Rainbow Six Patriots Gameplay Target Trailer

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Nov. 4th, 2011 1:18 pm
Ubisoft has taken the surprising move of releasing their "gameplay target" trailer for the upcoming Rainbow Six Patriots. The reason that this is so unusual is because this trailer is not final gameplay or even beta footage but a pre-rendered vision of what the game may play like. Usually these are used by development teams to visualize the look and feel of the final product before it enters full production.

Ubisoft chose to release the target render after various leaks surrounding the game popped up earlier this summer and fall. These leaks included the registration of the domain name "RainbowSixpatriots.com", screen grabs from the target render video and the game's current logo.

We shouldn't really judge the visual quality of the target render, as it was created with a computer and is obviously not running on Xbox 360 hardware. We can critique and discuss some of the coolest moments from the trailer.

Patriots centers around a volatile America where homegrown terrorist organizations have begun causing havoc. The trailer opens with these terrorists breaking in to the home of a presumably middle-aged man on his birthday. They take his wife and child hostage and outfit with a backpack bomb and the goal to deposit the bomb at times square.

As his transport across the Brooklyn bridge crashes he is instructed to continue on foot. From there the gameplay prospective switches to Team Rainbow, the international anti terrorism task force. The first person /third person (when in cover) gameplay we are familiar with returns. For patriots they've incorporated "see through" mechanics similar to detective vision from Arkham City. Members of Rainbow are able to see hostile targets through cars and other in game obstacles.

The rest of the trailer shouldn't be spoiled. Watch it for yourself at the bottom of this news articles. It ends on of the most intense moments we've seen in videogame promotion in a while. If the full game can live up to the vision of this trailer then Patriots might be one of the "must play" games of 2013.

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