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Journal Abbreviation List

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Journal Name Abbreviation
Academia Economic Papers Academia Econ. Pap.
Accounting Review Acc. Rev.
Accounting, Business and Financial History Acc., Bus. Finan. Hist.
ACES Bulletin ACES Bull.
Acta Oeconomica Acta Oecon.
Advancing the Consumer Interest Advanc. Cons. Interest
African Development Review/Revue Africaine de Developpement African Devel. Rev./Revue Africaine Devel.
African Economic History African Econ. Hist.
African Finance Journal African Finance J.
Afrika Spectrum Afrika Spec.
Agenda Agenda
Agribusiness Agribusiness
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review Agr. Resource Econ. Rev.
Agricultural Economics Research Agr. Econ. Res.
Agricultural Economics Agr. Econ.
Agricultural Finance Review Agr. Finance Rev.
Agriculture and Human Values Agr. Human Values
Agriculture and Resources Quarterly Agr. Resources Quart.
Agronomia Mesoamericana Agronomia Mesoamericana
Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv/Journal of the German Statistical Society Allgemeines Statistisches Arch./J. German Statistical Society
American Economic Review Amer. Econ. Rev.
American Economist Amer. Economist
American Enterprise Amer. Enterprise
American Historical Review Amer. Historical Rev.
American Journal of Agricultural Economics Amer. J. Agr. Econ.
American Journal of Economics and Sociology Amer. J. Econ. Sociology
American Law and Economics Review Amer. Law Econ. Rev.
American Political Science Review Amer. Polit. Sci. Rev.
American Prospect Amer. Prospect
American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association Journal Amer. Real Estate Urban Econ. Assoc. J.
American Statistician Amer. Statistician
Analyse Prévision Anal. Prévision
Annales d'Economie et de Statistique Ann. Econ. Statist.
Annales de l'INSEE Ann. INSEE
Annales de Sciences Economiques Appliqués Ann. Sci. Econ. Appl.
Annali della facoltà di Economia e Commercio, Università Palermo Ann. Fac. Econ. Com., Univ. Palermo
Annals of Economic and Social Measurement Ann. Econ. Soc. Meas.
Annals of Economics and Finance Ann. Econ. Finance
Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Ann. Public Coop. Econ.
Annals of Regional Science Ann. Reg. Sci.
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science Ann. Amer. Acad. Polit. Soc. Sci.
Antitrust Bulletin Antitrust Bull.
Antitrust Law and Economics Review Antitrust Law Econ.
Applied Economics Letters Appl. Econ. Letters
Applied Economics Appl. Econ.
Applied Financial Economics Appl. Finan. Econ.
Applied Geography and Development Appl. Geogr. Devel.
Applied Mathematical Finance Appl. Math. Finance
Aquaculture Economics and Management Aquaculture Econ. Manage.
Archives of Economic History Archives Econ. Hist.
Arquivo do Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência Arquivo Inst.
Artha-Vikas Artha-Vikas
Arthaniti Arthaniti
ASEAN Economic Bulletin ASEAN Econ. Bull.
Asia Pacific Business Review Asia Pacific Bus. Rev.
Asia Pacific Journal of Economics and Business Asia Pacific J. Econ. Bus.
Asia-Pacific Development Journal Asia-Pacific Devel. J.
Asia-Pacific Economic Review Asia-Pacific Econ. Rev.
Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Asia-Pacific Finan. Markets
Asian Development Review Asian Devel. Rev.
Asian Economic Journal Asian Econ. J.
Asian Economic Review Asian Econ. Rev.
Asian Journal of Agricultural Economics Asian J. Agr. Econ.
Asian-Pacific Economic Literature Asian-Pacific Econ. Lit.
Atlantic Economic Journal Atlantic Econ. J.
Aussenwirtschaft Aussenwirtschaft
Australasian Journal of Regional Studies Australasian J. Reg. Stud.
Australian Bulletin of Labour Australian Bull. Lab.
Australian Commodities Forecasts and Issues Australian Commodities Forecasts Issues
Australian Economic History Review Australian Econ. Hist. Rev.
Australian Economic Papers Australian Econ. Pap.
Australian Economic Review Australian Econ. Rev.
Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics Australian J. Agr. Resource Econ.
Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics Australian J. Agr. Econ.
Australian Journal of Labour Economics Australian J. Lab. Econ.
Australian Journal of Management Australian J. Manage.
Australian Tax Forum Australian Tax Forum
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review Banca Naz. Lavoro Quart. Rev.
Bancaria Bancaria
Banco de España Economic Bulletin Banco España Econ. Bull.
Bangladesh Development Studies Bangladesh Devel. Stud.
Bangladesh Economic Review Bangladesh Econ. Rev.
Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Bank Engl. Quart. Bull.
Bank of Israel Banking Review Bank Israel Banking Rev.
Bank of Israel Economic Review Bank Israel Econ. Rev.
Bank of Japan Monetary and Economic Studies Bank Japan Monet. Econ. Stud.
Bank of Korea Economic Papers Bank Korea Econ. Pap.
Bank of Valletta Review Bank Valletta Rev.
Banker Banker
Behavioral Research in Accounting Behavioral Res. Acc.
Bell Journal of Economics Bell J. Econ.
Boletin del Musea Social Argentino Bol. Mus. Soc. Argent.
Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics Brazilian Electronic J. Econ.
Brazilian Review of Econometrics Brazilian Rev. Econometrics
British Journal of Industrial Relations Brit. J. Ind. Relat.
British Review of Economic Issues Brit. Rev. Econ. Issues
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity Brookings Pap. Econ. Act.
Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services Brookings-Wharton Pap. Finan. Services
Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs Brookings-Wharton Pap. Urban Aff.
Buffalo Law Review Buffalo Law Rev.
Bulletin for International Fiscal Documentation Bull. Int. Fiscal Doc.
Bulletin of Economic Research Bull. Econ. Res.
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies Bull. Indonesian Econ. Stud.
Bulletin of the Oxford University Institute of Economics and Statistics Bull. Oxford Univ. Inst. Econ. Statist.
Bulletin of University of Osaka Prefecture Bull. Univ. Osaka Prefect.
Business and Economic History Bus. Econ. Hist.
Business Economics Bus. Econ.
Business History Review Bus. Hist. Rev.
Business History Bus. Hist.
Cahiers d'Economie et Sociologie Rurales Cah. Econ. Sociologie Rurales
Cahiers d'Economie Politique Cah. Econ. Politique
Cahiers Economiques de Bruxelles Cah. Econ. Bruxelles
Cahiers Economiques et Sociaux Cah. Econ. Soc.
California Management Review Calif. Manage. Rev.
Cambridge Economic Policy Review Cambridge Econ. Pol. Rev.
