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Iran’s “Economy of Resistance”
Wed May 30, 2012 10:23AM
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Round after round of US-led sanctions designed to cripple Iran’s economy and industry have returned little in results for their sponsors.

Actions to debilitate the Islamic Republic have so far only led to higher oil and gas prices on the world markets, impeding what trace of financial recovery had been promised by the Western leaders.

The unilateral drive by the US and some European countries began to fall by the wayside almost immediately after getting passed into law.

For example, Iranian oil’s biggest customers China and India have stood firm and made clear that they would not have any of the Western skullduggery at a crucial time for their economies.

Among all the fuss, Tehran has been busy putting together a concept called “Economy of Resistance” to primarily defeat the latest round of Western sanctions, and provide a model for regional countries should they face the same predicament.

In this edition of the show we will review the first conference on Economy of Resistance held in Tehran on May 17th 2012, the objectives of the concept and the procedure with which it is to be implemented.
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