Trump Waves Off Prez Poll Pick

Donald Trump yesterday put the kibosh on reports that he might run for President on the Reform Party ticket.

"I'm honored by the poll results, but I'm having an awfully good time doing what I'm doing," Trump said.

New York's most famous developer was referring to a poll that surveyed 400 Reform Party leaders.

Trump said the survey found him to be one of the nation's most electable celebrities.

But Reform Party chairman Russell Verney said his party didn't commission that poll and has no interest in backing Trump for President. "We've never spent one second thinking about him," Verney said.

That didn't dampen Trump's famous ego.

"If the Reform Party nominated me, I would probably run and probably win," Trump said in a statement. He added, however, "I would ask for an immediate recount."

Verney said he learned of the poll when he received a call from Washington-based Schroth and Associates asking "yes and no questions" about a number of well-known Americans.

"It was so bogus," Verney said. "They told me it was a poll of alleged leaders of the Reform Party. I told them I am the leader of the Reform Party, and they hung up."

Verney said he does not know who commissioned the poll. Trump also said he has no clue. Schroth and Associates did not return a call for comment.

Speculation that Trump might be eying the White House was fueled by a Newsweek report quoting an unnamed friend.