Party of Regions hopes for strengthening collaboration with 'United Russia' party
Party of Regions hopes for strengthening collaboration with 'United Russia' party

Party of Regions hopes for strengthening collaboration with 'United Russia' party

Nov 22, 2009 at 15:25 | Ukrainian News
The Party of Regions hopes for strengthening collaboration with a pan-Russian political party 'United Russia', reads a statement made by the Party of Regions press service.

Viсtor Yanukovych, the leader of the Party of Regions, went to St Petersburg (Russia) for the XI congress of 'United Russia' on November 21.

"We have been collaborating with 'United Russia' for many years and hope this collaboration to be strengthening in future," the press service quotes Yanukovych as saying.

In his opinion, Ukraine critically lacks executives with their minds set on the state and the party leader links salvation of this problem with the Party of Regions' core group.

"Political parties of professionals and patriots must be a real school raising the statist class. And for us is too important and valuable the experience of the 'United Russians' who in fact became the backbone state force in the Russian Federation," Yanukovych says.

He thinks that sharing of the parties' experiences and their collaboration can be an effective mechanism of the horizontal rapprochement of Ukraine and Russia.

Apart from this, the party leader called a failure the five-years-ago events almost in all spheres of provision for Ukraine's vital needs.

"It displeases me to speak so about my country but the truth is nowhere to conceal. Economic reforms were suspended and a neo-Bolshevik redistribution of property burst out. Nationalistic smug and advert daydreaming prevailed in the state policy," the Party of Regions leader marked.

In his words, cooperation with Russia was insufficient in that period.

"New politicians called for bridling Russia. Peoples who for centuries have had cultural, kin ties, cemented by bare human friendship, are now separated by a thick glass of lies and ideological dumbing-down. And looking back I realise the fine line separating Ukraine from more civic convulsions and sliding to oppressive regimes. Ukraine managed to withstand. And Russia sufficed patience and wisdom to this survive period," he announced.

So he expressed hope for relations between the countries to pass full circle to strategic and historic partnership.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Party of Regions and pan-Russian political party 'United Russia' signed a collaboration agreement in 2005.