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FireCore 3: WinFakt win!

Posted by ukblubs on the 3rd of March 2012 at 7:06 AM in Gaming News.   6 Comments


FireCore 3 is now over.

Final standings:

Gold Trophy 1st. fi WinFakt - £1100
Silver Trophy 2nd. uke cMar - £550 + 12 month CS/HLTV/VoiceComm from RTL
Bronze Trophy 3rd. uk epigs - £250 + 6 month CS/HLTV/VoiceComm from RTL
4th. uk Free Agents - 3 month CS/HLTV/VoiceComm from RTL
5th-8th. lt Made in Lithuania
5th-8th. uk inyourmind
5th-8th. uk playhacK
5th-8th. uk BARBARIANS
9th-12th. uk DECERTO
9th-12th. uk underdogs
9th-12th. lt eon.darogas
9th-12th. uk coreGaming
13th-16th. uk LUNATICS
13th-16th. lt nKc!
13th-16th. uk fugitive
13th-16th. uk piglet (no show, random mix replaced them)

The top three from each group go through to the elimination stage.

Group stage:

Group A:

1st. uk inyourmind (adr, blacky, speN, suntouch, symplE)
2nd. uk BARBARIANS (dUdley, blubs, MITCHWEE, racno, rusH)
3rd. lt eon.darogas (cOPP, dOMKJE, NvK, rowix, swyp)

4th. uk LUNATICS (Atu, bUm, ipoh, raz, Woodsy)

uk inyourmind [16:03] LUNATICS uk
lt eon.darogas [10:16] BARBARIANS uk
uk inyourmind [16:14] BARBARIANS uk
lt eon.darogas [16:08] LUNATICS uk
uk inyourmind [15:15] eon.darogas lt

Group B:

1st. uk Free Agents (AaroN, arch1eb, Kurt1s, sUFFZ, zaK)
2nd. uk coreGaming (ant, danceM, Rain, suo, smc)
3rd. uk underdogs (blubs, Jilo, Friza, Jabz, Sade)

4th. lt nKc! (beleka5, Chukky, kIbIr vIbIr, Pilkis, Pliusas)

uk Free Agents [16:03] nKc! lt
uk coreGaming [16:06] underdogs uk
uk Free Agents [16:10] underdogs uk
uk coreGaming [16:00] nKc! lt
lt nKc! [00:16] underdogs uk
uk coreGaming [03:16] Free Agents uk

Group C:

1st. uke cMar (chiquita, faken, JaYc, NeiL_M, onscreen)
2nd. uk DECERTO (BUBs, entail, SHEIN, wusKy, zync)
3rd. uk playhacK (cESKI, cookeh, eirinas, gHOST, spooK)

4th. uk fugitive (bez, oateS, Rose, sHANKZ, Wilkeh)

uk DECERTO [16:02] Fugitive uk
uke cMar [16:08] playhacK uk
uk playhacK [03:16] DECERTO uk
uke cMar [16:05] Fugitive uk
uk Fugitive [03:16] playhack uk
uke cMar [16:08] DECERTO uk

Group D:

1st. fi WinFakt (allu, aslak, BASiC, H^N, lurppis)
2nd uk epigs (kENJIN, RAMPAGE, robbs, Sharpe, spK)
3rd. lt Made in Lithuania (aurr, edor, hSp, kamilka, speel)

4th. uk team-piglet (random mix)

fi WinFakt [16:01] team-piglet uk
uk epigs [16:01] Made in Lithuania lt
lt Made in Lithuania [16:01] team-piglet uk
fi WinFakt [16:08] epigs uk
uk epigs [16:06] team-piglet uk
fi WinFakt [16:05] Made in Lithuania lt

Elimination stage:

First round: (BO1)

uk inyourmind [01:00] BYE wo
uk epigs [16:02] eon.darogas lt
fi WinFakt [01:00] BYE wo
uk coreGaming [23:25] playhacK uk
uk Free Agents [01:00] BYE wo
uk DECERTO [08:16] Made in Lithuania lt
uke cMar [01:00] BYE wo
uk BARBARIANS [16:07] underdogs uk

Quarter finals: (BO1)

uk inyourmind [13:16] epigs uk
fi WinFakt [16:04] playhacK uk
uk Free Agents [16:01] Made in Lithuania lt
uke cMar [16:08] BARBARIANS uk

Semi finals: (BO1)

uk epigs [14:16] WinFakt fi
uk Free Agents [08:16] cMar uke

Third place playoff: (BO1)

uk epigs [01:00] Free Agents uk (Free Agents left)

Grand final: (BO1)

fi WinFakt [16:10] cMar uke

Well done to WinFakt!

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FireCore #3 Team/Player List

Posted by ukblubs on the 15th of January 2012 at 2:56 AM in Team News.   6 Comments

FireCore #3

Location: Gamerbase Trocadero, London
Date: 3rd-4th March 2012
Check In: Group A - 10am, Group B - 3pm (teams will have 1 hour maximum to set up)
Teams: 12 Minimum
Prizes: £1,500 (1st. £900, 2nd. £400, 3rd £200 - this will increase if more than 12 teams attend)
Price: £35 per person (£10 to be paid as deposit)
Format: 2x Groups of 6, top 4 advance to brackets, single elimination BO3.

This post is basically just an idea of the teams that are going, paid, confirmed and just registered along with a list of players looking for a team.

