Article Marketing Footnote

Posted on : 26-05-2010 | By : jazary | In : Internet Marketing


Yesterday I did a post, Article Marketing The Right Way. In that post I wanted to help you understand a little more about article marketing and why it can be a great tool to get more website traffic. But I neglected to say another reason how this tactic can benefit your site, so I wanted to add an Article Marketing Footnote.

Sometimes website owners will either look around for articles to publish to their sites that have already been published, either from article directories such as ezinearticles or go articles, etc. Once they find an article that they want, they add it to their site, links and all. This can get you additional traffic to your site. Or at the very least may get you a backlink from that other site.

I have had this happen with some of my articles. They will be picked up either by an autoblogging software or the webmaster themselves and in return I get some more readers (and maybe even some more sales).

So even though I do not believe that Article Marketing should be your sole internet marketing method, it does hold a lot of advantages. And since it is free except for the time involved, it is a good route for a beginner.