Cambridge Journal of Economics Cambridge J. Econ.
Canadian Business Economics Can. Bus. Econ.
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics Can. J. Agr. Econ.
Canadian Journal of Development Studies Can. J. Devel. Stud.
Canadian Journal of Economics Can. J. Econ.
Canadian Journal of Regional Science Can. J. Reg. Sci.
Canadian Public Policy Can. Public Pol.
Canadian Tax Journal Can. Tax J.
Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy Carnegie-Rochester Conf. Ser. Public Pol.
Cato Journal Cato J.
CEMLA Boletin Mensual CEMLA Bol. Mens.
Central European Journal for Operations Research and Economics Central Europ. J. Operations Res. Econ.
Central European Journal of Operations Research Central Europ. J. Operations Res.
Challenge Challenge
China Economic Review China Econ. Rev.
China Quarterly China Quart.
Chinese Economic Studies Chinese Econ. Stud.
Chinese Economy Chinese Economy
CIRIEC-España, Revista de Economía Pública, Social y Cooperativa CIRIEC-España, Revista Econ. Pública, Soc. Cooperativa
Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research Cityscape: J. Pol. Devel. Res.
Colección Estudios CIEPLAN Colección Estud. CIEPLAN
Columbia Journal of World Business Columbia J. World Bus.
Comercio Exterior Comercio Exterior
Comertul Modern Comertul Mod.
Communications and Strategies Communications Strategies
Communist Economies and Economic Transformation Communist Economies Econ. Transformation
Comparative Economic Studies Compar. Econ. Stud.
Computational Economics Computational Econ.
Computer Science in Economics and Management Computer Sci. Econ. Manage.
Conflict Management and Peace Science Conflict Manage. Peace Sci.
Consommation Consommation
Constitutional Political Economy Constit. Polit. Economy
Contemporary Economic Policy Contemporary Econ. Pol.
Contemporary Policy Issues Contemp. Pol. Issues
Contributions to Political Economy Contrib. to Polit. Economy
Critical Review Critic. Rev.
Cuadernos de Economia Cuadernos Econ.
Cuadernos de la C.V.F. Cuadernos de la C.V.F.
Cuadernos Economicos de I.C.E. Cuadernos Econ. I.C.E.
Cyprus Journal of Economics Cyprus J. Econ.
Cyprus Review Cyprus Rev.
Czechoslovak Economic Digest Czech. Econ. Digest.
Czechoslovak Economic Papers Czech. Econ. Pap.
Czechoslovak Journal for Operations Research Czech. J. Operations Res.
De Economía De Economía
De Economist De Economist
Defence and Peace Economics Defence Peace Econ.
Defence Economics Defence Econ.
Demografía y Economía Demogr. Econ.
Demography Demography
Der Donaurum Der Donaurum
Desarrollo Económico Desarrollo Econ.
Developing Economies Developing Economies
Development and Change Devel. Change
Development Southern Africa Devel. Southern Africa
Development Development
East African Journal of Rural Development East African J. Rural Devel.
East-West Journal of Economics and Business East-West J. Econ. Bus.
East-West Series in Economics, Business, and the Environment East-West Ser. Econ., Bus., Environ.
Eastern Africa Economic Review Eastern Africa Econ. Rev.
Eastern Economic Journal Eastern Econ. J.
Eastern European Economics Eastern Europ. Econ.
Ecological Economics Ecolog. Econ.
Económica (National University of La Plata) Económica (La Plata)
Economía Chilena Econ. Chilena
Econometric Reviews Econometric Rev.
Econometric Theory Econometric Theory
Econometrica Econometrica
Econometrics Journal Econometrics J.
Economia (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru) Economia (Peru)
Economia (Portuguese Catholic University) Economia (Portugal)
Economia Aplicada/Brazilian Journal of Applied Economics Econ. Aplicada/Brazilian J. Appl. Econ.
Economia delle Scelte Pubbliche/Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice Econ. Scelte Pubbliche/J. Public Finance Public Choice
Economia e Lavoro Econ. Lavoro
Economia Industrial Econ. Ind.
Economia Internazionale/International Economics Econ. Int./Int. Econ.
Economia Internazionale Econ. Int.
Economia Mexicana, Nueva Epoca Econ. Mexicana, Nueva Epoca
Economia Politica Econ. Politica
Economic Affairs Econ. Aff.
Economic Analysis and Policy, New Series Econ. Anal. Pol., N.S.
Economic Analysis and Policy Econ. Anal. Pol.
Economic Analysis and Workers' Management Econ. Anal. Workers' Manage.
Economic Analysis Econ. Anal.
Economic and Business Bulletin Econ. Bus. Bull.
Economic and Business Review Econ. Bus. Rev.
Economic and Financial Modelling Econ. Finan. Modelling
Economic and Financial Review Econ. Finan. Rev.
Economic and Industrial Democracy Econ. Ind. Democracy
Economic and Labour Relations Review Econ. Lab. Relat. Rev.
Economic and Social Review Econ. Soc. Rev.
Economic Bulletin of Ghana, Second Series Econ. Bull. Ghana, 2nd Ser.
Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research Econ. Computat. Econ. Cybern. Stud. Res.
Economic Design Econ. Design
Economic Development and Cultural Change Econ. Devel. Cult. Change
Economic Development Quarterly Econ. Devel. Quart.
Economic Forum Econ. Forum
Economic Geography Econ. Geogr.
Economic History Review, Second Series Econ. Hist. Rev., 2nd Ser.
Economic History Review Econ. Hist. Rev.
Economic Inquiry Econ. Inquiry
Economic Issues Econ. Issues
Economic Journal Econ. J.
Economic Modelling Econ. Modelling
Economic Notes Econ. Notes
Economic Perspectives Econ. Perspect.
Economic Policy Review Econ. Pol. Rev.
Economic Policy: A European Forum Econ. Pol.: A Europ. Forum
Economic Record Econ. Rec.
Economic Review (Keizai Kenkyu) Econ. Rev. (Keizai Kenkyu)
Economic Studies Quarterly Econ. Stud. Quart.
Economic Systems Research Econ. Systems Res.
Economic Systems Econ. Systems
Economic Theory Econ. Theory
Economica, N.S. Economica, N.S.
Economica Economica
Economics and Business Education Econ. Bus. Educ.
Economics and Philosophy Econ. Philos.
Economics and Politics Econ. Politics
Economics Letters Econ. Letters
Economics of Education Review Econ. Educ. Rev.
Economics of Governance Econ. Governance
Economics of Innovation and New Technology Econ. Innovation New Tech.
Economics of Planning Econ. Planning
Economics of Transition Econ. Transition
Economics: A Biannual Collection of Recent German Studies Econ.: Biann. Collec. Recent Ger. Stud.
