantz Warns Against Iran’s Attempt to Act Freely through Hizbullah
   Suleiman Throws Ball in Parliament’s Court Again, Says it should Approve $5.9 Billion Bill
   Berri Launches Round of ‘Proportionality’ Consultations to Salvage 2013 Polls
   Rai in Cancun as part of pastoral visits
   Wanted Fatah al-Islam Militants Killed in Syria
   Tyre bombing connected to sale of liquor, not UNIFIL
   Army promotes awareness of unexploded ordnance
   Dual-citizen Lebanese turn out to vote in French election
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Strike Creates Chaos in Schools, Union Slams GLC Deal
12 October 2011
The schools faced chaos on Wednesday on whether to open their doors to students or to commit to the call by head of the teachers union, Nehme Mahfoud, to go on with their strike aimed at rejecting the deal that was made between the General Labor Confederation (GLC), the cabinet and the Economic Committees.

Mahfoud slammed the GLC, describing the negotiations as “humiliating.”

He stressed that the schools will go on with their strike on Wednesday refuting the deal that was formulated on Tuesday.

Secretary-General of Catholic schools Father Marwan Tabet told Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) the decision whether to commit to the strike or not goes back to each school.

“It depends on the attendance of the teacher’s, but the school administrations will remain open,” Tabet said.

The national trade unions federation for schools also decided to go on with its strike.

The national trade unions federation for schools held a meeting on Tuesday and decided to call on all the teachers in “elementary, middle and high school in the private and public sector…” to commit to the GLC strike that was supposed to take place on Wednesday.

However, after the GLC suspended its planned strike when the cabinet agreed on increasing the minimum wage to LL700,000, the federation announced that it opposed the deal and decided to stick to its decision.
Suleiman Meets Mansour: It’s Natural for Expatriates to Vote in 2013 Elections
23 April 2012
President Michel Suleiman noted on Monday that French citizens of Lebanese heritage practiced their right to vote in France’s presidential election on Sunday.
Miqati Urges Cabinet to ‘Invest’ in Chance Given by Vote of Confidence
23 April 2012
Prime Minister Najib Miqati expressed relief for the opportunity that was given to his cabinet to prove itself once again by the vote of confidence, As Safir newspaper reported on Monday.
Army Confiscates Truck Loaded with Arms Headed to Syria
23 April 2012
The army intelligence foiled an attempt by three men to smuggle weapons to Syria, the National News Agency reported on Monday.
Arrest Warrant against Lebanese who Contacted Israel, Provided Information on Arad
23 April 2012
Military Examining Magistrate Imad al-Zain issued an arrest warrant on Monday against a Lebanese citizen on charges of contacting Israel.
Body of Diver Found One Day after Disappearance
23 April 2012
The body of the deputy head of the Divers’ Syndicate, Hussein Abu Khalil, has been found after he went missing Sunday while practicing diving in the southern city of Tyre, reported Voice of Lebanon radio.
Lebanese group repeatedly hacks government websites
23 April 2012
A group calling itself “Raise Your Voice” repeatedly hacked 16 Lebanese government and security-related websites Monday night and Tuesday in the first attack of its kind.
Suleiman Awaits Probe to Determine if Attack on Geagea was Attempted Murder
20 April 2012
President Michel Suleiman said that the sniper attack on Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea can’t be considered yet an “assassination attempt.”
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