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Apr 04, 2012 - 10:59 am

WWE ’13: The Voice of Jim Ross to Be Included

Apparently Mr. Jim Ross has laid down his dulcet tones in aid of up coming game WWE ’13. His inclusion had previously been rumoured but it now appears that the monumental event has now taken place. It now seems that Ross will join Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler as the commentators.

It is a widely held feeling that since Ross was replaced by Michael Cole in the commentary box the commentary has been not as good, so it is great to see that THQ has decided to bring the man in to record the commentary for the game. This gives us high hopes that the same attention to quality will be a common theme throughout WWE  ’13. This is obviously an opinion that divides fans. So there may be many people who are sad that Micheal Cole may not be a feature of the game. Particularly those that like how the WWE games pay careful attention to emulation the current season.

Screenshot from WWE 12 (Credit: THQ)

Screenshot from WWE 12 (Credit: THQ)

How do you feel about Jim Ross’ possible inclusion? Are you glad to see him back? Leave your responses below or join GameBandits on Facebook!

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  • Gamebandits

    There is nothing official about a PSP Version of WWE ’13 (if that is what you mean @49bfb5327103ddab8bee04b139d9b7f7:disqus ). But as the PS Vita is out, maybe it is safe to assume that there will be a Vita port?

  • Attitude Era Fan

    J.R. is a god among commentators so show him some respect people.  He could make a match between two bologna sandwiches seem epic.  Hopefully him being in WWE ’13 is a sign of his return to Monday night Raw(is War) but i doubt Vince could pull his head far enough out of his A** to make it happen.  Long live the Attitude Era!

  • Tititomedina

    No divas is that is best going to be we have more other superstar more to had more leyend divas is for girl