Economics: The Journal of the Economics Association Econ.: J. Econ. Assoc.
Economics Economics
Economie Appliquée Econ. Appl.
Economie et Prévision Econ. Prévision
Economie Internationale Econ. Int.
Economie Rurale Econ. Rurale
Economies et Sociétés Econ. Soc.
Economisch en Sociaal Tijdschrift Econ. Soc. Tijdschr.
Economy and History Economy Hist.
Economy and Society Economy Society
Education Economics Educ. Econ.
EIB Papers EIB Pap.
Ekonomia Ekonomia
Ekonomicko-Matematicky Obzor Ekon.-Mat. Obzor
Ekonomika Radvanskoyi Ukhayeny Ekonomika Radvanskoyi Ukhayeny
Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift Ekon. Samfundets Tidskr.
Ekonomska Istrazivanja/Economic Research Ekon. Istrazivanja/Econ. Res.
Ekonomska Misao i Praksa Ekon. Misao Praksa
El Trimestre Economico Trim. Econ.
Empirica Empirica
Empirical Economics Empirical Econ.
Energy Economics Energy Econ.
Energy Journal Energy J.
Energy Studies Review Energy Stud. Rev.
Engineering Economist Eng. Econ.
Enterprise and Society Enterprise Society
Entrepreneurship and Regional Development Entrepreneurship Reg. Devel.
Environment and Development Economics Environ. Devel. Econ.
Environment and Planning A Environ. Planning A
Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy Environ. Planning C: Govt. Pol.
Environmental and Resource Economics Environ. Resource Econ.
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies Environ. Econ. Pol. Stud.
Environmental Values Environ. Values
Estudios de Economia Estud. de Econ.
Estudios Económicos Estud. Econ.
Estudios Empresariales Estud. Empresariales
Estudios Internacionales Estud. Int.
Estudos Economicos Estudos Econ.
Etudes et Conjoncture Etud. Conjoncture
Eurasian Geography and Economics Eurasian Geogr. Econ.
EuroChoices EuroChoices
European Economic Review Europ. Econ. Rev.
European Finance Review Europ. Finance Rev.
European Financial Management Europ. Finan. Manage.
European Journal of Development Research Europ. J. Devel. Res.
European Journal of Finance Europ. J. Finance
European Journal of Housing Policy Europ. J. Housing Pol.
European Journal of Industrial Relations Europ. J. Ind. Relat.
European Journal of International Relations Europ. J. Int. Relat.
European Journal of Law and Economics Europ. J. Law Econ.
European Journal of Political Economy Europ. J. Polit. Economy
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought Europ. J. Hist. Econ. Thought
European Review of Agricultural Economics Europ. Rev. Agr. Econ.
European Review of Economic History Europ. Rev. Econ. Hist.
Experimental Economics Exper. Econ.
Explorations in Economic History Explorations Econ. Hist.
Family Economics and Nutrition Review Family Econ. Nutrition Rev.
Family Economics Review Family Econ. Rev.
FDIC Banking Review FDIC Banking Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank Business Review of Philadelphia Fed. Reserve Bank Bus. Rev. Phila.
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank Atlanta Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Monthly Review Fed. Reserve Bank Atlanta Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston New England Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank Boston New Eng. Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives Fed. Reserve Bank Chicago Econ. Perspect.
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank Cleveland Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic and Financial Review Fed. Reserve Bank Dallas Econ. Finan. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank Dallas Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank Kansas City Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Monthly Review Fed. Reserve Bank Kansas City Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review Fed. Reserve Bank Minneapolis Quart. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review Fed. Reserve Bank New York Econ. Pol. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Monthly Review Fed. Reserve Bank New York Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Quarterly Review Fed. Reserve Bank New York Quart. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Business Review Fed. Reserve Bank Philadelphia Bus. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Quarterly Fed. Reserve Bank Richmond Econ. Quart.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank Richmond Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Economic Review Fed. Reserve Bank San Francisco Econ. Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Monthly Review Fed. Reserve Bank San Francisco Rev.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review Fed. Reserve Bank St. Louis Rev.
Federal Reserve Bulletin Fed. Reserve Bull.
Feminist Economics Feminist Econ.
Finance a Úver Finance Úver
Finance and Development Finance Devel.
Finance and Stochastics Finance Stochastics
Finance and Trade Review Finance Trade Rev.
Finance India Finance India
Finance Finance
Financial Engineering and the Japanese Markets Finan. Eng. Japanese Markets
Financial History Review Finan. Hist. Rev.
Financial Industry Studies Finan. Industry Stud.
Financial Management Finan. Manage.
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments Finan. Markets, Inst. Instruments
Financial Practice and Education Finan. Practice Educ.
Financial Review Finan. Rev.
FinanzArchiv FinanzArch.
Finnish Economic Papers Finnish Econ. Pap.
Fiscal Studies Fisc. Stud.
Food Policy Food Pol.
Food Research Institute Studies Food Res. Inst. Stud.
Foreign Affairs Foreign Aff.
Foresight Foresight
Forum for Development Studies Forum Devel. Stud.
Forum for Social Economics Forum Soc. Econ.
Games and Economic Behavior Games Econ. Behav.
Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory Geneva Pap. Risk Ins. Theory
Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice Geneva Pap. Risk Ins.: Issues Practice
German Economic Review Ger. Econ. Rev.
Giornale degli Economisti e Annali di Economia Giorn. Econ.
Global Business and Economics Review Global Bus. Econ. Rev.
Global Economic Review Global Econ. Rev.
Global Economy Quarterly Global Economy Quart.
Global Environmental Politics Global Environ. Politics
Global Finance Journal Global Finance J.
Gospodarstvo Istre Gospodarstvo Istre
Greek Economic Review Greek Econ. Rev.
Growth and Change Growth Change
Harvard Business Review Harvard Bus. Rev.
Health Care Management Science Health Care Manage. Sci.
Health Economics Health Econ.
Health Marketing Quarterly Health Marketing Quart.
Health Services Research Health Services Res.
Historical Abstracts Hist. Abstr.
History of Economic Ideas Hist. Econ. Ideas
History of Economics Review Hist. Econ. Rev.
History of Political Economy Hist. Polit. Economy
Hitotsubashi Journal of Commerce and Management Hitotsubashi J. Com. Manage.
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics Hitotsubashi J. Econ.
Hong Kong Economic Papers Hong Kong Econ. Pap.
Housing Finance Review Housing Finance Rev.
Housing Policy Debate Housing Pol. Debate
Housing Studies Housing Stud.
Human Resource Development Quarterly Human Resource Devel. Quart.
Humanomics Humanomics
Ifo Studien Ifo Studien
IIUM Journal of Economics and Management IIUM J. Econ. Manage.