Paid Teams:

uk ONEMOVE (NeiL_M, Jorder, MaTz, onscreen, 5)
uk FreeAgents (zaK, AaroN, Suffz, Arch1e, Kurt1s)
uk replika (symplE, suntouch, cruddi, adr, blacky)
uk NetResults (spudgun, XEp, ineo, simon, nOx)
uk EoN.darogas (dom, jsm, nytraM, nvk, shame)

Confirmed Teams:

uk Lunatics (bUm , razstar, Woodsy, Atu, Ipoh)
uk Oldkids (zync, wusKy, Ruub1es, entail, ?)
lt MiLT (kamilka, speel, aurr, edor, hSp)
uk fugutive (Wilkeh, shanky, bez, ?, ?)
uk JABZINATORS (chiquita, Jabz, iZRoD, twisted, Rose)
uk coreGaming (Rain, suo, smc, danceMag, ant)

Registered Teams:

uk Underdogs (blubs)
uk SHINYRUKEN (sade)
uk Teamclarity (DaveK)
uk CRINGE (Exile)
uk LaNteR (cater)

Players looking for teams:

uk rascalz
uk andeh
uk peri
uk redrum
uk dunneh
uk cache
uk refused
uk dudley
uk predtr
uk ghE & uk arteK

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FireCore #3

Posted by ukblubs on the 3rd of January 2012 at 11:02 PM in Gaming News.   7 Comments

Today I can officialy announce the rebirth of FireCore with the third installment which will be run by NeiL_M, a firm believer of reviving UK cs.

Sign ups are now live and you can do so by registering here - remember guys you can always change your team name and lineups at any time so get your team on that list!

Location: Gamerbase Trocadero, London
Date: 3rd-4th March 2012
Check In: Group A - 10am, Group B - 3pm (teams will have 1 hour maximum to set up)
Teams: 12 Minimum
Prizes: £1,500 (1st. £900, 2nd. £400, 3rd £200 - this will increase if more than 12 teams attend)
Price: £35 per person (£10 to be paid as deposit)
Format: 2x Groups of 6, top 4 advance to brackets, single elimination BO3.

There will be more prizes to announce once we confirm sponsors but we will ensure that you will have the beat LAN experience and this is just the start. FireCore plan to hold another event in the summer time to give you guys a chance to save up and prepare!

Modified by ukblubs on January 4, 2012, 11:33 am.

Counter strike : Global Offensive - released 2012

Posted by 000Xeo- on the 3rd of December 2011 at 5:29 PM in Gaming News.
Authorised by nzNic.   4 Comments

Hi everyone, leave you guys to do whatever fancy editing just thought i'd update everyone as valve might finally have a decent 1.6 remakeish that could spark up cs again in 2012!

have a look at below link for brief review and brief early beta clips:-


and http://www.counter-strike.net/

whats everyone think?

epic.LAN UK LAN Party :: epic.SEVEN

Posted by ukmarkd on the 1st of October 2011 at 6:51 AM in Gaming News.   2 Comments


General Information

Dates: Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd October 2011
Times: 4pm Thursday - 4pm Sunday
Venue: Exhibition Hall & Premier Bar, Uttoxeter racecourse, Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. ST14 8BD
Spaces: 200+
Cost: £55 Participant, £10 Spectator Day Pass, £20 Spectator Whole Event Pass

Food & Drink

There will be a bar open during the event, all alcohol must be purchased from the bar. A microwave, kettle and fridge will be available in the venue.

The nearby town of Uttoxeter has plenty of catering outlets which will deliver to the venue which will be listed on the event intranet.

The event team will also be running a 24h snack and (soft) drink bar including items like crisps, chocolate, caffeine drinks and ear plugs.


We have a few exciting activities lined up for this event including:

£2000 Counter-Strike: Source Tournament

£1000 Call of Duty 4 Tournament

epic.Games - Various big games will go up through the day where we try to get as many people into the server for some epic action!

epic.Tunes (Hall 1)- Throughout the day and evening we'll get some tunes on the go to give ++ atmosphere.

Live DJ Sets (Hall 1)

epic.Quiz - Join with teams of up to 5 people for a chance to win in our quiz. Everyone throws in a few pounds and the winning teams take the prize.

epic.Achievements - Certain things that you do at the event will give achievements which will be added up at the end of the event.

Not to mention all of the usual things you would expect to find such as consoles, social/chill-out area, licensed bar, etc.


The following additional services are available to book and use alongside your event ticket:

Additional Connection for Laptop (Wired)
Wireless Connection for Spectator
Server Co-Location
Group Bookings
Seating Picker & Seating Manager

For more info vistit epic.LAN website : epic.LAN

Related Links: Epiclan.co.uk


ukBitXMay 30, 10:09

lol anybody still 1.6 ? :o

usaceMay 29, 7:56

wow still alive.. haha

ukAshweeMay 27, 11:44

see message below about providing ips

ukKungFuMay 27, 7:46

WTF. I come back to cs for LOLs and UK scene is now even more dead. LOL. :-/

iresunzzMay 27, 3:43

lol, who r u face........pew pew

ukAshweeMay 26, 17:57

give ip.

ukCarboniteMay 17, 10:49

What the...

ireYoUwIsHMay 16, 9:59

Wats the best server in the uk or ireland for cs 1.6 ?

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