Il Pensiero Economico Italiano Il Pensiero Econ. Italiano
Il Politico Il Politico
Il Risparmio Il Risparmio
Illinois Agricultural Economics Ill. Agr. Econ.
IMF Staff Papers IMF Staff Pap.
Impact of Science on Society Impact Sci. Society
Independent Review Independent Rev.
Indian Economic and Social History Review Indian Econ. Soc. Hist. Rev.
Indian Economic Journal Indian Econ. J.
Indian Economic Review Indian Econ. Rev.
Indian Journal of Applied Economics Indian J. Appl. Econ.
Indian Journal of Economics Indian J. Econ.
Indian Journal of Gender Studies Indian J. Gender Stud.
Indian Journal of Labour Economics Indian J. Lab. Econ.
Indian Journal of Quantitative Economics Indian J. Quant. Econ.
Indiana Business Review Indiana Bus. Rev.
Industrial and Corporate Change Ind. Corp. Change
Industrial and Labor Relations Review Ind. Lab. Relat. Rev.
Industrial Organization Review Ind. Organ. Rev.
Industrial Relations Ind. Relat.
Industry and Development Industry Devel.
Industry and Innovation Industry Innovation
Info Info
Informacion Comercial Española Revista de Economia Info. Comercial Española Revista Econ.
Information Economics and Policy Info. Econ. Pol.
Innovations Innovations
Inquiry Inquiry
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics Ins.: Mathematics Econ.
Integration and Trade Integration Trade
Intermountain Economic Review Intermountain Econ. Rev.
International Advances in Economic Research Int. Advances Econ. Res.
International Contributions to Labour Studies Int. Contrib. to Lab. Stud.
International Economic Insights Int. Econ. Insights
International Economic Journal Int. Econ. J.
International Economic Review Int. Econ. Rev.
International Economy Int. Economy
International Finance Int. Finance
International Game Theory Review Int. Game Theory Rev.
International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics Int. J. Appl. Econ. Econometrics
International Journal of Business Int. J. Bus.
International Journal of Finance and Economics Int. J. Finance Econ.
International Journal of Forecasting Int. J. Forecasting
International Journal of Game Theory Int. J. Game Theory
International Journal of Industrial Organization Int. J. Ind. Organ.
International Journal of Manpower Int. J. Manpower
International Journal of Maritime Economics Int. J. Maritime Econ.
International Journal of Production Economics Int. J. Product. Econ.
International Journal of Social Economics Int. J. Soc. Econ.
International Journal of the Economics of Business Int. J. Econ. Bus.
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance Int. J. Theoretical Appl. Finance
International Journal of Transport Economics Int. J. Transport Econ.
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Int. J. Urban Reg. Res.
International Labour Review Int. Lab. Rev.
International Monetary Fund Staff Papers Int. Monet. Fund Staff Pap.
International Organization Int. Organ.
International Policy Review Int. Pol. Rev.
International Regional Science Review Int. Reg. Sci. Rev.
International Review of Applied Economics Int. Rev. Appl. Econ.
International Review of Economics and Finance Int. Rev. Econ. Finance
International Review of Financial Analysis Int. Rev. Finan. Anal.
International Review of Law and Economics Int. Rev. Law Econ.
International Social Science Journal Int. Soc. Sci. J.
International Tax and Public Finance Int. Tax Public Finance
International Trade Journal Int. Trade J.
Investigación Económica Investigación Econ.
Investigaciones Economicas Investigaciones Econ.
Investment Policy Invest. Pol.
Irish Banking Review Irish Banking Rev.
Irish Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Irish J. Agr. Econ. Rural Sociology
ISE Review ISE Rev.
Islamic Economic Studies Islamic Econ. Stud.
Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik Jahr. Nationalökon. Statist.
Jahrbuch der Wirtschaft Osteuropas Jahr. Wirtsch. Osteuropas
Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft/Review of Regional Research Jahr. Regionalwissen./Rev. Reg. Res.
Japan and the World Economy Japan World Economy
Japan Research Quarterly Japan Res. Quart.
Japanese Economic Review Japanese Econ. Rev.
Japanese Economic Studies Japanese Econ. Stud.
Japanese Economy Japanese Economy
Journal for Studies in Economics and Econometrics J. Stud. Econ. Econometrics
Journal of Accounting and Economics J. Acc. Econ.
Journal of Accounting Research J. Acc. Res.
Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance J. Acc., Aud. Finance
Journal of African Business J. African Bus.
Journal of African Economies J. African Economies
Journal of African Finance and Economic Development J. African Finance Econ. Devel.
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics J. Agr. Appl. Econ.
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics J. Agr. Resource Econ.
Journal of Agricultural Economics Research J. Agr. Econ. Res.
Journal of Agricultural Economics J. Agr. Econ.
Journal of Applied Business Research J. Appl. Bus. Res.
Journal of Applied Econometrics J. Appl. Econometrics
Journal of Applied Economics J. Appl. Econ.
Journal of Applied Statistics J. Appl. Statist.
Journal of Asia-Pacific Business J. Asia-Pacific Bus.
Journal of Asian Economics J. Asian Econ.
Journal of Asian Studies J. Asian Stud.
Journal of Australian Political Economy J. Australian Polit. Economy
Journal of Bank Research J. Bank Res.
Journal of Banking and Finance J. Banking Finance
Journal of Behavioral Economics J. Behavioral Econ.
Journal of Bioeconomics J. Bioecon.
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics J. Bus. Econ. Statist.
Journal of Business Research J. Bus. Res.
Journal of Business J. Bus.
Journal of Common Market Studies J. Common Market Stud.
Journal of Comparative Economics J. Compar. Econ.
Journal of Conflict Resolution J. Conflict Resolution
Journal of Consumer Affairs J. Cons. Aff.
Journal of Consumer Policy J. Cons. Pol.
Journal of Consumer Research J. Cons. Res.
Journal of Corporate Finance: Contracting, Governance and Organization J. Corp. Finan.: Contracting, Governance Organ.
Journal of Cultural Economics J. Cult. Econ.
Journal of Derivatives J. Derivatives
Journal of Developing Areas J. Developing Areas
Journal of Development and Economic Policies J. Devel. Econ. Pol.
Journal of Development Economics J. Devel. Econ.
Journal of Development Studies J. Devel. Stud.
Journal of East and West Studies J. East West Stud.
Journal of East-West Business J. East-West Bus.
Journal of Econometrics J. Econometrics
Journal of Economic and Social Measurement J. Econ. Soc. Meas.
Journal of Economic and Social Policy J. Econ. Soc. Pol.
Journal of Economic and Social Research J. Econ. Soc. Res.
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization J. Econ. Behav. Organ.
Journal of Economic Cooperation among Islamic Countries J. Econ. Cooperation Islamic Countries
Journal of Economic Development J. Econ. Devel.
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control J. Econ. Dynam. Control
Journal of Economic Education J. Econ. Educ.
Journal of Economic Growth J. Econ. Growth
Journal of Economic History J. Econ. Hist.
Journal of Economic Integration J. Econ. Integration
Journal of Economic Issues J. Econ. Issues
Journal of Economic Literature J. Econ. Lit.
Journal of Economic Methodology J. Econ. Methodology
Journal of Economic Perspectives J. Econ. Perspect.
Journal of Economic Psychology J. Econ. Psych.
Journal of Economic Research J. Econ. Res.
Journal of Economic Studies J. Econ. Stud.
Journal of Economic Surveys J. Econ. Surveys
Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics J. Econ. Theory Econometrics
Journal of Economic Theory J. Econ. Theory
Journal of Economics (MVEA) J. Econ. (MVEA)
Journal of Economics (Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie) J. Econ. (Z. Nationalökon.)
Journal of Economics and Business J. Econ. Bus.
Journal of Economics and Finance J. Econ. Finance
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy J. Econ. Manage. Strategy
Journal of Education Finance J. Educ. Finance
Journal of Emerging Markets J. Emerging Markets
Journal of Empirical Finance J. Empirical Finance
Journal of Energy and Development J. Energy Devel.
Journal of Energy Finance and Development J. Energy Finance Devel.
Journal of Energy Literature J. Energy Lit.
Journal of Environment and Development J. Environ. Devel.
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management J. Environ. Econ. Manage.
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management J. Environ. Planning Manage.
Journal of European Economic History J. Europ. Econ. Hist.
Journal of Evolutionary Economics J. Evolutionary Econ.
Journal of Family and Economic Issues J. Family Econ. Issues
Journal of Far Eastern Business J. Far Eastern Bus.
Journal of Farm Economics J. Farm Econ.
Journal of Finance J. Finance
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis J. Finan. Quant. Anal.
Journal of Financial Economics J. Finan. Econ.
Journal of Financial Intermediation J. Finan. Intermediation
Journal of Financial Management and Analysis J. Finan. Manage. Anal.
Journal of Financial Research J. Finan. Res.
Journal of Financial Services Research J. Finan. Services Res.
Journal of Forensic Economics J. Forensic Econ.
Journal of Futures Markets J. Futures Markets
Journal of Geographical Systems J. Geograph. Systems
Journal of Health Economics J. Health Econ.
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law J. Health Politics, Pol. Law
Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management J. Higher Educ. Pol. Manage.
Journal of Housing Economics J. Housing Econ.
Journal of Housing Research J. Housing Res.
Journal of Human Resources J. Human Res.
Journal of Income Distribution J. Income Distribution
Journal of Industrial Economics J. Ind. Econ.
Journal of Industry Studies J. Industry Stud.
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics J. Inst. Theoretical Econ.
Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs J. Interamer. Stud. World Aff.
Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics J. Interdisciplinary Econ.
Journal of International and Comparative Economics J. Int. Compar. Econ.
Journal of International Business Studies J. Int. Bus. Stud.
Journal of International Development J. Int. Devel.
Journal of International Economic Law J. Int. Econ. Law
Journal of International Economics J. Int. Econ.
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money J. Int. Finan. Markets, Inst. Money
Journal of International Money and Finance J. Int. Money Finance
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development J. Int. Trade Econ. Devel.
Journal of King Abdulaziz University: Islamic Economics J. King Abdulaziz Univ.: Islamic Econ.
Journal of Labor Economics J. Lab. Econ.
Journal of Labor Research J. Lab. Res.
Journal of Law and Economics J. Law Econ.
Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization J. Law, Econ., Organ.
Journal of Legal Economics J. Legal Econ.
Journal of Legal Studies J. Legal Stud.
Journal of Macroeconomics J. Macroecon.
Journal of Management Accounting Research J. Manage. Acc. Res.
Journal of Management and Governance J. Manage. Governance
Journal of Marketing Research J. Marketing Res.
Journal of Marketing J. Marketing
Journal of Markets and Morality J. Markets Morality
Journal of Mathematical Economics J. Math. Econ.
Journal of Monetary Economics J. Monet. Econ.
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking J. Money, Credit, Banking
Journal of Multinational Financial Management J. Multinat. Finan. Manage.
Journal of Peace Research J. Peace Res.
Journal of Peace Science J. Peace Sci.
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management J. Pol. Anal. Manage.
Journal of Policy Modeling J. Pol. Modeling
Journal of Policy Reform J. Pol. Reform
Journal of Political Economy J. Polit. Economy
Journal of Population Economics J. Population Econ.
Journal of Portfolio Management J. Portfol. Manage.
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics J. Post Keynesian Econ.
Journal of Private Enterprise J. Private Enterprise
Journal of Productivity Analysis J. Productiv. Anal.
Journal of Public and International Affairs J. Public Int. Aff.
Journal of Public Economic Theory J. Public Econ. Theory
Journal of Public Economics J. Public Econ.
Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice/Economia Delle Scelte Pubbliche J. Public Finance Public Choice/Econ. Scelte Pubbliche
Journal of Quantitative Economics J. Quant. Econ.
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics J. Real Estate Finance Econ.
Journal of Real Estate Literature J. Real Estate Lit.
Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management J. Real Estate Portfol. Manage.
Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education J. Real Estate Practice Educ.
Journal of Real Estate Research J. Real Estate Res.
Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy J. Reg. Anal. Pol.
Journal of Regional Science J. Reg. Sci.
Journal of Regulatory Economics J. Regul. Econ.
Journal of Research in Islamic Economics J. Res. Islamic Econ.
Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Economics J. Res. Pharmaceut. Econ.
Journal of Risk and Insurance J. Risk Ins.
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty J. Risk Uncertainty
Journal of Social and Economic Development J. Soc. Econ. Devel.
Journal of Socio-Economics J. Socio-Econ.
Journal of Sports Economics J. Sports Econ.
Journal of Taxation J. Taxation
Journal of Technology Transfer J. Tech. Transfer
Journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association J. Amer. Real Estate Urban Econ. Assoc.
Journal of the American Statistical Association J. Amer. Statistical Assoc.
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy J. Asia Pacific Economy
Journal of the Economics of Business J. Econ. of Bus.
Journal of the History of Economic Thought J. Hist. Econ. Thought
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies J. Japanese Int. Economies
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A J. Roy. Statistical Society
Journal of the Social Sciences J. Soc. Sci.
Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland J. Statistical Soc. Inquiry Society Ireland
Journal of Transnational Management Development J. Transnat. Manage. Devel.
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy J. Transp. Econ. Pol.
Journal of Urban Economics J. Urban Econ.
Journal of World Business J. World Bus.
Journal of World Trade Law J. World Trade Law
Journal of World Trade J. World Trade
Kansantaloudellinen Aikakauskirja Kansant. Aikak.
Keio Economic Studies Keio Econ. Stud.
Kobe Economic and Business Review Kobe Econ. Bus. Rev.
Kobe University Economic Review Kobe Univ. Econ. Rev.
Kokumin-Keizai Zasshi Kokumin-Keizai Zasshi
Konjunkturpolitik Konjunkturpolitik
Kredit und Kapital Kredit Kapital
Kyklos Kyklos
Kyoto University Economic Review Kyoto Univ. Econ. Rev.
L'Actualité Economique/Revue D'Analyse Economique L'Actual. Econ./Rev. Anal. Econ.
L'Actualité Economique L'Actual. Econ.
L'Impresa L'Impresa
L'Industria, Nuova Serie L'Industria, N.S.
L'Industria L'Industria
Labor History Lab. Hist.
Labour Economics Lab. Econ.
Labour Labour
Lahore Journal of Economics Lahore J. Econ.
Land Economics Land Econ.
Latin American Politics and Society Latin Amer. Politics Society
Law and Contemporary Problems Law Contemp. Prob.
Lecturas de Economia Lecturas Econ.
Libyan Economic and Business Review Libyan Econ. Bus. Rev.
Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja Liiketaloudellinen Aikak.
Lloyds Bank Review Lloyds Bank Rev.
Local Economy Local Economy
Logistics and Transportation Review Logist. Transp. Rev.
Macroeconomic Dynamics Macroecon. Dynam.
Malayan Economic Review Malayan Econ. Rev.
Management Accounting Manage. Acc.
Management Training Review Manage. Train. Rev.
Management Management
Managerial and Decision Economics Managerial Dec. Econ.
Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies Manchester Sch. Econ. Soc. Stud.
Manchester School Manchester Sch.
Margin Margin
Marine Resource Economics Marine Resource Econ.
Maritime Policy and Management Maritime Pol. Manage.
Marketing Science Marketing Sci.
Marquette Business Review Marquette Bus. Rev.
Matekon Matekon
Mathematical Finance Math. Finance
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research Math. Methods Operations Res.
Mathematical Social Sciences Math. Soc. Sci.
Methodus Methodus
Metrika Metrika
Metroeconomica Metroecon.
Michigan Academician Mich. Academician
Michigan Law Review Mich. Law Rev.
Middle East Business and Economic Review Middle East Bus. Econ. Rev.
Middle East Economic Papers Middle East Econ. Pap.
Middle East Journal Middle East J.
Middle East Technical University Studies in Development METU Stud. Devel.
Mississippi Valley Journal of Business and Economics Miss. Val. J. Bus. Econ.
Mitteilungen aus der Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung Mitteilungen Arbeitsmarkt- Berufsforschung
MOCT-MOST: Economic Policy in Transitional Economies MOCT-MOST: Econ. Pol. Transitional Economies
Modern Asian Studies Mod. Asian Stud.
Momento Económico Momento Econ.
Mondo Aperto Mondo Aperto
Moneda y Crédito Moneda Crédito
Moneta e Credito Moneta Credito
Monetary and Economic Studies Monet. Econ. Stud.
Monthly Labor Review Mon. Lab. Rev.
Multinational Finance Journal Multinat. Finance J.
National Institute Economic Review Nat. Inst. Econ. Rev.
National Tax Journal Nat. Tax J.
National Westminster Bank Quarterly Review Nat. Westminster Bank Quart. Rev.
Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift Nationaløkon. Tidsskr.
Natural Resource Modeling Natural Res. Modeling
Natural Resources Journal Natural Res. J.
Nebraska Journal of Economics and Business Nebr. J. Econ. Bus.
Netnomics Netnomics
New Economy New Economy
New England Economic Review New England Econ. Rev.
New Mexico Business New Mexico Bus.
New Political Economy New Polit. Economy
New Trends Czech. Econ. New Trends Czech. Econ.
New Zealand Economic Papers New Zealand Econ. Pap.
New Zealand Geographer New Zealand Geographer
Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies Nigerian J. Econ. Soc. Stud.
Nomura Research Institute Quarterly Economic Review Nomura Res. Inst. Quart. Econ. Rev.
Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences Nonlinear Dynam., Psych., and Life Sci.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership Nonprofit Manage. Leadership
Nordic Journal of Political Economy Nordic J. Polit. Economy
North American Actuarial Journal N. Amer. Actuarial J.
North American Journal of Economics and Finance N. Amer. J. Econ. Finance
OECD Economic Studies OECD Econ. Stud.
Ohio State University Bulletin of Business Research Ohio State U. Bull. Bus. Res.
Okonomi og Politik Okon. Polit.
Okonomi Okonomi
OPEC Review OPEC Rev.
Open Economies Review Open Economies Rev.
OR Spectrum OR Spectrum
OR Spektrum OR Spektrum
Orbis Economicus Orbis Econ.
Oregon Business Review Oregon Bus. Rev.
Organization and Environment Organ. Environ.
Osaka Economic Papers Osaka Econ. Pap.
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics Oxford Bull. Econ. Statist.
Oxford Development Studies Oxford Devel. Stud.
Oxford Economic Papers Oxford Econ. Pap.
Oxford Review of Economic Policy Oxford Rev. Econ. Pol.
Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy Pacific Asian J. Energy
Pacific Economic Bulletin Pacific Econ. Bull.
Pacific Economic Review Pacific Econ. Rev.
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Pacific-Basin Finance J.
Pakistan Development Review Pakistan Devel. Rev.
Pakistan Economic and Social Review Pakistan Econ. Soc. Rev.
Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics Pakistan J. Appl. Econ.
Papeles de Economía Española Pap. Econ. Española
Papers in Regional Science Pap. Reg. Sci.
Papers on Non-Market Decision Making Pap. Non-Market Dec. Making
Peace Research Society International Papers Peace Res. Society Int. Pap.
Peace Science Society (International) Papers Peace Sci. Society
Pensamiento Iberoamericano: Revista de Economía Política Pensa. Iberamer.: Revista Econ. Política
Perspectives on Labour and Income Perspect. Lab. Income
Pesquisa e Planejamento Econômico Pesquisa Planejamento Econ.
PharmacoEconomics PharmacoEcon.
Philippine Economic Journal Philippine Econ. J.
Philippine Journal of Business and Economics Philippine J. Bus. Econ.
Philippine Journal of Business and Finance Philippine J. Bus. Finance
Philippine Review of Economics and Business Philippine Rev. Econ. Bus.
Philippine Review of Economics Philippine Rev. Econ.
Policy Analysis Pol. Anal.
Policy Review Pol. Rev.
Policy Sciences Pol. Sci.
Policy Studies Pol. Stud.
Policy Policy
Politica Economica Politica Econ.
Political Science Quarterly Polit. Sci. Quart.
Politická Ekonomie Politická Ekon.
Population and Development Review Population Devel. Rev.
Population Bulletin Population Bull.
Population Research and Policy Review Population Res. Pol. Rev.
Population Review Population Rev.
Population Studies Population Stud.
Population Population
Post-Communist Economies Post-Communist Economies
Post-Soviet Affairs Post-Soviet Aff.
Post-Soviet Geography and Economics Post-Soviet Geogr. Econ.
Prague Economic Papers Prague Econ. Pap.
Problemas del Desarrollo Prob. Desarrollo
Problems of Economic Transition Prob. Econ. Transition
Problems of Economics Prob. Econ.
Public Administration Review Public Admin. Rev.
Public Budgeting and Finance Public Budg. Finance
Public Choice Public Choice
Public Finance Quarterly Public Finance Quart.
Public Finance Review Public Finance Rev.
Public Finance Public Finance
Public Management Sources Public Management Sources
Public Policy Public Pol.
Punjab University Economist Punjab Univ. Econ.
Quaderni di Economia e Finanza Quaderni Econ. Finanza
Quaderni Storici delle Marche Quaderni Storici delle Marche
Quantitative Finance Quant. Finance
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics Quart. J. Austrian Econ.
Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics Quart. J. Bus. Econ.
Quarterly Journal of Economics Quart. J. Econ.
Quarterly Journal of Indian Economic Studies in Social Science Quart. J. Indian Econ. Stud. Soc. Sci.
Quarterly Review of Agricultural Economics Quart. Rev. Agr. Econ.
Quarterly Review of Economics and Business Quart. Rev. Econ. Bus.
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance Quart. Rev. Econ. Finance
Quarterly Review of the Rural Economy Quart. Rev. Rural Economy
Région et Développement Région Dével.
RAND Journal of Economics RAND J. Econ.
Rassegna Economica Rassegna Econ.
Real Estate Economics Real Estate Econ.
Recherches Economiques de Louvain/Louvain Economic Review Rech. Econ. Louvain/Louvain Econ. Rev.
Recherches Economiques de Louvain Rech. Econ. Louvain
Regional Science and Urban Economics Reg. Sci. Urban Econ.
Regional Science Perspectives Reg. Sci. Persp.
Regional Studies Reg. Stud.
Regulation Regulation
Research in Economics Res. Econ.
Research in Law and Economics Res. Law Econ.
Research Policy Res. Pol.
Resource and Energy Economics Resource Energy Econ.
Resources and Energy Resources Energy
Resources Policy Resources Pol.
Review of Accounting Studies Rev. Acc. Stud.
Review of African Political Economy Rev. African Polit. Economy
Review of Agricultural Economics Rev. Agr. Econ.
Review of Austrian Economics Rev. Austrian Econ.
Review of Black Political Economy Rev. Black Polit. Economy
Review of Business and Economic Research Rev. Bus. Econ. Res.
Review of Derivatives Research Rev. Derivatives Res.
Review of Development Economics Rev. Devel. Econ.
Review of Economic Conditions in Italy Rev. Econ. Cond. Italy
Review of Economic Design Rev. Econ. Design
Review of Economic Dynamics Rev. Econ. Dynam.
Review of Economic Studies Rev. Econ. Stud.
Review of Economics and Statistics Rev. Econ. Statist.
Review of Financial Economics Rev. Finan. Econ.
Review of Financial Studies Rev. Finan. Stud.
Review of Income and Wealth Rev. Income Wealth
Review of Industrial Organization Rev. Ind. Organ.
Review of International Economics Rev. Int. Econ.
Review of International Political Economy Rev. Int. Polit. Economy
Review of International Studies Rev. Int. Stud.
Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics Rev. Marketing Agr. Econ.
Review of Political Economy Rev. Polit. Economy
Review of Public Data Use Rev. Public Data Use
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting Rev. Quant. Finance Acc.
Review of Radical Political Economics Rev. Radical Polit. Econ.
Review of Regional Studies Rev. Reg. Stud.
Review of Social Economy Rev. Soc. Economy
Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies Rev. Urban Reg. Devel. Stud.
Revista Brasileira de Economia Revista Brasileira Econ.
Revista de Administraçao d Emprêsas Revista Admin. Emprêsas
Revista de Analisis Economico Revista Anal. Econ.
Revista de Economía Institucional Revista Econ. Inst.
Revista de Economía y Estadística, N.S. Revista Econ. y Estadíst.
Revista de Economía Revista Econ.
Revista de Econometria Revista Econometria
Revista de Economia Aplicada Revista Econ. Aplicada
Revista de Economia Política/Brazilian Journal of Political Economy Revista Econ. Política/Brazilian J. Polit. Economy
Revista de Economia Política Revista Econ. Política
Revista de Estadística Revista Estadíst.
Revista de Estudios Políticos Revista Estud. Polít.
Revista de Historia Económica Revista Hist. Econ.
Revista de Historia Industrial Revista Hist. Ind.
Revista de la Facultad de Ciencas Económicas y de Administración de Montevideo Revista Fac. Cienc. Econ. Admin. Montevideo
Revista Española de Economía Revista Española Econ.
Revue Canadienne des Sciences de l'Administration/Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences Revue Can. Sci. Admin./Can. J. Admin. Sci.
Revue d'Economie du Développement Revue Econ. Dével.
Revue d'Economie Financière Revue Econ. Financ.
Revue d'Economie Industrielle Revue Econ. Ind.
Revue d'Economie Politique Revue Econ. Politique
Revue d'Economie Regionale et Urbaine Revue Econ. Reg. Urbaine
Revue d'Etudes Comparatives Est-Ouest Revue Etud. Compar. Est-Ouest
Revue de L'OFCE Revue L'OFCE
Revue de Science Financière Revue Sci. Financ.
Revue Economique de Madagascar Revue Econ. Madagascar
Revue Economique Revue Econ.
Revue Finance Contrôle Stratégie Revue Finance Contrôle Stratégie
Revue Française d'Economie Revue Française Econ.
Revue Française de Gestion Revue Française Gestion
Revue Roumaine des Sciences Sociales; Série Sciences Economiques Revue Roumaine Sci. Soc. Série Sci. Econ.
Revue Tiers Monde Revue Tiers Monde
Ricerche Economiche Ricerche Econ.
RISEC: International Review of Economics and Business RISEC: Int. Rev. Econ. Bus.
Risk Decision and Policy Risk Dec. Pol.
Rivista di Politica Economica Rivista Politica Econ.
Rivista di Statistica Applicata Rivista Statist. Appl.
Rivista di Storia Economica, N.S. Rivista Storia Econ., N.S.
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Economiche e Commerciali Rivista Int. Sci. Econ. Com.
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali Rivista Int. Sci. Soc.
Rivista Italiana degli Economisti Rivista Italiana Econ.
Russian and East European Finance and Trade Russian E. Europ. Finance Trade
Russian Economic Trends Russian Econ. Trends
Scandinavian Economic History Review Scand. Econ. Hist. Rev.
Scandinavian Journal of Economics Scand. J. Econ.
Schmollers Jahrbuch für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften Schmollers Jahr.
Schmollers Jahrbuch: Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften/Journal of Applied Social Science Studies Schmollers Jahr.: Z. Wirtsch. Sozialwissen./J. Appl. Soc. Sci. Stud.
Schweizerische Nationalbank Quartalsheft Schweiz. Nationalbank Quart.
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Statistik/Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics Schweiz. Z. Volkswirtsch. Statist./Swiss J. Econ. Statist.
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Statistik Schweiz. Z. Volkswirtsch. Statist.
Science and Society Sci. Society
Scottish Journal of Political Economy Scot. J. Polit. Economy
Seoul Journal of Economics Seoul J. Econ.
Singapore Economic Review Singapore Econ. Rev.
Skandinaviska Banken Quarterly Review Skand. Banken Quart. Rev.
Sloan Management Review Sloan Manage. Rev.
Small Business Economics Small Bus. Econ.
Social and Economic Studies Soc. Econ. Stud.
Social Choice and Welfare Soc. Choice Welfare
Social Research Soc. Res.
Social Science Japan Journal Soc. Sci. Japan J.
Social Science Quarterly Soc. Sci. Quart.
Social Security Bulletin Soc. Sec. Bull.
South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, N.S. South African J. Econ. Manage. Sci., N.S.
South African Journal of Economics South African J. Econ.
Southern Economic Journal Southern Econ. J.
Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics Southern J. Agr. Econ.
Southern Quarterly Southern Quart.
Soviet and Eastern European Foreign Trade Soviet E. Europ. Foreign Trade
Soviet Economy Soviet Economy
Soviet Studies Soviet Stud.
Spanish Economic Review Spanish Econ. Rev.
Spoudai Spoudai
Statistica Statistica
Statistical Journal Statistical J.
Statistical Papers Statistical Pap.
Statsokonomisk Tidsskrift Statsokon. Tidsskr.
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics Struct. Change Econ. Dynam.
Studi Economici Stud. Econ.
Studies in Economics and Finance Stud. Econ. Finance
Studies in Family Planning Stud. Family Planning
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics Stud. Nonlinear Dynam. Econometrics
Studii si Cercetari Economice Stud. Cercet. Econ.
Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe/South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, N.S. Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskr. Ekon. Bestuurswetenskappe/South African J. Econ. Manage. Sci., N.S.
Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe/South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskr. Ekon. Bestuurswetenskappe/South African J. Econ. Manage. Sci.
Supreme Court Economic Review Supreme Court Econ. Rev.
Survey of Current Business Surv. Curr. Bus.
Swedish Economic Policy Review Swedish Econ. Pol. Rev.
Swedish Journal of Economics Swedish J. Econ.
Swiss Political Science Review Swiss Polit. Sci. Rev.
Tahqiqat-e eqtesadi (Quarterly Journal of Economic Research) Tahq. Eq.
Taiwan Economic Review Taiwan Econ. Rev.
Teaching Business and Economics Teaching Bus. Econ.
Technology Analysis and Strategic Management Tech. Anal. Strategic Manage.
Technology and Culture Tech. Cult.
Telecommunications Policy Telecommunications Pol.
Theory and Decision Theory Dec.
Tijdschrift voor Economie en Management Tijdschr. Econ. Manage.
Tijdschrift voor Economie Tijdschr. Econ.
Tourism and Hospitality Management Tourism Hospitality Manage.
Tourism Economics Tourism Econ.
Trans-action Trans-action
Transnational Corporations Transnat. Corporations
Transportation Journal Transp. J.
Transportation Research: Part A: Policy and Practice Transp. Res.: Part A: Pol. Practice
Transportation Research: Part B: Methodological Transp. Res.: Part B: Methodological
Transportation Research: Part D: Transport and Environment Transp. Res.: Part D: Transport Environ.
Transportation Research: Part E: Logistics and Transporation Review Transp. Res.: Part E: Logist. Transp. Rev.
Transportation Transportation
Travail et Emploi Travail Emploi
Ukrainian Economic Review Ukrainian Econ. Rev.
United Nations Monthly Chronicle UN Mon. Chron.
University of Missouri Business and Government Review Univ. Missouri Bus. Govt. Rev.
University of Washington Business Review Univ. Wash. Bus. Rev.
Urban Studies Urban Stud.
Venture Capital Venture Capital
Vierteljahrsheftze zur Wirtschaftsforschung Vierteljahrs. Wirtschaftsforschung
Water Resources Research Water Resources Res.
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv/Review of World Economics Weltwirtsch. Arch./Rev. World Econ.
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv Weltwirtsch. Arch.
Western Economic Journal Western Econ. J.
Western Journal of Agricultural Economics Western J. Agr. Econ.
Wirtschaft und Recht Wirtsch. Recht
Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter
Wissenshaftliche Zeitschrift der Martin Luther Universitat Halle-Wittenberg Wiss Z. Martin-Luther Univ. Halle-Wittenberg
WorkingUSA WorkingUSA
World Bank Economic Review World Bank Econ. Rev.
World Bank Research Observer World Bank Res. Observer
World Development World Devel.
World Economy World Economy
Yale Economic Essays Yale Econ. Essays
Yale Journal on Regulation Yale J. Regul.
Yale Law Journal Yale Law J.
Yapi Kredi Economic Review Yapi Kredi Econ. Rev.
Yorkshire Bull. Econ. Soc. Res. Yorkshire Bull. Econ. Soc. Res.
Zagreb International Review of Economics and Business Zagreb Int. Rev. Econ. Bus.
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta Rijeka Zbornik Radova Ekon. Fakul. Rijeka
Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta U. Rijeci/Proceedings of Rijeka School of Economics: Journal of Economics and Business Zbornik Radova Ekon. Fakul. U. Rijeci/Proceed. Rijeka Sch. Econ.: J. Econ. Bus.
Zeitschrift für Allgemaine und Textile Marktwirts schaft Z. Allg. Textile Marktwirtsch.
Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft Z. Betriebswirtschaft
Zeitschrift für die gesamte Staatswissenschaft (JITE) Z. ges. Staatswissen. (JITE)
Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie Z. Nationalökon.
Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften Z. Wirtsch. Sozialwissen.
Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik Z. Wirtschaftspolitik

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